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Safe Haven

My Mum is in safe hands as it has been decided she will stay in the Care Home permanently. Sis sent me a text on Tuesday. I am glad and I am relieved. Although the text said to ‘let you … Continue reading

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A Town Called Friendly

I have lived in a few villages during my adult life, and found it a myth that the people were like extended family. Granted everyone may have known everyone else’s business, but that was only because they were either nosey, … Continue reading

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Rumbling low in the distance, Feeling the change in air pressure, She’s alert, trembling, afraid. Up on all fours, pushing, nudging for safety. Winds howling in protest, rain lashing down, Lightning illuminates the bow, But the rolls of thunder scare … Continue reading

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Call me Old Fashioned

When I was growing up, having kids ‘out of wedlock’, ‘shotgun weddings’ or ‘living in sin’ were subjects very rarely discussed, and even when they were, it was in hushed tones and behind closed doors. I remember my sister commenting … Continue reading

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