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The Man in the Window

Think of us as we find our feet in our new home and how long it will take us to find ‘that bench; for ‘that cup of coffee’ to people watch as we did here! Advertisements

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What came first, the telly or the sofa?

Reblog: Seeing as we don’t have either, this could be a challenge in our new house!

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What-eF-er is he on?????????????

Having just heard Donald Trump on TV after yesterday’s attack on Parson’s Green tube station, I feel compelled to comment. When he was voted into power, I honestly thought his business mind approach could be a good thing to wake … Continue reading

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Debt Spiral, yours or not?

As I sit here with the TV on, watching the adverts interspersed with an occasional programme, I am amazed at how the viewer is being bombarded with credit card applications, quick fix loans, and a variety of funeral plans. Personally, … Continue reading

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£ for lb

Note: This is my personal opinion: As with any weight loss programme, seek medical advice prior to starting. I have just watched a TV show about diets. There is big money in the diet business, and this programme proved it, … Continue reading

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How do you perceive it? Greed as in stuffing your face silly with food, or financial greed from the Utility Companies, Banks or private enterprise? Bus fares rise because fewer people are using the service. Perhaps fewer people are using … Continue reading

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Chinese Chicken, all fall down

We had a chinese last night as we were late getting back to the B&B. Usual stuff, sweet and sour chicken balls in batter and boiled rice. We ate it in the car having asked for two containers as I … Continue reading

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