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Whatever happened to the Shampoo and Set

I found myself thinking the other day about how many people I know that have a weekly appointment with the hairdresser. Mum used to go every Friday for a shampoo and set, then this was changed to Thursdays as her … Continue reading

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Not yet, not yet

He stood in the shadows, watching and waiting to see how things turned out. She was joking and apparently in good spirits, but he could sense her fear. He knew her so well. It was different this time and he … Continue reading

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Friday 12th October 2018

I wonder how she’s feeling this morning? I bet she’s been up since the early hours, probably cursing the weather and hoping it will at least stay dry for the photos. Will she have a good breakfast, or will she … Continue reading

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Quiet Day…………..

You may recall this post when I had a slight mishap and mistook my thumb for a carrot. Today, the cheesecake fought back………… or at least the foil tray did, and cut into my finger. It’s in just the wrong … Continue reading

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Day of rest? Fat chance

Hubby and I both woke up feeling rested and quite chipper having had a pretty good night’s sleep, the first for months. After our showers, our good spirits all went down the plughole, just like the water, and we hadn’t … Continue reading

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Another obstacle…………….. or two

Having got on top of the F episode, we now have another bugbear. No pun was unintentional, but it’s very apt. We now seem to be housing Mites. As to their full identity, the jury’s out on that one at … Continue reading

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Sunday, quiet days

Sundays are always quiet days, be it at home or on my blog. We went shopping this morning to get the rust treatment for the washing machine and also found some white spray paint designed for domestic appliances so Hubby … Continue reading

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Washing the washing machine

We were rather pleased to inherit a washing machine with the house as it was a make we were familiar with and had never had one let us down. It also saved us a couple of hundred pounds on our … Continue reading

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He’s at it Again

You can choose your friends, but you’re stuck with family. Just when you thought Thomas Markle had finally got the message,  up he pops in the media again today (link) and (link). Some of it had already been reported, but … Continue reading

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Charity Day on the Prom

We walked Maggie up to town along the prom this morning as it was a charity celebration from 10 am to 4 pm. Getting up late (naughty but nice, and boy I needed it) we didn’t get there until 11 … Continue reading

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