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Secret Eaters

Reality TV again folks. This time a couple are dismayed that despite eating healthily, the pounds are piling on. They agreed to be filmed for five days and keep a food diary. Their eating habits were also studied and they … Continue reading

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Sense or Fad?

I’ve been listening to a TV programme on diets this morning, or should I say ‘exclusion diets’. Newspapers will run with ‘Butter is good for you’ one week, and ‘Butter is bad for you’ the next. The latest diet craze … Continue reading

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On the Up…………………..

I had to go to group tonight as I haven’t been for a fortnight. I was not looking forward to it. It’s difficult trying to have sensible meals with a third of your plate as speed food when you are … Continue reading

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Weekly Weigh In

It’s another Tuesday and the scales beckon. All week I have maintained two pounds less than my official weigh in last week. I get on the scales this morning and…………………………….. back to last week’s weight. I confess yesterday was a … Continue reading

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It loves me, it loves me not.

It’s Tuesday. I like Tuesdays, and then again I don’t. It depends what time of the day it is I suppose. Tuesdays are prompt days, lovely images to get my mind working in different directions or thinking of different aspects … Continue reading

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Reality Show

I’m not a fan of these, but something caught my eye this weekend, and whilst I’m not exactly hooked into becoming a dedicated fan, I appreciate the expertise, encouragement and achievements of all concerned. I’m talking about professional trainer Chris … Continue reading

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Moment of Truth

Weigh In tonight, and after Hubby’s gain in just five days, I’m curious to know if my efforts have paid off. The house scales were smiling this morning, but that doesn’t mean a thing. Also, being weighed late in the … Continue reading

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