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Another gentle giant

Walking in town yesterday, we spotted a couple walking their two dogs. I recognised the german shepherd, but the other breed was unknown to me. Well, you know what I’m like, so I crossed over and asked. I got nuzzled … Continue reading

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Old and Tired

I feel my blog has got stale as I’m running out of ideas and relying too much on prompts for posts. Time to re-evaluate and get some more originality! I’ve been out with the camera today and taken a few … Continue reading

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It’s coming…………….

We went to the garden centre the other day as Hubby wanted some weedkiller for the back lawn because the yellow satellites are making their unwelcome presence felt. Inside was a hive of activity, but there wasn’t much on display. … Continue reading

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Headline comment: 20 sept

When I saw this headline this morning, I immediately thought of ‘Susan’, the money grabbing bride of my post Headline : Bride cancels her wedding after guests refuse to pay for it Here we go to a more practical view, though … Continue reading

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Headline : Bride cancels her wedding after guests refuse to pay for it

WTF? I really saw red at this!!!! A couple of years after I first married (1977), a work colleague showed me his wedding list. Washing machine, cooker, tumble dryer, fridge freezer, lawn mower, colour TV, video player, to name … Continue reading

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News Headline Comment: 17 Sept

Hubby loves me, as I do him. I know that. I don’t question it, it’s a given. He has a nickname for me, as I do him. That nickname is endearing and he refers to me a lot as such … Continue reading

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I am SOOOOOO out of touch

Hubby and I are ticking along quite nicely thank you. All of our expenditure is budgeted for and we meet the bills, keep warm, are well fed and get by, and for that I am grateful. Time for a rant. … Continue reading

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