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Reality Show

I’m not a fan of these, but something caught my eye this weekend, and whilst I’m not exactly hooked into becoming a dedicated fan, I appreciate the expertise, encouragement and achievements of all concerned. I’m talking about professional trainer Chris … Continue reading

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Moment of Truth

Weigh In tonight, and after Hubby’s gain in just five days, I’m curious to know if my efforts have paid off. The house scales were smiling this morning, but that doesn’t mean a thing. Also, being weighed late in the … Continue reading

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Not for Him

Sorry for repetitive posts, but I’ll keep this one short. I mentioned in Grub Up that Hubby was intending to eat the same foods as me this week to see if he lost any weight. As of today, he’s going back … Continue reading

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Grub Up!

As promised, I have religiously been keeping my foodsheet and diary to keep track of what I actually eat every day. I am keeping it downstairs in the kitchen so I don’t forget to update it, and can’t miss anything. … Continue reading

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Down in the dumps

‘There’s something wrong, and you’re not telling me.‘ Hubby said this morning. I told him everything was fine, and not to worry, but he wasn’t having it. He knows me too well. I suppose his mind has gone into overdrive … Continue reading

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And so we start again

Back to weigh ins this week and I feel my three stone certificate will still evade me. Despite 8 days of continuous exercise working locks and practically walking to Warwick as they were so close together, my shape is different … Continue reading

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Don’t be disheartened……….

First let me refer back to a post I did in February: True, False, or Misunderstood Over the next few days I shall be doing a series of posts about our final trip on the boat, but this one is … Continue reading

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