FFfAW Challenge-Week of March 28, 2017

I don’t think I’ve joined in with this challenge before, but the photoprompt took me back a bit so I thought I’d have a go.
Photo prompt provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode.

It was very much a family affair with Alfred at the piano and Grace turning the sheeted music for him.
Gladys stood in what she hoped was a relaxed and confident pose as she began her first solo performance.
All went exceptionally well, no warbled notes or wrong chords, and at the end Gladys breathed a sigh of relief.
Her audience snorted and resumed sniffing their hind quarters.
Their afghan hound was such a lousy critic, but tomorrow it would be for real.

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Bits and Bobs post

We’ve been doing a bit more work on the boat today, touching up a few blemishes in the varnish that had been missed in a different light, and have decided to put net curtains up on the bow doors now that we’ve taken down the bulky towel ones which never hung properly.
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Last Supper Course: weigh in week three

Hubby and I are going down to see my Mum tomorrow and meet up with my sister-in-law who is over from NZ, so we will be setting off early to have the maximum amount of time with them both.
Rather than go to our usual SW meeting, N and I went for the early one instead, but didn’t stay. We caught up on our week, but will be meeting for coffee on Friday with the Hubbies.

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Photo Challenge #158

Another interesting photoprompt this week from Nekneeraj at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

Image: Laura Williams

To the East,
she saw the coming of the New Day.
Ahead, all was in motion
as everyone went about their daily routine.
To the West,
the setting of the Sun depicted another day done.
But none knew what lay behind her mask.

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Twittering Tales #23 – 28 March 2017

Thanks Kat for this week’s challenge.
You can check it out here and join in the fun!

Is it a bird or a plane? the mixed flock asked.
Absolutely no idea, Said Owl.
But that flat top makes great target practice!

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Wordle #148 “March 27th, 2017″

Oh yeah.
Something to get my teeth into (WIFI permitting)!

1. Cheek
2. Heavy
3. Insect
4. Skin a Razor- Drive a hard bargain.
5. Instant
6. Greed
7. Helpless
8. Meander
9. Assail
10. Mediocre
11. Passage
12. Lutalica (the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories)

How many of us suffer from Lutalica I wonder?
I’m amazed at the cheek of these stick insect consultants picking on those a little on the heavy side the instant they admit they have a weight issue, how they assail their already diminishing confidence in their greed for success and recognition.
They lead otherwise mediocre lives, not for them a gentle meander of compassion towards those who are helpless to get to grips with the underlying cause of their condition.
Who knows, perhaps if they found themselves lost in the passage of life, they too would be trying to Skin the Razor with the experts to fit in to the norm, whatever that is.

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Kitchenituspilferous Tips for Beginners

What’s this I hear you ask?
What is kitchenituspilferous?

This is not an original phrase, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I first heard it, but it rules long, hard and fast in our house/ boathold and today was no exception.
Hands up ladies how many times you have lost a kitchen knife (usually your favourite or the most comfortable to use) to the Husband’s tool kit as a makeshift screwdriver?
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