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Weekend Sky 7th January

The sky came over a bright dusty gold a little over an hour ago. It was quite surreal, so I got the camera and took these through the side window. It was chucking it down with rain. Using a different … Continue reading

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A matter of breeding

I took these this morning and sent them to her breeder. She should be very proud. Our girlie all grown up.

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Last Day of 2022

It was raining first thing but the day is so mild, we’ve been able to turn the heating off. Our dekkies have been put away and all ornaments removed from the shelfing which was then dusted and ornaments replaced.  It … Continue reading

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Weekend Sky: Christmas Weekend 2022

Hammad Rais is our host for the Weekend Sky prompt. Tomorrow is Christmas Day, but I doubt I will be up early to take photos of the dawn. Welcome to the sunrise on Christmas morning 2018.

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Throwback Thursday #68 Snapshots of Your Life

This week’s prompt from Lauren is: Snapshots of Your Life Many people have accomplished magnificent things in their lives. You most likely have photo memories of those times. Today, I’d like you to think back to the entire movie of … Continue reading

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Just curious : Moon shots

I have taken a lot of pictures of the moon with my new camera. I am not particularly knowledgeable about the planets and night sky, though I can find Orion’s Belt, Cassiopeia, the North Star and The Big Dipper on … Continue reading

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Weekend Sky #82

Hammad Rais is our host and this is my contribution. Hubby took the picture so I don’t know exactly when, just that it was this month and before my pictures of the last full moon.

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The Last Full Moon of 2022

I let the dog out a little while ago, and the moon was spectacular, so I grabbed the camera and took these. Apparently, it is known as The Cold Moon as it is the last full moon of the year.

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Garden Centre Photos 2022

The garden centre have done things a little differently this year and all of their Christmas displays are at the back of the shop. Maya was quite fascinated by the singing deer and the donkey. Enjoy.

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Weekend Sky 3rd December

Hammad Rais is our host and I took these on Nov 30th. I let the dog out in the evening and this is what I saw just beginning to dip in the sky behind the house roofs at the back … Continue reading

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