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Morning Walk 28th February

As hoped, the sun broke through the clouds and the fog lifted. It is now a beautiful day. We decided to walk along the prom in the opposite direction today, just to check the sea was still there. I took … Continue reading

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Today is Thursday 25th February

Hello and good morning!! The washing is done and outside in the hope that it will dry significantly to finish off indoors. Joggers and towels today, so they always take longer. We’ve had a lovely walk in the park, and … Continue reading

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Our walk today 24th February

We had a wonderful walk this morning and were out for almost an hour! I meant to mention the other day that Geraldine has an alias as another couple call her Blondie. We saw her eating out of their hands, … Continue reading

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A walk in the Park 21st February

It’s been such a mild morning, we thought we’d go for a walk before lunch. The wind was slight, but the skies a little grey, so we played safe and wore our yellows. People were gathering for the church service … Continue reading

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A Christmas Eve Walk

With the weather being so horrible yesterday, and not much better today, we haven’t exactly been donning the coats and hats to go out for a walk. We have both commented that if Maggie was still with us, we would … Continue reading

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Today is Tuesday 22nd December

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday, and the day dawned so bright and sunny, I thought we were back in the summer. That was until I put my nose outside the front door and a cold wind hit me straight in the … Continue reading

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This is Geraldine

I have called her that because I have only ever known one Geraldine in my life, and this little beauty is a one off. If anyone knows what she is, I’d be grateful for your input. Hubby thinks she is … Continue reading

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Batteries exhausted

Typical isn’t it. It’s a lovely day, the beach is deserted, and the camera batteries die. Oh well, I did manage to get one picture. We met up with several people we knew, and I was seen by two little … Continue reading

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Today is Tuesday 24th November

We woke up to sunshine, but it was chilly. Hubby was up first as usual and I followed about half an hour later. I checked my emails as we had breakfast, then we decided to go for our first walk … Continue reading

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A Sunday Walk along the Prom

After breakfast, we went for a walk, choosing to go through the park, up along the prom and then into town. The lake was like a mill pond. Once again I only had my phone and the pictures are rubbish, … Continue reading

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