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Let’s start the chin wagging

It has been quite a morning, and I am feeling tired, but good. Hubby was feeling tired and exhausted, so wasn’t up to having lunch and has had a nap instead. I cut the front lawn. It was looking tufty … Continue reading

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Household Budgets

Hubby was listening to something on the internet about budgets yesterday and how to adapt when income has diminished to make ends meet. As we walked Maggie for the final time last night, we agreed that although we are on … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow?

Calling all gardeners………………. does anyone know what this is please? We didn’t have it in the patch last year, and I can’t find it in my book. Our neighbour took an picture and she can’t find it either.  Hollyhock is … Continue reading

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Today is Monday 8th June

There is a yellow thing in the sky and I’m feeling warm and fuzzy all over! Hopefully this will be around for the majority of the day! Our days are repetitive, we get up, dressed, have breakfast, walk the dog, … Continue reading

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It didn’t bleed

You might remember these Well, we picked a couple more todayand I’m beginning to feel like Mrs Noah as our produce is coming in twos. It’s also a red letter day as our beefy beetroot was of a suitable size … Continue reading

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You are so radishing!

Hubby had a second day of chili today as it was too much for one day between the two of us, but not enough for both of us for two days because it was only a small packet of minced … Continue reading

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Garden Party

It’s all coming along rather splendidly out back, so I’ve just take a few pictures for you. You may recall we cut our rose bushes right back last year and all three are doing OK. It is the red one … Continue reading

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Flower power in the garden

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Garden and greenhouse update

I’ve been taking more pictures now that we’ve got something positive to show as I was sure you wouldn’t want to see boring patches of dirt! OK then, on the window sill in the bedroom I have 10 tomato plants … Continue reading

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This is what we did today:

Hubby and I are totally shattered. It’s been a beautiful day and we’ve been outside in the garden. I’ve even got the pink tinge of a tan. He cut the grass the other day and had a good tidy up … Continue reading

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