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Background, Camping Chronicles 1

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Like most kids growing up, we liked to ‘camp’ outside. In the early days, our tent was a couple of towels draped over Mum’s wooden clothes horse on its side and a blanket on the ground,…

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Hello Campers! a reblog

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This week I’m posting a series covering my childhood experience and those in later life. Although things never worked out quite the way we wanted or expected them to, we learned something along the way and…

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Moon, Jupiter and Venus 23rd February

We read today that the Crescent Moon, Jupiter and Venus would be perfectly aligned this evening between 6pm and 7pm. We were lucky and once we realised the moon would be at the back of the house now and not … Continue reading

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Pictures to finish the day

I took these last week early in the morning when I was letting the dog out. The sky changed from pink to grey/purple, but the moon was on the wane and quite prominent in the sky. Enjoy.  

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The sky tonight

I have just taken these pictures from our back garden with the Canon. Thought you might enjoy them. Linking in to Hammad’s Weekend Sky #72

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Maya today, 18th March

Well, we have had our baby girl three weeks now and can see how she’s grown. The above were taken by our neighbour on March 9th. These are today’s

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Sunset 2nd February

Thought you’d like to see these photos I took of the night sky from our back garden yesterday.

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Young Love: a reblog for Valentine’s Day

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I have never lived alone. Even when my marriage failed and a following relationship went belly up, I had somewhere to go, someone to care, someone to help pick up the pieces. I have also written…

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A short story for you

Written as a three part 99 word challenge some years ago, I sent this to my great niece as she loves unicorns. I am also using the same image as the original 99 word challenge. Legend has it that the … Continue reading

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A Walk on the beach 16th December

We had a fantastic walk on the beach a couple of days ago, and I’ve just got round to viewing the photos we took. You might remember early last month I posted about the sand all being stacked up whilst … Continue reading

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