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I dream

I dream of green, Fields and trees, Skies of blue, A whispering breeze. I dream of song, Birds in harmony, Buzz of bees, Nature’s melody. I dream of warmth, The love you give So freely and true, My reason to … Continue reading

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Pensive Thoughts

I said in my ‘Today Is………. ‘ post earlier that I hadn’t slept very well. In fact, when I did finally get to sleep, it was to dream of park benches, concrete and the memory of my Mum. I woke … Continue reading

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The Last Journey

We had a funeral in our road today, well, just around the corner. The old lady was 80 and she and her husband celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary this year. The family had a big party planned, but COVID ruined … Continue reading

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Memories of snuggles

I was reading this post and it brought back memories of the cottage and the bungalow in Poole. When Maggie was a pup, she slept in a cage at night, though the cage was in our bedroom so she knew … Continue reading

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Not quite what I thought

When Hubby decided he was going for this operation to sort out his reflux, he’d done a lot of research beforehand. The way his case has been handled leaves much to be desired, but it’s done now and we are … Continue reading

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Today is Wednesday 30th September

Time for me to take some time out. Don’t worry, I’m just going to take a step or two back and have a breather. These past few days have been draining, my concentration has gone for a bucket of chalk, … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesday: September 29th, 2020

It’s Tuesday and time for Frank’s Truthful Tuesday post. You can find out more here This week’s question: What are your thoughts on trick-or-treating this year? Should Halloween be “canceled”, or should it be allowed to go on as normal. … Continue reading

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A bit of self indulgence…………

There are times when I could (and do) swear and curse when things go wrong. Times when I want to throw my toys out of the pram, even throw myself on the floor and have a proper tantrum, or burst … Continue reading

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Peace and Tranquillity

Dawn beckons, Eyes open, Quiet time. No tinnitus, No noise, Peaceful Tranquillity. Most unusual This silence, Total, precise, Darkness lingers. Close eyes, Mind drifts, Even breathing. Shuttered dreams, Smokey images, Restful sleep, Peace found. Hours later Consciousness surfaces, Lying comfortably, … Continue reading

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I hear the sound………….

of distant Karaoke. And it was BAD!!! Sitting out on the drive this afternoon chatting to my neighbour so that we could still socialise although Hubby is in isolation (he stayed indoors), we could hear loud music and wondered if … Continue reading

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