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What to do with ‘bits’ of veg

Have you ever wondered what to do with the small pieces of frozen veg like cauliflower and broccoli that aren’t small enough to throw away but too small to be put on a dinner plate as a side? Bake………. or … Continue reading

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Today’s consolation prize

I baked. I was so fed up after today’s events and Hubby was yummy hungry, so I make rock buns. I made 8 (and a small loaf cake which when cool was wrapped in greaseproof paper and put in the … Continue reading

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My contribution to the Great Bloggers Bake Off

Today I cooked a McCheese for Hubby and a tomato pasta for me, so as they were ‘fresh dishes’ I took pictures to submit for the bake off challenge. I soaked the pasta in boiling water while making the … Continue reading

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Two Meat Free!

I wasn’t sure what to do for lunch today, but Hubby said he fancied something light with rice, so not having taken anything out of the freezer last night or having any salad stuff left, I opted for old reliable: … Continue reading

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I have been asked for my McCheese recipe. The dish at the top is 9″ x  7″ and sufficient for two portions. The one at the bottom is a single serving for Hubby when I have a tomato pasta instead. … Continue reading

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Dinner today 22nd April

No, not another two day chili or three day stew. Today we had a pork chop with potatoes, broccoli, carrots and apple stuffing. In the cottage, it was lovely to go out into the garden and pick apples for sauce … Continue reading

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Today’s His and Hers

Hubby asked me to bake a cake today, one without sugar or jam, so that he could have some. I pointed out that my sponges have sugar in them as a matter of course, but I could do a separate … Continue reading

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The Proof is in the eating……………

You may remember I posted this a few days ago. Well I made it today using the exact quantities as per my recipe (well, maybe a little less fat but not much) and this was the result. The foil pie … Continue reading

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Request for Cheesecake recipe

I’ve had a request for my no-cook cheesecake recipe. This is a variation on one I was given using equal amounts of cheese and cream, but I got my sizes wrong, and it worked anyway so I’ve stuck with it. … Continue reading

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Husband wants stodge!

It’s not often Hubby likes a dessert, but being a lover of all things custard, one of my fatless and sugarless microwave stodges goes down a treat. And as we purchased some maple syrup for our pancakes, well, he’s drooling … Continue reading

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