Worth a Thousand Words

This is part of Teresa’s Daily Writing Challenge, and I’ve picked up on the picture.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fluffiest Puss of all?
Where is my mistress and dinner plate,
Not like her to be tardy and late.
Mirror, Mirror, what can you see,
Apart from the beautiful image of me,
I sit and watch from this window cill
The street below is quiet and still.
Mirror, Mirror, when the day is done
I’ll return to my bed, say goodnight to the sun,
Purr in my sleep as times ticks on by,
I am the fairest, you cannot lie.

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Beach Walk 19 October

Cold or no cold, we needed some fresh air, and it’s a beautiful day so we walked up into town along the prom. The tide was out and a lot of people were walking their dogs on the beach, which they can now since September 30th saw the Summer restriction expire.
Hubby had anticipated a piece of gluten-free carrot cake and a cup of tea, but there were no cakes defrosted, so we didn’t bother. He has tried some of their other offerings, but even the gluten-free apple pie affected him, so it was carrot cake or nothing.

Coming back, we took Maggie down on the sand and she was in her element, so much to sniff and so little time to do it!
Photos: both taken last month but at the ‘official end’ for dogs.
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The Syns of a Cold

The last thing you think about when up to your eyes in snotty tissues and cold remedies is DIETS!
It’s extremely doubtful I will have a loss this week, but that doesn’t mean to say I intend to come off plan and feed my face with all the bad stuff. To be honest, the chances are it wouldn’t make me feel better and the guilt factor would be off the scale. One little slip is allowed, but not a whole army of them.
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Honey and Lemon cocktails

My bedside table looks like a jumble sale as it’s untidily cluttered with cold remedies.

Vic √
Toilet roll (no tissues) √
Throat lozenges  √
Decongestants  √
Menthol eucalyptus √
Cough medicine √
Lemsip with honey √ (drunk)
Bin for soiled tissues √

I am extremely careful with OTC medicines, reading labels, warnings and ingredients.
The cough medicine does not contain paracetamol so I am OK to take that with my lemsip to which I have added honey as I woke up at 4 am thinking I was swallowing glass, my throat was that sore.

I’ve stayed indoors for most of the day (boring), but we did go for a walk along the prom this afternoon as the sun came out and I wrapped up as if it was minus ten degrees!
It was nice to get out for an hour and helped to clear my head, even if it was only temporary. Continue reading

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If the tooth be told……………

There are several things we give priority to when moving to a new area:
a doctor, vet, dentist and garage.
Our choice of GP Surgery was one, and one only, which is debatable as being reliable. So far they have cocked up Hubby’s meds, left him in the sit and wait with chest pains and then told him he’d missed his turn, and getting an appointment is like asking for the moon! Still, we have got round that in an emergency with the 24/7 out of hours GP at the hospital some 16 miles away.
The vet started off pretty well, but the balls up with the growth on Maggie’s mouth which we were told would be removed when it was only biopsied, a horrendous bill for medical shampoo, delays in getting an appointment, and the fact we are unlikely to see the same vet each time, has got us thinking and looking for an alternative ‘One Man Practice’.
The garage is sussed, no sweat and our little car was serviced and MOT’ed with no problems at a reasonable price.
But the dentist?
Ah (or is that Aaaahhhhhhhh).
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For newer readers: One of my Nonets

I like to review some of my older posts from time to time and see how my style has changed. I came across this today which was one I was rather pleased with as it went perfectly with a photograph I took at Comberton Quay (original post here).


Layered sky
Colours hanging
Spellbound, soft, serene
Gently sink behind hills
Purples, pinks, blues and yellow,
Stunning beauty for all to see
Reflected image in the water

Reflected image in the water
Stunning beauty for all to see
Purples, pinks, blues, and yellow,
Gently sink behind hills,
Spellbound, soft, serene,
Colours hanging,
Layered sky,

Photo: Mine August 2016

A nonet has nine lines (no rhyme required), syllable progression 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

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Thursday photo prompt: Glimmer #writephoto

Sue’s given us the following picture to set our thoughts and ideas in motion.

Check out her challenge here:

Shadows rule the night,
Drifting across the sky,
Engulf the shimmering light
Without questioning why.
What has the world become
Darkness seeks to rule,
Kindness and goodness undone,
Replaced by ways so cruel.
The way of Mankind is unclear,
No-one can seem to agree
Differences always appear,
What’s to become of you and me?
The dawning of each new day,
Is a chance to put things to rights,
The warmth of the sun’s early ray,
Contrasts to the coolness of night.
Light can be seen nonetheless,
Like a beacon Hope will shine on,
How long it takes is anyone’s guess
For the shadows all to be gone.

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