Twittering Tales #150

Thanks Kat for the prompt again this week

The bell dinged, signalling dinner was about to be served.
The mice lined up by the holes waiting for the cheese to appear.

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Fibber’s Guild #1

I am not familiar with the game show mentioned, but this looks like fun so here I am!
More details here
Not many people know this, but this was the original prototype for a toilet roll holder.
The premise was that it acted as a mangle and thus the paper could be reused. However, it was soon pointed out that this was not altogether hygienic and rather than waste a good idea, other purposes were tried with success, or the lack of it, logged accordingly.


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FOWC with Fandango — Plug

Oh, the multitude of ideas flooding my mind on this:

Pulling the plug,
Plugging up the hole,
Something not plugged in,
Plugging some kind of merchandise or company.

As a very young child I decided to help my Mum with the housework by cleaning the bath.
Not very difficult you might think until I tell you I used an entire box of Tide washing powder to do it and could not get rid of the suds down the plug hole!
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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Key

Following on from Lock last week, Frank has given us Key as our theme this time.
For someone who has been playing the piano for around 60 years, this is quite close to my heart!

I am lucky to have a natural gift and play by ear. No, that doesn’t mean having my head resting on the keyboard! There was a time when I could listen to a song on the radio and pick out the tune, then play it without music.
This used to drive my sister mad, as she would spend hours practicing and I would just have to hear it once or twice and away I’d go. OK, it was nearly always in the wrong key as I prefer to play in F# (the black notes) as it was easier for my fingers to play the chords.
I don’t play as much now as arthritis cramps my style in more ways than one, and I sold my piano in 2013. It was just as well as it would never have fitted on the boat (even though we didn’t know we were going to live on one for three years), and would have cost a small fortune to keep in storage.

When we moved here, Hubby was determined for me to have another keyboard and we decided on a digital piano. I now have a full size Yamaha with a variety of different sounds and a volume control (!!) but no fancy rhythms and accompaniments like I had with the Clavinova 7 I had when I lived in Bath.
We had no furniture when we moved here so had plenty of space and choice where to put it! This picture was taken November 2017.

We’ve gradually put our home together and it now lives at the other end of the lounge.
Photo:  September 2018.

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Eat your greens!

Ye-hah!! We had enough beans to go with our pork chops today.
They are finally starting to come and the tomatoes aren’t far behind.
Tomato and bean pasta is becoming my specialty!
Picture taken with my phone.

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Beach Walk 20th August

Maggie wasn’t well in the night and got me up at 4am. She was as tidy as she could be, so after letting her outside, I cleared up, threw on some clothes and opened the back gate. She did a big wee, had a sniff around but thankfully wasn’t eating grass or retching, so we went back to bed.
I was awake again just before 7, hoping for an extra hour, but she wasn’t having it so I got up. Hubby was already up and had his breakfast, so he hoovered while I put the washing on and got mine.
Nice we share the chores.

Around 10, Maggie started to pester. She is so set in her habits and routine, you can almost set your watch by her.  It was a lovely morning, so we decided to walk along the beach.
It was relatively quiet, though some people were having a dip {{(shiver!)}} and there were quite a few dogs about. Continue reading

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MLMM Wordle #147

There was a bit of a glitch with the original post, (which has since been rectified) but Jules retrieved this image with our words which is what I have worked with.
cuff, sometimes, grit, fling, slot, effective, walk away, tiny, watch, Donnybrook, escarpment, wheel

Off the cuff it was hard to tell exactly who started it, but insults were soon flung about and it developed into a right donnybrook so they were asked to leave,
As they walked away from the pub along the escarpment, it was realised that Betty had an effective right hook and Bert pretended to have grit in his eye as he tried to hide the developing swelling. Brenda felt like a fifth wheel, but despite her tiny frame, she’d had to slot in and act as referee.
Honestly, she had to watch her brother like a hawk. He was such an idiot sometimes criticising Betty’s figure when she berated him for his roving eye. The pair of them were as bad as each other, and they’d only been married a month!

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