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It’s not how you fall ………………

Stephanie Colpron is our hostess for the Tale Weaver Prompt and has given us another topic to get our teeth into. This week she invites us to share a tale of resilience, of falling and getting back up to see … Continue reading

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FOWC with Fandango — Moon

We’ve experienced the most beautiful full moon recently, but none of my pictures have done it justice, so I am going to cheat and use this one from the internet Written for  

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TV reality shows

I am not really a fan of TV (the adverts get in the way of the programmes and nine times out of ten should I be actually watching something, Hubby either changes the channel or switches it off), but this … Continue reading

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The New Office

I can understand the need for small businesses to downsize, but sometimes things go perhaps a little too far. In my banking days, staff meetings were either over breakfast in the local pub once a month or a business lunch … Continue reading

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Tools of the Trade

The story behind the Mop Fair dates back to the 12th Century (see this post), but if you were asked what ONE tool would depict your trade, I wonder what you’d say? Mine is easy. Have pencil will travel. I … Continue reading

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Deadlines are now simply dead.

Reading Shelley’s  Carved in Stone: the Joys of Choosing an Epitaph  over at Peak Perspective about deadlines made me think of my working life before I was made redundant in 2001. My job as a financial analyst was right up my … Continue reading

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Give and take………… and take

Listening to the news programme on the radio today, the subject of the National Living Wage was being discussed. I voiced my opinion on this here. Already, in the Pub industry, it is being said that employers are reducing their … Continue reading

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Give us a job! Part Two

When I moved away in 1981, I had to wait for unemployment money as according to the dole office I had ‘left my job on my own accord and made no effort to find another‘. That was actually untrue as … Continue reading

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Give us a job! Part One

These days, qualifications are worth more than experience in the job market, and if I were to be looking for work, as well as my age being against me, I wouldn’t stand a chance. When I left school at 16 … Continue reading

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The Power of Colour

Have you ever thought about how powerful colours can be? I don’t mean dazzling hues of reds, purples or oranges, but just the significance of a particular colour and the effect it has on people. Flashing lights can trigger migraine … Continue reading

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