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The Rose by the Window

I pulled back the drapes, Couldn’t believe my eyes, For there in the sunshine, A wondrous surprise, Blood red and blooming, A sight to behold, A beautiful rose, Despite Autumn’s cold. I hung out of the window Only half awake … Continue reading

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Our first Summer’s Over

The tomato plants have joined the green beans and we now have no veg plots as such in the garden anymore. We bought a tarpaulin today and have covered our compost heap so that the vegetation can rot down and … Continue reading

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Another homegrown meal

Well, apart from the fish which came out of the freezer! We’d pulled our potatoes and the tomato plants in the same bed, which has now been dug over and sprinkled with grass seed. The tomatoes there were all green … Continue reading

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Probably our fault…………..

If it rains in the UK tomorrow, you can blame us as we cut the front and back lawns today. Our neighbour did his yesterday, but admitted that it actually looked longer after he’d finished than when he started. Hubby … Continue reading

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It was too dark to take a decent picture last night, so I took some this morning. Above : This was our buddleia bush on Aug 1st. Below:  Re-sited in the previous onion patch These are our green beans (front) … Continue reading

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Hard work!

You could say I haven’t done a day’s hard work in years. I’m talking about the physical kind, and break out in a sweat just thinking about a shovel. We’ve had a long day since the dawn post earlier, and … Continue reading

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Going potty

Yeah, I know, old and knackered. It comes to us all. Half of our plans for yesterday came about, but the curtain pole is still in the roof and the curtains in their packaging. No matter, Hubby did some work … Continue reading

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