Cutting back…………. really?

In days gone by, although I didn’t make my cards, I sent out a fair few.
Working in an office of about 75, I had dealings with practically everyone and there was a staff post box in the lobby where we would deposit our mail for each other and the messengers would deliver it to the relevant departments concerned. I can’t remember if there was a nominal charge or donation for each ‘posting’ but as it was an American bank and how community spirited they were (good citizenship was one of their key policies), there probably was and the proceeds would have been sent to charity.

Posting by Royal Mail was also in high numbers, but stamps were cheaper then and a lot more of my extended family were still alive.

Christmas card making session 2015

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“POP!” Pop of Positivity Share #11 Theme: Sunshine: 1-1-1 Quote, Meme, Music Video

“What is “Pop!” – Pop of Positivity?”

“Pop of Positivity”   It’s based on one simple thing.  “Life doesn’t have to suck all the time.”  Let’s face it… There’s a Helluva lot of negativity in the real world, and it’s pretty hard to escape it.

This is Beckie’s brainchild and she has tagged me for it today.

The Theme for Week #11


Theme: Sunshine 1-1-1 Quote, Meme, Music Video
I could use this for one of my December theme posts as I used to crank up the volume in the car and have the album Hunting High and Low on continuous play.

Tagging three people……………… ah. Stumbling block, so any takers?
Go on, you know you wanna!

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Tale Weaver – #252 – Making Sense of Nonsense – jodhoeing

Thanks Michael. We haven’t had one of these for a while and they’re always fun to do.

This week is a nonsense week and your task is to make up a story/poem in which you explore what you think the word means.

There is no ‘right’ answer but rather an exercise in using your creativity to create a believable tale.
He always loved this time of year. It was full of magic and wonder, and he didn’t mind jodhoeing in the run up to Christmas.
The pay wasn’t brilliant, but that didn’t matter as the results of his labours paid off come the Summer.
People didn’t understand why he enjoyed it so much. They saw it as a mucky and thankless job, stinky too, but what did they know? He was one of the last jodhoers, and took it very seriously.
The animals loved him and responded to his gentle voice, often coming up to graze against him and nudge him towards any bales of straw that needed replenishing or water butts that were running dry. It was important they were nurtured and well fed, but love and genuine caring also came into it as without it, there could be no magic.
The uninformed and ignorant called it ‘mucking out’, little realising that although that referred to horses or cattle, reindeer were a different kettle of fish. Unlike standard manure, this glowed in the dark with nutrients and stardust. That was the biggest perk, collecting and packing their droppings which worked wonders on his allotment.

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FOWC with Fandango — Barbecue

We’d bought a single use BBQ for a couple of pounds, then spent about ten on venison sausages, bacon burgers, fresh bread rolls and condiments for our first ever barbie.
We may have looked a sorry sight with our wellies and an umbrella over the charcoals as the meats cooked and sizzled, but we were determined to have our barbecue and have ever let the rain stop us enjoying ourselves.
Written for

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Thursday photo prompt: Shimmer #writephoto

Sue has provided this photo to inspire us this week.
For visually challenged writers, the image shows the dark silhouette of an island in a shimmering lake, surrounded by shadowy hills. The sun is breaking out from behind the clouds in rayed splendour.

Out of the blue comes silver,
Reaching, touching shadows,
A shimmer on the horizon
Gathering and calling to the sun.
Darkness haunts inland,
Cloud cover a blanket
Stealing over glistening water
Reflecting light but not heat.
Cold and chilly,
The landscape answers,
Perhaps not out of the blue
But becoming part of it.

Written for Sue Vincent’s Writephoto photoprompt

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3TC #76: my response

My three words for you today were march, gas and between.
Marching into the kitchen, Jodie found her wellies between the gas cooker and the sink where she had left them to dry out. She felt a little silly having made a fuss.

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December Theme #5

Hubby found this song and I fell in love with it.

Just a Dream by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie

He put it on a USB key so that we could play it in the car along with several others which have turned out to be favourites, and a real mixed bunch.

Christina Grimmie was only 22 when she died, shot by an obsessed fan who was tackled by her brother, got free and backed up then turned the gun on himself.
Such talent and a sad loss.

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