Sunday Roast 16 December

The day has started beautiful and sunny, such a contrast to yesterday’s cold winds and heavy rain which didn’t let up until late last night.
Getting Maggie out for a wee was all down to timing, and even then Hubby got caught and the pair came home drenched.

I’ve actually had a good night, the lemsips and honey have helped my throat, and I feel quite human today. It could have had something to do with the comment of food last night, and Hubby’s offer of a carvery dinner today. Oh yum.
As it happened, I hadn’t taken anything out of the freezer for dinner today anyway, so the thought of a full roast with all that lovely veg (there is a choice of at least 6 different varieties as well as roast and mashed potatoes) and better still, no washing up, is a definite Us present in the Christmas stakes.
Maggie’s allowed into the Garden Centre and they have a specific area for dog owners in the restaurant, so she’ll be getting some titbits too.
Photo: I’ve had my shower, so I’m presentable to be taken out for lunch.

I think I’ll change the holiday to TreatUs as we have treated ourselves to a fair bit this month.
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Song Lyric Sunday: 16th December

Helen’s theme last week was Boys, so I’m so glad this week is Girls as I have just the song.
I had this one on a 78 rpm 10 inch disc, the sort that shattered if you dropped it. We could buy cover versions of popular songs for about a shilling (5p) in the local stores.
I didn’t have a record player of my own until I was 13 (paid for out of my own money), so we used Mum’s gramophone which played 78s, 45 singles and 33 LPs.

“Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat” is a song written by Bob Hilliard and Lee Pockriss. It was recorded by Paul Evans in 1959, reaching No. 9 in the US charts, and covered the same year by The Avons where it got as high as No 3.
It’s terribly dated now and The Muppets would have a field day with it (if they haven’t already). plus there are only six puppets in the back with Fred. Have a chuckle anyway.

(Dee doody doom doom, dee doody doom doom)
(Dee doody doom doom, DOOM)

Seven little girls sitting in the back seat
Hugging and a-kissing with Fred
I said “why don’t one of you come up and sit beside me?”
And this is what the seven girls said

(All together now, one, two, three)
(Keep you mind on your drivin’)
(Keep you hands on the wheel)
(Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead)
(We’re having fun sitting in the back seat kissing and a-hugging with Fred)
(Dee doody doom doom, dee doody doom doom)
(Dee doody doom doom, DOOM)

Drove through the town, drove through the country
Showed ’em how a motor could go
I said “how do you like my triple carburetor?”
And one of them whispered low


Seven little girls smooching in the back seat
Every one in love with Fred
I said “you don’t need me, I’ll get off at my house”
And this is what the seven girls said

(All together now, one, two, three)
(Keep you mind on your driving)
(Keep you hands on the wheel)
(Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead)
(We’re having fun sitting in the back seat kissing and a-hugging with Fred)

All of them in love with Fred
(Dee doody doom doom)
Kissing and a-hugging with Fred
(Dee doody doom doom)
Wish that I could be like Fred
Publisher: Peermusic Publishing, EMILY MUSIC CORP
Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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FOWC with Fandango — Intersection

Here in the UK, the American term Intersection is best described as a crossroads or road junction.
Last year, the snow caught everyone out and a woman drove out of our road smashing into the wall opposite. Several people, including Hubby, went over to make sure she was OK and other than embarrassed with a crumpled car bonnet, she was fine.
The wall however did not fare so well, and is still a pile of bricks.
It is surprising how many people seem to forget that their brakes don’t work so well in snow or icy weather.
Drive safely everyone.

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Splitting a Hug

Thought this was worth another airing.
Enjoy and think of the Secret Lives of Teddy Bears.


Over the years, Hubby and I had collected numerous teddy bears in various guises, the cuddly toys, books, ceramics, pottery, pictures, figurines, and we wrote stories about some of them and how their lives were before they joined our growing family on top of the wardrobe.

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Teddy stories

Many years ago I started writing Teddy Bear stories.
Sadje’s post here reminded me of them and you may recall Grandad .

Grandad was my second bear, the first having been stolen off my pram when I was only a few months old. In my stories, all the little bears would gather round when us humans were in bed to listen to his stories of me as a child. Sometimes, they would have Pow Wows when things needed to be discussed.
When we got the boat, we had to rehome the majority of our Hug. There are a few bears I wished we’d kept now, but we didn’t have the room, and hopefully they all found good homes and have their own Pow Wows.

I’m going to reblog my post Splitting a Hug as I think it’s worth another look.

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Unfortunately it’s back

I can’t believe it.
After finally getting rid of the worst cold I’ve ever experienced that had stayed with me for weeks, the damn thing is back.
It’s started with a cough, exactly as before, and now the sniffles and hot sweats are plaguing me.
Hubby got up in the night and beat me to heating some milk with a heavy dose of honey in it. The throat lozenges are by the bed and the reserves in cold remedies have been broken into.
I’m under strict instructions to stay indoors and keep warm. That makes a lot of sense as it’s usually the change in temperature that sets me off.
Hubby is keeping his distance, but we all know that doesn’t mean a thing.

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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 15/18

Linda’s Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hairy.”  She says we can use it any way we’d like, with bonus points if used to mean more than one thing. Enjoy!

One of the best double acts ever, sadly neither are no longer with us. Ernie was the one with the short fat hairy legs.
I’ve often joked that I’ve got more hair on my legs than Hubby has on his head these days, though I’ve been quite fortunate and not as hairy as some women. OK, I’ve got the witch chin hair, but I invested in a decent pair of tweezers!
Most guys don’t seem to like hairy women though, yet Julia Roberts and quite a few other leading actresses proudly showed off their hairy armpits some years ago at Award ceremonies.
Hairy toes are a sign of good circulation in the feet, which is great for diabetics like me!
(These aren’t mine by the way)

One for the girls now, do you find hairy men attractive? Do you like to snuggle up to a chest pelt or give it a wide berth? Do you like facial hair, be it on the chin, the lip, or both? Do you find baldness a turn off? Do you like a man with long waist length hair?
Personally I don’t like hairy chests or faces, and don’t mind long hair on a guy as long as it’s clean and tidy. Baldness as in billiard ball, think Yul Brynner, Patrick Stewart and Telly Savalas. The brillo look goes well on Bruce Willis, Jason Stratham and Ed Harris.

Of course, we’ve all had our hairy scary moments. Mine has to be with spiders, and some of the ones that came into the cottage were huge. That’s why me getting close enough to take these photos was a bit of a miracle!

This is a good fun post as I’ve already got pics in my library so hope I’m not cheating!

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