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Do you believe the price tag?

SEVENTY FIVE QUID For a pair of ‘jeans’ that have no backside or front, and the knickers are not part of the deal. How can they be comfortable (let alone anything else) ? Images from google re TVs ‘Loose Women’, … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

I’d just put the soup on (day 4 and our final portion) when there was a knock at the door. Our inherited doorbell doesn’t work and has been taped over until Hubby can find a blanking plate for it, and … Continue reading

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First and last thousand

Reading in the media yesterday about the Government’s Benefit Helpline being closed over the Christmas holidays just when claimants will need it most with changes coming into force this week, made me think about money, past and present. When I … Continue reading

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I’m not envious, but……………….

I am gobsmacked. Our beloved¬† Chancellor has announced his Budget today and in a bid to get the property market moving the main headline is STAMP DUTY ABOLISHED FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS up to ¬£300,000. For those of you not … Continue reading

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Ads the way to do it

Or not. The most annoying thing about TV is the adverts. Programmes seem to be split into fifteen minute segments and just as you’re getting back into the swing of the storyline, bingo, another ad break. It’s the same ads … Continue reading

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Friday Headline

Warning: Dog Cruelty Headlines like this make me absolutely furious (source) Prison would destroy his life would it? Tough. Prison is too good for him anyway. I cannot understand how anyone can do this to an animal. We are supposed … Continue reading

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A Dog for Christmas revisited

One of the headlines in the newspages today is about illegal Puppy Farms getting their stock in for Christmas. In my opinion, they should all be shut down and anyone remotely suspicious this is going on should report it. The … Continue reading

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