FOWC #17: Literally

Sometimes people literally do as you ask…………. especially ‘little people’:
And yes this happened.

My neighbour had just got back from doing the weekly shop and asked her three year old daughter to put the toilet rolls in the downstairs toilet.
She did, literally, and flooded the hall.

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TTC, 3TC 17 June

A bit of nonsense from me today so I’ll keep it short.

Today’s things are: grandmother, daisy, wolf

My grandmother, whose name was Daisy Malone, got caught red-handed wolfing down the gin.

Does it count as I’ve extended one of the words?

I never knew either of my grandmothers as they died way before I was born. I know no-one called Daisy Malone and don’t drink gin as it makes me cry.

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Cards, hearts and roses

After breakfast and walking the dog, we’ve been busy. Hubby’s painted another door, so that’s 3 down, 3 to go, and I got card making (again).
With our friend in hospital, I wanted to do a special one for him and also one for his wife, because we’re thinking of her too.
With another friend going into hospital for additional surgery on Thursday, I made one for her as well.
I had some strips of paper left over from my inserts, so put together a couple of ‘patch’ cards which don’t look too bad, they’re the pink ones on the ends.
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The Beach, Crazy Golf, and One Man and his Dog

Friday morning, we walked along the prom up towards town for a change.
The other day I found the cafe recommended to us some time ago that does a full English breakfast for 99p before 10.30 am. Hubby and I have yet to sample it, but no doubt that will come about before long.
The beach was more or less deserted, though there were some tell-tale paw prints in the sand running alongside those of a human. This may have resulted in an instant on-the-spot fine of £75 as dogs are not allowed on this stretch of beach, though we can walk Maggie along the prom on her lead.

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A Walk in the Park

It’s been a while since I’ve taken some snapshots of the geese and duck families in our local park. It’s not that we’ve been avoiding it or I’ve forgotten to take the camera, it’s just that we’ve been concentrating on other things and our walks have mainly been along the prom or up into town via the main roads.

The greens are immaculate ready for games of bowls and golf, with the rowing boats, paddlers and small motor boats being kept in tip-top condition. The water fountains and kids paddling pool are spotless as they await the youngsters (and not so young, no doubt the Granddad we saw sitting under a water mushroom the other day made a great float or island for the toddlers splashing round him), and the kiddies play area is ready too.
Sadly the pavements are a minefield of geese and duck poo!
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Father’s Day 2018

Mum’s with you now
You’re not alone,
Your life restarts anew,
Hand in hand,
United again
As I’ll always think of you.

Father’s Day
A candle lit,
Reflecting in the glass,
Shimmering light,
On sunny smiles,
Memories of days passed.

Side by side,
Where you belong,
Parents both together,
We don’t need
A special day
For our hearts to remember.

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First Rose

Our first rose has blossomed. It is called Peace.

Pretty as a picture,
Easy on the eye
A-symmetrical in beauty,
Colour a gentle hue,



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