Advertisement Prompt #2

As a young child, I was always in awe of babies, so when my nephews came along in the late 60s, I took an avid interest and was first in line with offers to babysit.
I suppose being older when my first nieces were born, the fascination had dwindled somewhat, and not having any kids of my own, more or less faded altogether.

The current Pampers nappy advert has me almost in tears as I watch tiny scraps of life in the hands of nursing professionals, giants of fathers, and loving arms of new Mums and grannies.
They are all prem babies, and the accompanying song is ‘I’m Coming Home’ sung by Chanele McGuinness and arranged by Luis Almau (source).

A banking colleague had premature twins, so small that even dolls clothes were too big and egg cosies were used as bonnets. Both survived and are now well into their twenties.
My great niece was also a prem baby, and is a mother herself now providing our family with its fifth living generation.
This ad took me back to that anxious time for the parents concerned, as it shows nappies not much bigger than a bandaid, and preparations for the newborns to come home.
Never fails to bring a lump to my throat at the wonder of it all.

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SoCS May 20th 2017

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “all or nothing.” Use one, use both, use them any way you’d like. Bonus points if you start and end your post with one (or each) of them. Enjoy!

You can find Linda’s challenge details here:

All he could do was stare at her in disbelief.
Hadn’t he provided her with the best money could buy?
The luxurious apartment, designer clothes, the latest gadgets, a top of the range sports car, exotic holidays twice a year?
He’d made it clear he didn’t want children. They would just complicate their lives and detract from the pleasure they enjoyed in each other.
And now this.
How dare she issue him with an ultimatum, demanding he divorce his wife and marry her.
He’d show her. After eight years it was time for a change anyway.
All or nothing she’d said.
As of today, she’d get nothing.

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Saturday’s Mix–20 May 2017

Interesting and thought-provoking challenge from Teresa this week.

The men on one side showed their intentions as clear as crystal.
The opposition was ice-cold and cloudy, producing shadows of menace.
Like a game of chess, this was to be a battle of strategy, sacrifice and errors in judgement.
The prize?
A hand in marriage and the crippled crown governing barren land which belied the rich resources running rampant beneath the ruins.

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Fiery Sky

I took this photo a couple of evenings ago.
Sadly I haven’t quite got the hang of night photography so my picture doesn’t capture the true colours or impact of the moment.
Hopefully my poem does.

Blood red fiery sky,
Layered clouds, threatening rain,
Dark night, passing by,
Walking long, easing pain.
Warm and muggy, air thick,
Peace and quiet, thoughts roam,
Count steps, sure and quick,
Turn back and head for home.


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Marina wildlife

I miss the wildlife we use to see at close quarters on the marina, and a little while ago whilst walking the dog for her final wee, I noticed one of the swans sitting on a nest.
By all accounts, she has since hatched 7 eggs, but as is the way with young in the marina, the mortality rate is quite high.
Hubby got the camera this evening and tried to get some pictures of the adults with their babies. There are just four now, but then this could be another pair and the seven babies are all present and accounted for elsewhere.
When I walked Maggie this evening, I took some pictures of some ducks, two of which could be the remaining pair of our migrant three.
You’ll see that the two ranks of marina berths for cruisers behind them are practically empty. This could be because those on brokerage are now in the other basin, therefore freeing up more on the revamped side for berthholders.
Or there are simply no takers due to higher costs.

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Cracked it and thank you.

You’ve done it and I’ve clocked up my 1000th follower.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
A warm welcome to all new followers.

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Headline prompt 19th May:

A headline on the morning news bulletin made me laugh today as apparently we are a hairier nation than we used to be.
If you’ll excuse the pun (ie head-line) take a look at these, used in a post over a year ago.

I would love for my hair to be this long and look this good.
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