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Finally, a normal day!

We walked Maggie round the park this morning as she deserves some quality time rather than a mad rush first thing. I’d bought a small loaf of bread earlier in the week and had one slice left so decided to … Continue reading

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A New Bed

After the F episode, Maggie’s bedding got thrown out with a few other things in the linen line, and we opted for a cushion from the pet shop which she seemed quite content with. It was bigger than her other … Continue reading

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Going our separate ways…………

I had so wanted to avoid this, but it would appear we have little choice now. Following Hubby’s appointment yesterday, it was confirmed that we are doing all the right things but they’re not working. Like: Avoiding spicy food, not … Continue reading

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Trip to Cleethorpes

After more than a week of being confined to the house due to constant heat or later thunderstorms, we decided to have a field trip today. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no money to spend, we opted for Cleethorpes. … Continue reading

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Shopping Trip

Finally, the parcel Hubby had been waiting for was delivered…….. the irony being less than five minutes after we’d put the phone down chasing the order! Hubby had been told it would be delivered by next Wednesday as it took … Continue reading

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Shoes and K(n)ickers

Hubby’s shoes are worn on the inside, and whilst they didn’t cause him blisters after Sunday’s walk, he does have bruised feet. Footwear is something we both have problems with and don’t like shopping for. The comfy trainers I’m wearing … Continue reading

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What we did today……..

We arrived in Boston quite early and were able to park in what we call The Toast Rack, as all parking spaces are at an angle to the kerb. The market here is on twice a week, though you get … Continue reading

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