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Getting older

Now Melanie over at sparksfromacombustiblemind posted a response to Carol’s post here. I thought my reply on Carol’s blog was worth a post of its own, so here it is! I’ve been a UTW for years, and the UK government … Continue reading

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I’ve been light in my posts today, but thought I’d share this with you before retiring for an early night. Both of us are shattered having not slept that well again last night for a variety of reasons. Maggie is … Continue reading

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Vet Trip

We’ve just got back from the vet with our minds at rest. Maggie had what one would term as a funny five minutes this morning……. not one of the zoomie kind from one of the JusJoJan prompts, but a full … Continue reading

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Old dog, old bones

Poor Maggie. She got a little over excited on our walk this morning and chased the ducks. Most unusual for her, but she’s paying for it now even if it was only a few steps at speed. She has spent … Continue reading

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If only it could talk

We are really pleased with our table purchase yesterday, and I find myself thinking about the stories it could tell. The design and quality would suggest it’s about fifty years old, MOH would know for sure as he’s into tables. … Continue reading

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Give us a job! Part Two

When I moved away in 1981, I had to wait for unemployment money as according to the dole office I had ‘left my job on my own accord and made no effort to find another‘. That was actually untrue as … Continue reading

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Ages to Aged

Birthdays come and quickly go, Excitement builds as a child knows: Parties, gifts, games, cake and balloons, Childhood innocence over way too soon. Adolescent years, some good, some bad, Spots and boyfriends, but fun to be had, Experience of love, … Continue reading

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B and C is for………………

A bit of a cheat this one, incorporating 2 consecutive letters. On our second walk up to the High Street today, we passed a wall upon which was a Bird. It made no effort whatsoever to fly away, even when … Continue reading

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Mirror Image

Enter into another world Where right is left, And left is right, Where Sun is Moon And Day is Night. Arms held open to embrace The figure on The other side, We touch but the gulf Is way too wide. … Continue reading

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When the Pop in popular actually means ‘Pop’ as in old age…..

Watching Sylvester Stallone and his motley crew in Expendables 3 last night, I found myself thinking how my attitude has changed towards certain actors and celebrities (still feel the same about this guy though!). I must admit the first in … Continue reading

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