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Just Curious

Whilst I am extremely pleased at my number of followers and the interest taken in my blog, I am somewhat curious as to why so many marketing sites, media news, video training, sports, fashion, discounts and dentist ‘followers’ are interested … Continue reading

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The Magic of Three Pounds

It’s Christmas (almost) and charities have hired the likes of Bill Nighy, Dougray Scott and Michael Sheen to bring to our attention the plight of refugee children and their need for clean water, warm clothes, blankets and food. In advert … Continue reading

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It’s all in the wording

Or not. Driving down to MOH one weekend, we were behind a lorry with the number plate SHT1 The company was something to do with sanitation. Driving on the motorway today, I was behind a home service maintenance van. The … Continue reading

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Chocs away

Oh boy, I’m on a roll now. Walking the dog up to the supermarket (how did those doughnuts get there?!), I found myself reciting a little chant from yesteryear about a chocolate bar. Maybe you remember it too: A finger … Continue reading

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Getting in a bit of a lather

Anyone remember Camay soap? The one with the creamy lather, rich perfume, and a lot of brides in their marketing strategy? In my childhood, there was also Pears (my favourite), Fairy, Knight’s Castile, Palmolive, Lux and Imperial Leather each having … Continue reading

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Hair of the dog.

Anyone who has a pet will appreciate the problems of their fur getting everywhere, especially where you don’t want it. Those of us in the 49% Club (allowing our pet to sleep on our bed) no doubt get a face … Continue reading

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After the break is over

We looked up the traffic reports and read that over 14 million cars were going to be on the road on Christmas Eve. There may well have been, but we didn’t see that many actually and so made excellent time … Continue reading

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8 2 3 4

I woke up this morning with these numbers trying to escape from behind my closed eyelids as I ignored the alarm, snuggled back under the duvet against the dog (she was on top of it) and tried to doze for … Continue reading

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