Who’s a pretty boy?

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He had been rejected for being useless, only good for the pot.
Yikes. That could’ve put him in hot water.
Damn amateurs.
How dare they say he was ugly!
Didn’t they realise just how fabulous he was?
How valuable an asset he would be?
Had they no idea at all?
Roosters don’t lay eggs!

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One and one, and one, and one

Just took this screen print of my blog:

Thanks everyone!

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Friday Fictioneers 23rd June

Thanks Rochelle.

The weather couldn’t dampen the mood in the car.
Finally all the red tape had been cut, dried and tied in a pretty bow.
Their papers were in order, and this was the final step.
Once aboard, they faced a new way of life, one filled with new beginnings.
It had taken years of planning, thousands of dollars, but it was done.
Legally binding.
They were finally a family now that the adoption had been finalised, and they could bring their Romanian daughter home.

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of June 20, 2017

You can check out the details for joining in here:

This week’s photo is provided by Footy and Foodie.

A kids’ eye view.

‘It’s a sky smoothie,’ my three year old said.
‘No it’s not!’ said her five year old sibling. ‘It’s God blowing raspberry bubbles!’

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Tale Weaver #125: of the writerly persuasion 22.06.17

I think we all have a secret passion of writing a book Lorraine.

My life is an open book,
Full of blank pages.
Ideas live in my head, my dreams,
But to hands, ink and paper
Don’t transcribe.
I wake with a title,
A fairy tale, ghost story,
Of death or destiny,
All disappear like the sleepy dust
From my eyes.
My book will not come.
But one thing never fails:
She reads and re-reads
A hundred times,
This priceless manuscript
Of memories,
My weekly letter to Mum.

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Thursday photo prompt – The tunnel – #writephoto

Follow the light!
Here are the details of Sue’s challenge this week should you wish to take part:

What started out as a childish prank had escalated out of control and terror had encased her in the darkness.
Charlotte had no idea of the true fear Alice had of the dark, thinking it was a phase and this was just the thing to snap her out of it.
Her screams echoed through the caverns, bouncing off the walls to smash into her ears.
In confusion, Charlotte took a wrong turn and left her sibling alone without light.
Not knowing what else to do, she had retraced her steps as best as she could, found the exit, and gone to get help.

Seventeen year old Andy was sent into the tunnels he’d played in as a child. He knew every inch, and located a trembling Alice within twenty six minutes.
She was cold, wet and sobbing, encircling her arms around his neck so tightly, he could scarcely breathe. He told her she was safe now and he wouldn’t let her go.
Charlotte waited anxiously at the entrance as the two emerged.
She was as white-faced as Alice was dirty.
As they passed, Alice smiled weakly at her sister, snuggling closer into Andy’s warmth.

Years later whenever they were afraid of the dark, Andy and Alice would tell their grandchildren all about their first meeting.

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Writespiration 121

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This week write:

Your story from the point of view of Death personified.

Here are my 52 words:

Business was slow as life expectancy was on the increase.
His resume didn’t instil confidence to potential employers and this was all he could get, sweeping up leaves in the local park.
His patience would soon be rewarded as he waited for the Government Official responsible whose time was rapidly running out.

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