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Bit of a let down on several counts

Well, for a blank page of a day, it has certainly had some things in it! We got Hubby’s prescription with no trouble, then decided to stop in town and try to get him some light weight shoes. We have … Continue reading

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Has Beens

Hands up those who remember the advert in the UK Beanz meanz Heinz? As a kid, I was never a fan of beans, much preferring spaghetti but I was in a minority. If Mum could get the small tins, or … Continue reading

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Today is Wednesday 27th January

The day started pretty well and the meters were read with no unpleasant surprises. We’d decided to do our February stock up today as I wanted to go to the bank and our nearest branch is either 17 or 20 … Continue reading

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Shopping on a budget

Hubby picked up on a headline today about a savvy mum spending £10 on food for the week in comparison to the government’s ‘£30 food parcel’ which probably only cost just over a fiver. I couldn’t find that one, but … Continue reading

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Our shopping experience today

It was horrible! The journey wasn’t too bad until we were about 2 miles out, then traffic was getting busy coming in the opposite direction. I was glad I wasn’t driving as the potholes are now craters. The plan was … Continue reading

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Somewhat of a surprise………..

This is a good news and bad news post, so I’ll get the bad out of the way first. Hubby’s INR is still out of range, so he will be back for another blood test on New Year’s Eve. Let … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Today is Monday. The first day of the week. A normal day. Wash Day. Shopping Day. BUT WAIT……………………………………….. It’s Tenner Monday. Mad Dash Monday. Let the fun begin. We did our ten pound dash today, parking…

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There will always be magic

We visited the garden centre the other day, and although there is no Christmas Grotto for the kids this year, the place is still awash with magic and wonder. I’ve written about it before here and last year we took … Continue reading

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Male order

Years ago, I ran a couple of Mail Order catalogues which were great for buying the kids clothes and mine for that matter on a budget. Every so often, I’d order a variety of stuff in different sizes, and what … Continue reading

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My Mommy is a dinosaur

Hubby often says that when it comes to technology these days, he’s a bit of a dinosaur. Imagine our surprise then to see a T-Rex in the aisles of the supermarket this morning happily going about her business with a … Continue reading

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