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Cutting a new cloth

Hubby read this post this morning and knew I would immediately want to follow it up. We are always looking for ways to save money, and the first port of call is to see where your money actually goes. Keeping … Continue reading

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That smarts!

I mentioned this morning about an email waiting for us which we needed to address before going to bed last night. Neither of us were happy about the outcome and being backed into a corner for something we do not … Continue reading

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Headline comment: can you believe it?

I saw this yesterday and shook my head in disbelief (source). Every bride-to-be wants a day to remember, but I have to ask if this is a legitimate report about someone who has no sense of monetary value, or a … Continue reading

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Talking about Depression

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess offers some insightful questions (two) about mental health aspects and one or two pictures for her challenge.   Okay Beckie’s Questions: Prompt #1 Questions: There are so many varieties of depression out there, such as … Continue reading

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Does ‘it’ make me look FAT?

Melanie at sparksfromacombustiblemind posted a response to Beckie’s prompt, and I was tempted to as well as I could identify with the picture, but I got engrossed in other things ‘off-blog’. This is the prompt (the link didn’t work for … Continue reading

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A passing comment…………

from Laura at (and designer of the new One Liner Wednesday badge) about food looking pretty in response to my effort this week jogged my memory for this! Many moons ago (and I mean A LOT so before I … Continue reading

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A snippet

I read on Yahoo news yesterday that riding an electric scooter is apparently illegal. The picture showed something like a moped. Looking out of the window a little while ago, a husband and wife team were coming down the road. … Continue reading

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