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Tom goes on holiday

Meet Tom Tom is an eighty something boater who pops down to the marina every week in the warmer months and stays a few days to chat with anyone he can find to listen. We recommended the doughnuts from one … Continue reading

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Update on our veg project. Not exactly what we had been hoping. In fact, a complete disappointment. Our onions rotted in the soil, as did our garlic, and the dwarf green beans were almost invisible, producing a yield of a … Continue reading

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Sunday, One Day

Thank you to my UK viewer today. I have finally managed to get onto the internet and check my reader, and there you are, my Darling. It’s been a funny day actually. With our WIFI down first thing, we decided … Continue reading

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Big Brother

Good morning All! Big Brother has worked his magic and we finally have a new spurt of growth on the tomato plant to the extent of 3 new tomatoes! Yay!! Big Brother.

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How does your garden grow?

Fred has not been doing his job and was facing redundancy/replacement. However, knowing the employment rules, you cannot make someone redundant and hire a replacement, unless of course you change the job description. This is Fred with his chocolate wages … Continue reading

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Flooring Update

Funny how when you go looking for something in particular you can never find it, but come across something else you were after some time ago. I said here that our flooring problem would hopefully be sorted by the end … Continue reading

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Getting Floored

Now that the portholes are finished, the matter of flooring has raised its head again and we are investigating alternatives to the cushion floor which is laid at the moment. There is absolutely nothing wrong with cushion flooring, IF it … Continue reading

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Project Porthole

As everyone has seen in the movies, most boats have portholes. Pictures: our bedroom complete with metal trimmed portholes. Our boat has four portholes with opening tops, 2 oblong windows with opening tops and sliding sides in the kitchen, and … Continue reading

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Veg project update

Bet you thought I’d forgotten, or worse, things hadn’t worked out and we’d shelved the idea. Well, you know what it’s like wanting and waiting for things to grow. I remember the lad next door to us on the council … Continue reading

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Veg project part 5

Our neighbours have been showing an avid interest in Hubby’s artwork since he finished the first bucket. This has now had a coat of varnish and looks absolutely great. OK, we haven’t planted anything yet, but I have to show … Continue reading

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