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A Good Friday

Hubby and I have been thinking about Time today. Next Friday sees the beginning of March, where there seems to be a lot happening over the last weekend as the UK is due to leave the EU on the 29th, … Continue reading

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Keeping Tabs on Oil

We read with dismay that the odourless garlic capsules I have been buying to keep my blood pressure in check have been discontinued. I used to buy 180 capsules for £1.89, so am glad I purchased two tubs the last … Continue reading

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Confronting the Sales Crowd

OK, we were mad to even think about it, but decided to see if we could get some bargains in the post-Christmas sales. We were actually after some new lights for the Christmas tree as we have more ‘out’ than … Continue reading

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Dear Diary: book keeping

We had our field trip to Skeg today, and I have a new bonnet. My last one ended up in the bin at the hospital as I must have dropped it outside fighting the car parking machine. By the time … Continue reading

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Finally, a normal day!

We walked Maggie round the park this morning as she deserves some quality time rather than a mad rush first thing. I’d bought a small loaf of bread earlier in the week and had one slice left so decided to … Continue reading

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A New Bed

After the F episode, Maggie’s bedding got thrown out with a few other things in the linen line, and we opted for a cushion from the pet shop which she seemed quite content with. It was bigger than her other … Continue reading

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Going our separate ways…………

I had so wanted to avoid this, but it would appear we have little choice now. Following Hubby’s appointment yesterday, it was confirmed that we are doing all the right things but they’re not working. Like: Avoiding spicy food, not … Continue reading

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