A Prom in Two Halves

We are lucky here in that we have a promenade that extends in both directions and can walk for miles along the sea front.
It’s not unusual to meet up with a local lady who walks her GSD at least four times a day and her dog has got to know us, so comes in for a lean and fuss.
From March 1st to 30th September certain areas on the beach do not allow dogs, but our side is dog friendly all year, so in order to increase our exercise and improve our fitness, we have been walking the dog along the prom in either direction, including up into town on the restricted side, simply because at the moment, we can.
Photo: the prom to the left of us (restricted Mar – Sept) under snow.
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Weathered is the theme this week from

I’m cheating a little following one of Frank’s submissions about driftwood

I picked this up in NZ when I visited Bro, and remember how carefully I packed it so as it wouldn’t get damaged.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

We don’t see much in the way of driftwood on the beach here, but there are quite a few large rocks or lumps of chalk that seem to appear out of nowhere when the tide’s out!

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Knock Knock

I’d just put the soup on (day 4 and our final portion) when there was a knock at the door.
Our inherited doorbell doesn’t work and has been taped over until Hubby can find a blanking plate for it, and you may remember he put up a doorknocker.
Photo: Ah, Doorknocker

The funny thing is nobody uses it and just raps on the glass with their knuckles. Methinks we need a big arrow pointing to Our Doorknocker.

Anyway, Maggie was barking and I wasn’t quite quick enough to keep her inside or grab her collar, so she just presented herself to the couple on the drive. As the woman was ferreting about in her bag, Maggie thought food and stuck her nose in. How embarrassing.

As soon as I saw The Watch Tower I very politely put my hands up and said No Thank You.
Maggie retreated indoors, silent and sulking, as they weren’t generous like the Postman with biscuits.

I don’t do religion. I don’t write about it, comment about it, or post about it, other than to say I NEVER knock anyone’s faith.
Yes, Hubby and I light a candle for our Dads regularly at home now as we haven’t found a church we can go into like we did The Abbey.

It’s been a long time since Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door. It was my parent’s neighbour’s faith in Jehovah that got her out of bed having been bedridden for 26 years.
She lived to be 104, but I don’t want to be a follower.
I have to admit the couple were very nice and accepting of my wishes, as was my friend in NZ in 2010 who offered me a copy of The Book, which I declined. She said it was her duty to try, but never held it against me.
Everyone believes in something, and so they should. We’re just not all the same.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – January 14th 2018

Snow leopards are an endangered species, and WWF are crying out for donations.
Not that the prompt is a call for such, but this was what sprung to mind when I saw the photoprompt.

So they all come to see me,
No-one understands my needs:
Open spaces, not confining enclosures,
Wilderness beneath my paws.
Life threatened, I’m held captive.
Escape is futile, I could not survive here,
Outside is a stranger.
Pampered executives glean over the prize
Awarded to protect those such as I,
Resplendent for their business.
Declining numbers lead to extinction,
Such is this life.


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Just Jot Jan: 14th January.

Today’s word prompt for

is Ultimatum from Itinerary Planner

Oh my, Ultimatum.

Whenever I’ve tried to give one, it’s always backfired!
I have these imaginary conversations in my head, where I am strong willed, my own person, and no longer prepared to stand for any more crap.
However, there is one ultimatum we were given that backfired on someone else, and that was during the sale of the cottage way back in 2014.
It’s all documented in my blog, so I will keep it short.
Basically, our buyers were not exactly forthcoming with information regarding the progress of their own sale so we couldn’t plan anything. So when we get a phone call to say they had completed on the sale of their property and wanted to move into ours the following week,  it wasn’t feasible due to notification times to the utility companies, let alone us getting ourselves organised with furniture storage and somewhere to stay.
The result was our buyers giving us an ultimatum that if we didn’t comply with their demands, they would walk away from the purchase.
Our answer was two words…………………………
No, not those two!
Let ’em!

The following day we started to receive mail for our buyers in respect of taking over our phone line and their new SKY package, yet they had told our solicitor and estate agents that they could not give us a date or time frame to work with. Yeah. Right.
They didn’t pull out though and moved in 15 days later (the time required by the utility companies). As far as we know, they’re still there.

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Weekend Writing Prompt #37 – Misgivings

I’ve gone for a piece of flash fiction from the word prompt this time:

It’s more than 50 words and doesn’t tie in with the photo prompt, so I think I’m cheating a bit.

Word Prompt


She had serious misgivings when she saw the familiar hunched figure approaching her cashier window.
She knew she’d soon be hearing another sob story of an unreasonable landlord, abusive boyfriend or simply no money, and the need for a place to stay.
It was always the same, always when she had to work the night shift, her daughter knowing she didn’t like confrontation or to be embarrassed, especially at work.
So with a heavy heart she handed over her spare flat key and said she’d be home shortly after midnight.
As it turned out, it was gone 1 am before she got back.
The flat was in darkness and she wasn’t that surprised when she turned on the light.
The place had been trashed, drawers and cupboards left yawning open, their contents strewn on the floor. Her bedroom was a mess, bedding ripped and torn, having been thoroughly searched for anything of value that could be sold or pawned to raise a few bucks.
She flopped down in the middle of it all.
Nick let himself in and put his arms round her.
‘I’ve been waiting for you,’ he said.
‘Your hunch paid off this time. After you called, I managed to get your Mum’s jewellery case, your emergency box and a few small personal things out before she and her friends turned up. Best you stay with me tonight. I’ll sleep on the couch. Tomorrow we’ll get the lock changed.’

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 53

It would appear I’m not the only one who missed this on Wednesday as it didn’t come up in my reader or emails at all.

Photo by Ivana Cajina

It was a daunting task, but one which had to be done.
Of course it would have helped if more volunteers had turned up, but there you go.
People always had something better to do, somewhere else to be.
In eleven months, the big ships would be coming this way, and deeper channels had to be dug to accommodate their bulk.
She knew to do it alone was like trying to empty a lake with a teaspoon, so she roped in the local radio and TV crews.
Nothing like free publicity for any watching contracting companies wishing to join in.

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