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Sunday Poser # 55

Sadje is our hostess for the Sunday Posers. You can find out more and join in here I am grateful for a lot of things, but right at this very moment I am grateful to the guy sitting opposite me … Continue reading

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Today is Saturday 14th August

It is a cool and refreshing day here on the East coast. After a later breakfast because I slept in until 8 o’clock, we went for a walk. We try to socially distance and avoid people we don’t know, always … Continue reading

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Grockles go home!

They are everywhere like an irritating rash, popping up like zits and getting in yer face as well as in your way. We made the mistake of going shopping after we failed to get the paint we wanted for touching … Continue reading

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Losing One’s Way: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
When you lose a parent or partner, their loss is felt more than just on a personal level. Like a web, they are the common thread holding things together. Take that thread away, then the structure…

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For Sue

Like so many, I am saddened to learn that our friend and WP colleague has passed away. Though we all knew it was inevitable, it still comes as a heavy blow. We never met, other than the comments sections on … Continue reading

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Headline: Kids in Care

As many of my readers are aware, I was a foster parent for four years in the 1980s. It was one of the few good things to come out of my relationship during that time. When Hubby and I got … Continue reading

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People watching 27th January

This is something I haven’t done for a while as to be honest, we’ve been too intent doing what has to be done and getting back to base as soon as possible. I used to enjoy people watching as we’d … Continue reading

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A couple of headline snippets

As everyone in the UK is aware, trying to obtain practical PPE is difficult here. Hubby prefers FFP3 /P98 masks as it provides 98% protection against contagions, but has been unable to get any for months. The one-use disposable items … Continue reading

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Who was your favourite Bond?

For me, Sean Connery was the one and only true James Bond, and I was saddened to read of his death today, aged 90. The cause has not yet been released, though the report said he had been ill for … Continue reading

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You couldn’t make this up……………………

It has been our nightmare, the phone call from the hospital to say Hubby’s Op has been cancelled. The phone rang this afternoon just before 1pm and I answered.  I recognised the number before she said who was calling and … Continue reading

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