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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 11, 2021

Linda’s prompt: Friday’s here and so am I with your Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. What a day for a SoCS post, eh? Twenty years ago the world was in shock. As always, my prompt will allow you to choose … Continue reading

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Today is Remembrance Sunday

Last week I asked the gentleman selling poppies in the supermarket foyer if there would still be a gathering at the Memorial today. He said there would be no parade or service as there had been in recent years, but … Continue reading

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No words, just pictures.

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Pictures in the Sand

Film director Danny Boyle is touring Britain to promote his Pages of the Sea documentary and 32 sites had been chosen for pictures of soldiers to be drawn in the sand to commemorate the centenary of the end of WWI. … Continue reading

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Pte Harry Patch

On our trip on Saturday, we saw this memorial stone opposite the cathedral. Private Patch was 111 when he died.   I felt extremely humble.

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Passing on The Light

Hubby and I walked up to The Abbey today to light candles for our Dads. We had intended to go on Remembrance Day but something came up, and then last week we hadn’t wanted to intrude on the service for … Continue reading

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Head of the Table

The place is set, the table linen crisp and spotless. The best china, glassware and cutlery is laid out. The meat is carved and served on a silver platter. Vegetables in waiting steam under glass lids . Condiments stand to … Continue reading

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Christmas came early and we missed it!

I wonder how many people wish they could just hibernate until the festive season is over. Well, it looks like we just did! Hubby and I had a plan this morning to walk up to the Abbey (slowly) to light a candle … Continue reading

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With Great Sadness

I have just read that Cilla Black has died in Spain at the age of 72. How uncanny that I should do a post mentioning Blind Date and in a comment on another post regarding music, refer to her 1969 … Continue reading

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Not Just Today…………

We went up to the Abbey today to light candles for our Dads. There was a service on, and although visitors are welcome to join in (even half way through) we declined as we had Maggie and she tends to … Continue reading

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