In Other Words: Rainy day

Thanks Patricia
Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
Use the picture and/or the words rainy day as inspiration

Grey days, colour gone
Wet, cold and woebegone,
Stay indoors, paint and play,
Pray for rain to go away.

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FOWC with Fandango — Anecdote

Fandango’s word today is Anecdote.

They say an anecdote is an amusing but brief story of an individual or an event.
The anecdote of our DIY efforts today has to be that we were almost defeated by a row of tiles, exactly as we were when we tried our hand at a similar venture in our first house.
As Magnus Magnusson used to say on  Mastermind
‘I’ve started, so I’ll finish’.
Ah dear chap, sadly we had no choice!

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100 word Wednesday: #117

This week’s image for Bikurgurl’s challenge is by Pedro Lastra

Fascinating view from up here.
Half the time, no-one notices me, think I’m just part of the old stonework.
But it ain’t so.
This is my larder, kitchen, and deli.
These mere mortals are tasty morsels, and most times they aren’t missed.
I choose loners, I have some family values you know, but none that are skin and bone.
Neither do I go for the lardy type, fat and tough, but little flavour.
I’m doing a service of sorts, I’m tidy and considerate, expecting no-one else to clean up my mess.
Time for supper……… eeny, meeny, miney……… she’ll do………… Mo!

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What a bitch!

I said that Hubby and I are good at kitchens. We have done something to the kitchen in every house we’ve lived in, and were even planning doing something to the one on the boat (the two ring burner and sink unit are up in the roof to prove it).
But I can honestly say this is the hardest one we’ve had to do, as it was an absolute swine.
Hubby sending me out for right angle bends doesn’t even come close to what happened today.
You could argue that in trying to save money by putting new to old we should expect a few tilts. Well, sure, we did, but not bloody avalanches!
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I know him so well……………….

I just knew he would make a start on the kitchen while I was out at darts tonight, bless him.
He’s managed to get the joints apart, and my ‘kitchen’ is now occupying the main bedroom and lounge as well as where it’s supposed to be. The dog is sniffing the drawers on the floor madly as there are some doggy treats in one.
Oh well, at least I have space to make breakfast, and it shouldn’t take too long for the two of us to get the other parts of the old worktop out now.
Memories of doing the kitchen in the cottage came immediately to mind and for about a week, I was managing on a disconnected washing machine in the hall with the microwave on top and the kettle on top of that. Things have improved somewhat since then!

On the darts front, we lost 8 points to 6, losing both gallon matches at the end. Although my partner and I lost our pairs match 2 – 1, I think I played pretty well, with no fines and a couple of high scores in the 70s and 80s.
We have a new signee, the wife of a friend of our Captain, so we now have 8 ladies and 7 guys, when we only need 4 of each for a match. At the moment, 2 of our ladies are incapacitated with shoulder injuries, and a third has said she won’t play if there is a likelihood that she will only play in the gallon.
Kick off has reverted back to 8.30 for the Summer as the nights are lighter.
We have a bye next week, and the following week away to another local team within walking distance.
I need to get practicing, and we are on the lookout for a new dartboard as the one we have keeps spitting us out on the wire!

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Tomorrow’s agenda

The worktops are due to be delivered tomorrow morning, so Hubby and I will be up early taking the kitchen apart in readiness as far as we are able.
We’ve checked the contents box of the tap and new sink, and all is present. We are lucky in that there are isolation taps on both water pipes so we won’t have to install them.
Hubby has been in the cupboards today to ascertain how the existing worktops were put in place, and it is basically likely to be a swine getting them apart.
I insisted he treat himself to a new jigsaw today so that the cutting would be easier, and the plan is to cut the biggest board housing the sink into smaller pieces once said sink has been removed.

The new worktops coming are 3 meters long and we only have the one door into the property. If we can get the majority of the work sorted before delivery, it should save a bit of time putting the new ones in place.
We discovered today that the design of our kitchen is now obsolete, so we shall have to make do as changing all of the fronts (5 drawers/cupboards, 3 wall cupboards and
one extractor fan cover) is not in the budget. It’s disappointing but not a problem or the end of the world.

You won’t be seeing much of me tomorrow though.

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Story Starter Challenge April 16

Today’s sentence: “Sitting on the front porch.”

If anyone asked for someone in particular, the answer was nearly always that they were
“Sitting on the front porch.”
The porch in question made you privvy to the most glorious sunsets.
After a hard day, to sit there as the sun went to bed casting golds, reds, pinks and purples in the sky made you feel glad to be alive to witness something so wonderful.
The old ranch house had several seats on the porch, and it was a given that the family would gather there in the evenings to talk about their day or just to enjoy the moment.
These days, few of the family would be found sitting on the front porch, though they would all be there.
The shelf my grandfather built had been added to over the years, making little cubby holes for pots and urns of the departed’s ashes.
It was strategically placed so that all containers witnessed the setting of the sun every day, just as they had in life.

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