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And the dark clouds present……………….

We’ve had a fair amount of thunder today and the much needed rainfall has filled our three water butts¬† a treat. Watching the clouds rolling across the sky and out to sea has been very relaxing in its way, and … Continue reading

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Double Whammy October 1st

Everyone knows how much I love rainbows, and we get more than our fair share of doubles here. They don’t last very long though, but this afternoon I was lucky to get a few pictures of this one before it … Continue reading

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Now you see it, now you don’t

Well, it was forecast for this evening, and for once they got it right. The skies came over really dark, thunder rumbled in the distance and lightning lit up the sky. We watched the dark clouds go round us just … Continue reading

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Rainbow in my pocket

It’s been a stormy day. The skies have opened twice with torrential downpours, but for the most part it has been continuous showers or drizzle with one sunny spell which lasted about half an hour. Maggie has not been very … Continue reading

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Inch by Inch

With all the rain from yesterday, I was curious as to how our lake had fared. Obviously the town would be in dire straits if it was full now! I took the above pictures a fortnight ago. The water was … Continue reading

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Ciara almost blew my socks off

The wind kept Hubby awake most of the night, though once Maggie and I got off to sleep, not much disturbed us until 6am. Some time ago, Hubby put a secondary bolt on the top of the gate as it … Continue reading

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Storm brewing

According to the weather reports, we have Storm Ciara coming our way. The wind here can be bitter, but then we are on the East Coast of the country adjacent to the North Sea. As the wind is blowing West … Continue reading

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All a matter of timing

‘Rain starting in 63 minutes’ the screen showed. Hubby and I learned a long time ago not to assume that and to check the radar picture on the weather site we used. He calculated we had about 40 maybe 45 … Continue reading

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Sunday activities 1st December

It’s here.¬† December that is, and so the countdown to C Day begins. We went shopping today, loaded up our neighbour and the dog and went to one of the larger towns 20 miles away. It being Sunday meant less … Continue reading

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Rain and flood alerts

Living so close to the coast, we signed up for the flood alert service. It doesn’t cost anything, and is a means of being kept advised as to flood risks for our area. Today there have been threats along the … Continue reading

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