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Fluffy and sweet smelling

Well, she is now! Anyone who owns a dog, especially an un-neutered bitch at ‘that time’, knows how whiffy they can get. We decided against having Maggie spayed as we wanted her to have puppies, but couldn’t find a nice … Continue reading

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The Red Tape Doth Choketh

Some things just beggar belief, and although we are finishing today on a ‘good’ note, it has been frustratingly tedious in trying to do the simplest thing like notify a change of address. First stop was The Bank. You would … Continue reading

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Half Century

My first nephew is 50 today. It hardly seems possible I was an excited 10 year old about to become an aunty for the first time that long ago! I was fascinated by babies, loved to hold them or feed … Continue reading

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Don’t say YES!

I’m a bit late with this I know, but it is all to do with a telephone scam that has reached the UK where people are being asked a simple question to which they reply ‘Yes’ and suddenly they are … Continue reading

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Activity to report

Today Hubby and I pulled up a bench and watched the guys working in the other basin. I have always been fascinated by heavy hydraulics, and watching this crew at work was well worth getting chilled to the bone and … Continue reading

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Tired eyes

Tired eyes, Bloodshot and gritty, Tired eyes, Why do they look so dim? How does a glow that shone once brightly Fade to a shadow long past, Tired eyes. Once, it was not an illusion, Youth in its prime was … Continue reading

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Vasilisa the Beautiful

My title is the name of Jane Dougherty’s ‘Sunday Strange’ painting by Ivan Bilibin, which has an interesting fairy tale behind it. I looked it up on WIKI. It reminded me a little of Cinderella, but no posh frock, fancy … Continue reading

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