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Meals from yesteryear

We had a very simple meal today, pork chop, fresh green beans, carrots, and home-grown potatoes. The taste buds were working overtime as I remembered our veg patch which contained potatoes, onions, tomatoes, runner beans and peas. We’d tried growing … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow?

I am not a gardener which was once proved when I dug up some lovely blue flowers on a verge for my Mum to be told they were weeds, albeit very pretty ones. Trying to grow veg as a kid … Continue reading

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Carrying On

The guy who came about the cooker was a chancer, wanting something for next to nothing, expecting us to fall for his implication that he’d be doing us a favour taking it off our hands. From the pictures he showed … Continue reading

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Oh to shop the old fashioned way

In days not long past you could go into a shop and purchase the very thing you were after off the shelf. Not now. The Internet and On-Line shopping has killed the need for stock to be held in the … Continue reading

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Tom goes on holiday

Meet Tom Tom is an eighty something boater who pops down to the marina every week in the warmer months and stays a few days to chat with anyone he can find to listen. We recommended the doughnuts from one … Continue reading

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Update on our veg project. Not exactly what we had been hoping. In fact, a complete disappointment. Our onions rotted in the soil, as did our garlic, and the dwarf green beans were almost invisible, producing a yield of a … Continue reading

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Sunday, One Day

Thank you to my UK viewer today. I have finally managed to get onto the internet and check my reader, and there you are, my Darling. It’s been a funny day actually. With our WIFI down first thing, we decided … Continue reading

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Big Brother

Good morning All! Big Brother has worked his magic and we finally have a new spurt of growth on the tomato plant to the extent of 3 new tomatoes! Yay!! Big Brother.

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How does your garden grow?

Fred has not been doing his job and was facing redundancy/replacement. However, knowing the employment rules, you cannot make someone redundant and hire a replacement, unless of course you change the job description. This is Fred with his chocolate wages … Continue reading

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Flooring Update

Funny how when you go looking for something in particular you can never find it, but come across something else you were after some time ago. I said here that our flooring problem would hopefully be sorted by the end … Continue reading

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