Deja Vu Property Two

It was like travelling back ten years, only this time it was one with a licence.
One of the lesser reasons for selling the cottage three years ago was the village hall directly next door.
It was used for school fêtes, dancing/aerobics classes, whist drives and bingo occasionally, then the trustees/governors/caretakers or whatever they wanted to call themselves would arrange discos for the under 16s, birthday parties, wedding receptions, and of course New Year bashes.
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Numbers don’t lie

Well, they do if reported by the government, but my little spreadsheet is a gem.
We thought we had struck gold with a lovely little bungalow, all tidy and up together.
Sure it needed a few things, but if the price was right, we’d have enough to do them, but we could move in and live, doing one thing at a time.
That’s our dream gone in a matter of seconds following a phone call and a second viewer putting in a higher offer.
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My other job is………..

Anyone remember the days of The Secret Shopper, where people were hired to frequent certain business outlets and report on service and the like?
Hubby applied for such a job but was turned down, but sometimes I wonder if they missed out because both of us are so friendly and nice, we can practically find a member of staff’s inside leg measurement in just a few minutes as people talk to us.

Now it would be funny if  I had an alias job, and this morning I could have owned up to being an undercover HSE operative.
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Oh boy, I’m so tired.
Seven viewings today, plus three cancellations due to accepted offers.
On a scale of one to ten, we have one that scored off the charts (backwards), one that was a mobile home with a brick skin built round so I’d give that a 3, two around 4, two a 5 (offers on the table higher than the asking price for one already and about £10K worth of work to do on it),  and the seventh pretty damn good!

We have four to view tomorrow, our first and last appointments of most interest, and two more on Friday.

The cheaper and decent properties are being snapped up, so I’m glad we’re here as the agents were able to give us alternatives to the three we missed out on, one of which was our project house (see here).

It’s been a long day. My fingers aren’t hitting the right keys and I have so much in my reader, I can’t take it all in, so my apologies.
Off to walk the dog for her final wee, then bed.

Night all.
More tomorrow.

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #162 Hope&Stay

Here we go with this week’s challenge

Hope is running high,
Disappointments are forgot,
This time, shall we stay?

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Taking time out of sorts

We are currently in Lincolnshire checking out properties over a radius of around 30 miles of where we used to live.
We are staying in a B&B in Boston which is dog friendly, clean, comfortable and reasonably priced. Our room is on the ground floor, and has tea making facilities, a shower en suite and multi channel TV.

We were up at 5.30 this morning, and by the time we’d packed, sorted out the dog, had breakfast and left the house clean and tidy for MSM when she returned this afternoon, we didn’t get on the road until 6.50.

We arrived here at 10.20, after some 157 miles, which included a half hour potty break for mutt and adults, plus a much needed walk around and drink (water, and 2 teas).
Our room was ready for us so we could offload our gear and then go into town to sign on with as many estate agents as we could remember being there.
We were given details of just one property in our price range, did a drive by, and tried to arrange a viewing for this evening, or any other evening as it’s local.
No chance. So that has been put on the back burner until after tomorrow to view later in the week if necessary before we go back.
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Secret Eaters

Reality TV again folks.
This time a couple are dismayed that despite eating healthily, the pounds are piling on.
They agreed to be filmed for five days and keep a food diary.
Their eating habits were also studied and they were followed when they went out or shopping.
She said she was eating 1000 calories a day during filming.
She was actually eating 2900 calories.
He said he was eating 2000 calories a day for those five days.
He was actually eating 3700 calories a day.
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