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Trees and Me

I woke up with thoughts of trees this morning and feeling a little melancholy. We see trees and take them for granted, that they will always be there for us to look at and enjoy. As a child, I was … Continue reading

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Christmas Wonderland.

This is a soppy post, and I mean soppy of the highest order, choked up, tears, the whole shebang. Hubby and I went to the garden centre today to get the bird feeder I’d asked for for Christmas. The one … Continue reading

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Eleven Questions

Thanks to Joelle for joining in the Sunshine Blogger Award Q&A. I liked her answers to my questions and love her questions so I’m going to answer them too! 1. What is your favorite hobby/pastime? Music, cooking and card making … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the Shampoo and Set

I found myself thinking the other day about how many people I know that have a weekly appointment with the hairdresser. Mum used to go every Friday for a shampoo and set, then this was changed to Thursdays as her … Continue reading

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Not yet, not yet

He stood in the shadows, watching and waiting to see how things turned out. She was joking and apparently in good spirits, but he could sense her fear. He knew her so well. It was different this time and he … Continue reading

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Friday 12th October 2018

I wonder how she’s feeling this morning? I bet she’s been up since the early hours, probably cursing the weather and hoping it will at least stay dry for the photos. Will she have a good breakfast, or will she … Continue reading

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Quiet Day…………..

You may recall this post when I had a slight mishap and mistook my thumb for a carrot. Today, the cheesecake fought back………… or at least the foil tray did, and cut into my finger. It’s in just the wrong … Continue reading

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