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Get up and Go…………

It’s always a joke to say Our Get Up and Go has got up and went, but today, I feel mine has simply refused to get up! It’s been years since I felt this tired. Hubby and I both know … Continue reading

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Goin’ on me ‘olidays

The holiday season cometh, and we will be slap bang in the middle of it! When we lived in Poole, traffic was a nightmare at the best of times, but add holidaymakers, especially those with a caravan? Hell on a … Continue reading

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Weather chasing

We knew there would be a change in the weather today and the plan was to leave MOH early so as to hopefully beat it home. There were two bands of rain running parallel down the country, we would hit … Continue reading

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Trip Pending

We spent over an hour planning our route down to MOH. It was going to be a killer. It wouldn’t matter which way we went, we’d hit a bottleneck or rush hour traffic somewhere, so tried to work out the … Continue reading

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Avoiding roadworks

We discovered last week that there was a diversion in place en route to Skeggy which took us down one of probably the narrowest and muddiest lanes in Lincolnshire. As if that wasn’t bad enough, everything had been diverted, buses, … Continue reading

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