E N T next

Boy, that was quick!
Appointment has come through for Hubby’s throat check as requested by the GP on Monday afternoon.
Even better, it’s next Monday, 25th February, so no hanging around!
That’s got to be a record!

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FOWC with Fandango — Undermine

Someone would always undermine my efforts or decision.
Played havoc trying to discipline kids.  What was the point?
I’d say one thing, he’d say another, then the ex wife would say something else, throw in comments from two sets of grandparents and their new partners, I was on to a loser from the get go.
One kid played us all for fools, had us running round in circles playing one off against the other and getting his own way all the time. I stopped playing his game.
He came unstuck when he was caught shoplifting, so after The Plod had had words (he was very nice and discreet actually), I sent the little brat to his room until his Dad got home.
Being the blue eyed boy who could do no wrong, he was cock sure he could undermine whatever I told his father.
I said I wasn’t going to tell his Dad anything. He was.
I can still remember the house shaking when his dad bellowed ‘You did WHAT?????’

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Spoke too soon…….. again

First and foremost, Hubby is home safe and sound, and we now have to wait until the end of April for the results.
He had chicken curry for supper last night and cereal and toast for breakfast this morning.
His room was lovely, the staff very nice and he slept very well.

I expected him home around 1pm, so got my card making kit out as our Postie is getting married in a fortnight and I thought I’d make a card along with a few spares and some suitable for notelets to friends.
I was most surprised when I heard the key in the lock at 10.45 just as I was putting the finishing touches to the first, and as it turned out, the only one I made today.

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Start the day well………………..

He’s coming home!
I had a call at 8.15 to say he was just leaving the hospital. Apparently the Doc had rung him to ask if he could get to the hospital early as he was going to be ‘a bit pushed’, so the tube came out, Hubby’s OK and on his way! Hurrah!!!
Even better, we save on car parking as he was covered for 24 hours from 11am yesterday!

I’ve been told to kick the boyfriend out with an apology for scuppering plans.
This is a standing joke between us, that if one of us is away for the night, the other ‘entertains’. Hubby got a lot of stick about ‘dancing girls’ and ‘wild parties’ the two months I was in NZ. 😀 😀 😀

I’ve taken some chicken out of the freezer and hope it defrosts in four hours so that I can make a curry.
The housework is done, breakfast had, dog walked, and he should be home sometime between midday and 2 depending on traffic. Cup of tea, hugs and an excited dog will be waiting (any order).

Card making this morning!

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Friday Fictioneers: 22nd February

This week Rochelle has presented one of her own photographs for the Friday Fictioneers challenge.

Seven roses, her Life in a Vase:

A single red rose each year to show his everlasting love.
Yellow, the Rose of Peace, a plea for forgiveness at a minor indiscretion.
The glass pebbles represented her tears for the many that followed, for which he showed no remorse.
The purple flower depicted her crushed and bruised heart.
She placed the White bloom in the centre. A new beginning.
Let him do with them as he wished.



76 words.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 109

This week Bikurgurl asks us
What 100 words would you give this image?

I am a living thing.
I feel pain, but who cares for these battered scars that lie deep and open?
Who are these people? Where are they from? Why do they do it?
Do they care little about anything but themselves?
I cry, but no-one hears.
My tears sap my strength, lost in the rain that drives and creeps inside, rotting away my  heart, even if it does not beat the same as some.
Once whole and beautiful, now chipped and ugly scored by someone else’s passion.
I cannot fight back as you cut, slice and carve your bleeding hearts.

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First Line Friday (for 15th February)

I’m a bit late doing this as for some reason Dylan’s post didn’t come into my reader last week.


Our line for this week is:

The falcon launched into the air to swiftly become a sharp speck against the sky.
The movement below gave away its presence and the tiny rodent didn’t stand a chance.
Fast and accurate in its pursuit, the falcon dived, talons outstretched and plucked the creature from the jaws of death as the cat was about to pounce.
‘I wish you’d stop doing that Harry!’ Flick shouted. ‘You spoil all my fun!’
Harry looked down at the vole in his surprisingly gentle clutches.
‘Thanks Harry,’ he said. ‘Flick can sometimes be a bit of a bully when she’s playing.’
‘You’ll have to be more careful Vic. Maybe one of the rats from the barn can give you boxing lessons.’

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