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Hubby finally has his Shed

Thursday 4th November The weather was not being kind, but at least the wind had dropped, so shortly after breakfast, we donned our yellow outfits and got outside to set to work. Tweaking the slabs wasn’t as bad as we … Continue reading

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A Bitter Pill perhaps

These past few days have seen me checking out a few things in readiness for this post. You might like to have a recap of the latter part on Monday’s post to get an idea. I know I prattle on … Continue reading

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Pleased to be tired

I haven’t been in here much today but think I’ve caught up with all comments and pingbacks. It’s been a long day. We started around 9am, had lunch just after midday, then didn’t stop again until gone 5. Office work … Continue reading

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CB or not CB, that is the question

When Hubby mentioned getting a new CB set, I was all for it. Everything was duly ordered, and arrived in good time. Since then, it has been a learning curve due to my naivety. My only dealings with CB was … Continue reading

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It was different……..

In my earlier Today is………….. post I said our time was our own and we wouldn’t be doing very much. Well, the paper flowers weren’t experimented with, a little bit of shopping was done, the chili and pasta didn’t work … Continue reading


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They’ve landed!

If anyone was watching through our back gate today, they would have seen aliens at work in the rain. The pair of us were very colourful as we donned not only our yellows, but pink rubber gloves and blue plastic … Continue reading

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And what will the Easter Bunny bring you?

DIY. Hubby likes a project, and the state of the kitchen has been getting him down, even more so since we replaced the fridge freezer in February. It’s been on the cards for a few months and I’ve been squirreling … Continue reading

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In chains

When Hubby installed the water butt, he connected it to the down pipe (sadly there wasn’t one where we had originally intended to put it) and fed the hose through the gate jamb at the necessary height. Sadly it lost … Continue reading

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Weights, measures, tins and glue

Hubby is building a boat. Not a narrow boat like we used to have, but a model boat to play with putter on the park lake, which is naturally, a boating lake. We shall ignore the ‘Privately owned boats not … Continue reading

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Grass isn’t just greener

It’s longer, and over ankle-deep so even at this time of year, we have to do something positive else we won’t be able to do anything without hiring a rotavator or a professional. The little strimmer that Hubby purchased shortly … Continue reading

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