Word of the Day 8-6-2020 Jester

Melanie has given us JESTER as her word of the day today.

The Court Jester starring Danny Kaye immediately comes to mind.

The scene about the poisoned challis is priceless.

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Today Fandango has given us PETS for his FDDA prompt today.

Anyone familiar with my blog will know about Maggie, our 15 year old sprollie.
We’ve had her since she was 7 weeks

This is Maggie in her prime  (taken in the cottage on 2008)

This is our furbaby now (Photo taken May 27 2020)Maggie is the first dog in my adult to live to this age as Kizzy was 10 when I lost her to mammary cancer in 1990 and Barney 9 when we lost him suddenly in March 2005. He would have been 10 in the June.
I lasted just 6 days before asking Hubby if we could get another dog, and he was as keen as I was because he was home all day with no dog for company.

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Today is Thursday 6th August

And it has turned out to be a FUBAR day.

It didn’t start off too well as I had a bad night with Maggie, though she seems OK now.
She’d been sick yesterday and I guess it was too hot for her last night but when I let her out at 4 am, she didn’t want to do anything. Once she settled down under the fan, she seemed to relax and was asleep in about fifteen minutes.
Photo taken a couple of weeks ago

I catnapped for the rest of the night, falling into a deep sleep around 7 and Hubby left the pair of us to snore in tandem.

We decided yesterday that we would get some more of her chicken dinner and kick the beef into touch (unless we can find someone whose dog likes it) but were later going into town than we would have liked because I’d slept in.
We’d hoped to fuel up on the way but the petrol station forecourt was overflowing, so we didn’t bother and went elsewhere where it was the same price.
I got what I wanted, it being on special offer now at £5.50 a bag (sigh) and then Hubby wanted to go to the DIY shop to price tongue and groove cladding.
Surprise surprise, they don’t do it anymore, but it is available ‘on-line.’

Coming home, traffic was again horrendous and we nearly got wiped out by grockles coming at us from all directions. It didn’t help that they were parked on the back road restricting traffic flow as it is just passable with two abreast, and heading for the beach.
In our road, cars have parked on the pavements both sides blocking the way for our residents on mobility scooters or anyone with a pushchair, and I have seen five elderly people having to go out in the road to get by.
There is nothing to stop anyone parking here, but their inconsideration and selfishness is off the charts. I could spit all over their paintwork.

We’ve had our chili and settled down with our laptops for a relaxing afternoon.
I checked our emails, and our phone bill is in, which is way over budget, so we wanted to download our itemised bill. Due to a misunderstanding between us and both being logged into the email at the same time, we have crashed the account and had to phone up the company to have everything reset.  This can take anything up to FOUR HOURS.
Hubby is not pleased and I could cry (not that it would do any good, so I won’t).
The chances are the majority of the extra cost is down to being on hold for fifteen minutes minimum at a time for the doctor’s surgery, so that’s at least an extra hour of phone time.
Luckily, the internet is still up so hopefully I’ll be able to do my afternoon blogging.

There is tension in the house (which will pass), I’m hot, bothered and angry, there’s little airflow despite all the windows and our door being open, plus we have the free standing fan going in the lounge. Maggie is fast asleep under the window where it’s relatively cool and the breeze is just reaching her, so she’s not in a draught.

Hope you are having a good day though. Keep safe.

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Three Things Challenge #319

Welcome to The Three Things Challenge.
For those of you unfamiliar with the challenge, every day I list three things that may, or may not, be related.
You don’t have to use them all if you don’t want to, simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you. There are no restrictions regarding length, style, or genre apart from keeping it family friendly.
You can use the 3TC, #threethingschallenge or TTC as a tag and the logo if you wish.
Have some fun with the words and invite us along by creating a pingback to this post. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments so that other people can read your writings and I’ll see it to respond to you directly. While you’re there, why not check out some of the other posts too!

I schedule the challenge to go out around 6.30am UK time, so as pingbacks have to be approved manually, they might not show immediately if I’m late accessing my blog or due to time differences. I will get there though, I promise!
Your support has been amazing, so many thanks to all of you for taking part.

Your three things today are:


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Friday Fictioneers: 7th August

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is our hostess for the Friday Fictioneers photo challenge.
Her choice of picture is a rerun from April 2015, so new to me .
© Jennifer Pendergast


The curtains of time drew the present parallel to the past.
Now, he was a successful business man, a far cry from the penniless peasant clambering aboard the early freight years ago.
It had not been his fault that a man had died, but he’d seized the opportunity and taken his clothes and identity. No-one was any the wiser, and he’d walked into a new life.
Time had caught up with him but he would not let the shadows drag him back to his impoverished roots and unveil him as the impostor he was.

94 words

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Flight of the Fairies

Do you believe in Fairies?
At the moment they’re everywhere, twisting and turning in the breeze, thousands of them.
I always called them fairies, and would handle them gently as if they were made of the finest glass. As kids, we used to ‘tell the time’ with these clusters of Nature’s diamonds, however many puffs it took to clear them from the stalk was the ‘o’clock.’
Now the wind is doing that and blowing them from and in all directions. They are sweeping in under the net curtain at the door and settling on the carpet, the dog’s dinner and in her water bowl. Some seem to be gliding in on petal chariots from the multitude of flowers in gardens flanking the pavements .
I have hoovered twice, and continually picking them up by the dozen every time I go into the kitchen. Some are trapped in cobwebs, others resting on lawns and hedges.
Now older I understand their purpose, awaiting their moment to impregnate the soil with their seed where they’re not wanted. Hubby is going nuts having spent hours digging them out of our front and back lawns this year.
Regardless though, they will always be fairies to me, and nothing could emphasise my belief more than the 2009 movie Avatar.
You know the bit I mean.

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Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: 2020: Week #32

Many thanks to Roger Shipp who hosts the FFftPP challenge every week.
You can find out more here

This week’s photo: MorgueFIle March2020 5505949277945981e863844c582745fc

‘I’m telling you, this is the perfect hiding place. They’d never think to look here!’
‘Not exactly easy for access though is it?’
‘Who cares? Everything will be done by remote anyway! It’s foolproof!’
‘Right. So, you want us to hide a rocket in a lighthouse.’
‘And how are we supposed to get it there in the first place?’
‘I’ll get you the co-ordinates and you can beam it in.’
BEAM IT IN?? It might be part of the Star Wars project we’re trying to resurrect, but this isn’t Star Trek you idiot!!’

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One Liner Wednesday 5th August

Bouncing off a post by Christine,  I immediately thought of this!

My contribution to Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday

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Dream : a reblog

I’m reblogging this in response to Melanie’s Word of the Day challenge.


Not all entries in my Scrapbook were whimsical or romantic. I obviously had a serious side which is depicted by the following:


The church is full,

I’m dressed in white,

Walking slowly down the aisle,

People to my left and right.

Feeling at last

I’ve found my place,

You turn –

A Man without a face.

Shock sets in,

Images fade,

This is how

My Dream is made.

Haunting me,

So real and yet

I cannot make

Myself forget.

A past life,

A memory?

Or perhaps something

Not yet to be.

When I read this recently, I remembered having this dream all those years ago. I was in my twenties and looking forward to getting married in the summer. Sadly, the marriage lasted only four years.

In hindsight, perhaps it had been a warning that I was making a mistake in marrying my fiance, as I was yet to…

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Dog Days #5

Fandango has given us Inheritance as our prompt today.
FDDA 5th August

My family weren’t rich, so any monetary inheritance was a non starter, and after my Dad died, Mum made her own funeral arrangements so that us kids wouldn’t have the worry. She never had a lot of money and as she was on a reduced pension, qualified for pension credits. She always put her winter heating allowance (even though the government started to reduce it every year) towards Christmas as she couldn’t get out to buy gifts so would send a small cheque to the grandchildren however many times removed. Before her death, we had five living generations, now we still do but they are sideways by means of uncles and aunts rather than a direct line.
When Mum came up to us for holidays, she always ‘paid her way’ by contributing to the household shop or treating us to cakes or similar if we were out.
Therefore you can imagine my utter surprise and pleasure to receive a cheque from my sister as my ‘quarter share’ of Mum’s estate two years ago.
It wasn’t a huge amount, but for my Mum’s circumstances it was a lot, and enough to buy a few things for the house, including a much needed new cooker. I have the box of Mum’s treasures she put aside for me, each item in a box marked with my name in her hand.

Inheritance isn’t just about money. It’s a host of things, like my natural gift for music passed on from my Dad, my love of nature and animals, my rapport with dogs, my hazel brown eyes, my good skin, my sense of caring, being a ‘people person’, all wrapped up in my general persona and inherited from not only my parents, but the generations before.
I like to think I got most of the good stuff!

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