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Recognising the signs

I always know when Hubby has something on his mind, and equally know he will tell me once he’s got things straight in his head. I am usually cheerful and sociable, but sometimes I feel the walls closing in and … Continue reading

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Saturday shocker

Following on from my card making session, I was pleased to find I had made enough so was able to get them in the post. I always post early, mainly because should we receive one from someone I’ve forgotten, I … Continue reading

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Friday: First Week

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here a week already. It still seems very strange having so much space, but as is typical when you do, we are gradually spreading out into it. This is a common (but for us, … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought

Maggie has had a good night snuggled up to me on the floor, and although she had something to eat and drink yesterday, performed no bodily functions, though I did take her out into the back yard. In a fit … Continue reading

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Worrying Wednesday

First and foremost, she’s OK. Taken at MOH’s earlier this year A little while ago, we discovered a lump and rather than panic straight away, kept an eye on it. Maggie has several wart like bumps on her anyway, but … Continue reading

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Tuesday entry : Timeshare

Years ago (in LBH, Life Before Hubby) I purchased a Timeshare week. It was a brand new development, tempting potential buyers with free gifts in the hope of making them part with their cash. On the face of it, it … Continue reading

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Monday memory

Today we are having a liver and bacon casserole with mushrooms and tomatoes, together with baby boiled potatoes and savoy cabbage. Memories of that delicious first meal Hubby cooked for me all those years ago are forever foremost in my … Continue reading

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Showers, sleep and shopping

It was so nice to have a shower last night and not have to worry about coming out into the cold night air. That and being able to pad to the bedroom in fluffy woolly socks instead of having to don coat, … Continue reading

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Friday Feelings

When I was working, I loved Fridays. Not just because it was the last work day of the week, but it was my half day, and I’d finish at 2.30 instead of 5. I know that doesn’t sound much of … Continue reading

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