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Phone Pics 6th October

I was brushing my hair this morning after my shower and Hubby decided to take a picture of it. I cut off about an inch a few weeks ago to tidy it up a bit, and my rogue streaks on … Continue reading

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Snapping away

We had a lovely walk this morning, not going as far as we’d intended as we stopped to chat with several people and get puppy fixes by the score. We’d taken the cameras today, Hubby manning the Nikon and me … Continue reading

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Pretty Pink

I have often mentioned the beautiful garden we have up the road which is always well tended and a riot of colour. Photos: top 2021, bottom right 2018 and left 2020 Passing by on our walk yesterday, I noticed some … Continue reading

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Some photos for you……….

The moon was glorious last night, a bright silver plate in the sky just on the wane. I got the Canon out and took some pictures, most of which actually came out! Here are a few: In order not to … Continue reading

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Carnival Day: Grand Finale

The Spitfire from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight was due to fly past at 4pm. When we first moved to Lincolnshire in 2007, we were about 3 miles up the road from the BBMF, so it was wonderful to … Continue reading

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Carnival Day: The costumes

So much work went into making it a wonderful day. The kids were having a terrific time, and the dancers were too:

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The Beach on Carnival Day

I took almost 100 pictures at the carnival yesterday, so will be posting a selection in various posts rather than all in one. Don’t worry, a lot didn’t come out very well!! This was the beach as the parade was … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday #2: Sentimental Pictures

Lauren is our host this week as she alternates with Maggie. Today‚Äôs subject: Sentimental Pictures What pictures were you gifted? Did you ask for them or was the gift a surprise? What did you decide to do with the pictures? … Continue reading

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Eye of the Peacock

The butterflies were back on the buddlieah this afternoon so I grabbed the Nikon to take some pictures as the peacock was in full stretch. I knew by the time I’d unlocked the Canon it would be too late, however, … Continue reading

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Just a couple of random shots………

Our buddlieah bush didn’t do very much last year after we’d moved it from our compost box the year before. Photos 2018 We have noticed that every other buddlieah bush in the area is purple, whereas our is white, so … Continue reading

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