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Moving Sand

All I can say is I was fascinated. We walked down to the dredging site this afternoon and watched a fair amount of activity as the sand was piped ashore and pumped onto the beach whilst the diggers did a … Continue reading

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Breeding Stock

‘She’s beautiful, isn’t she?’ The two brothers were leaning against the paddock fence admiring the latest addition to their stables, the elder lost in thought. ‘What?’ ‘I said she’s beautiful.’ ‘Yes. Yes, she is. You made a good choice there … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Will

I was not a Shakespeare fan, though we had to do A Midsummer Night’s Dream for ‘O’ level which I cocked up and wrote about Romeo and Juliet instead having seen both plays at the Pavillion in Bournemouth before the … Continue reading

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Spoke too soon

Looks like liver and bacon may not be back on the menu afterall. Hubby took the first of his new pills last night, and we ended up in A&E. He felt weird, his blood pressure rocketed (thank goodness we still … Continue reading

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Memories are made of……. cake.

When I worked for the vending machine company, a popular item in the cake line was a Russian Slice. Should any be returned from site, I and other members of the office staff were allowed to take them home, as … Continue reading

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I’m sorry I bit you………..

No, this is not me apologising to my dentist in 2007, but a sorry tail tale related to me yesterday. MSM (Maggie’s Surrogate Mummy, who kindly put up with us whilst we were selling the boat and finding a new … Continue reading

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A Left handed Screwdriver

I blame my blogger friend Michael for this, whose post below triggered a referral to one of mine The comments that followed on my post are reminiscent of our Dads who, as it turns out, were both in the … Continue reading

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