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Plan of attack last 7 days.

One of the key words in my ‘chat’ at group last week was planning. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that normally when we plan anything it always goes belly up, however, with Slimming World, planning your meals is half the … Continue reading

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Marina wildlife

I miss the wildlife we use to see at close quarters on the marina, and a little while ago whilst walking the dog for her final wee, I noticed one of the swans sitting on a nest. By all accounts, … Continue reading

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Advertisement Prompt

First and foremost, I am NOT knocking charity, but following a train of thought that could provide more money for a worthy cause. Anyone following my blog will know I am a doggie person. I love dogs, no matter what … Continue reading

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Headline prompt

This was a headline that Hubby brought to my attention this morning. “Little girl left in tears after nobody turned up to birthday………… “source Daily Mirror People can be so unkind, thoughtless and ignorant. This is not the first time … Continue reading

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A Hubby’s View

Hubby met me from my SW group last night and as he waited in the foyer area, he listened in. When it had finished, I came out and told him about my gain, though I wasn’t too worried as it … Continue reading

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Did you give up anything for Lent?

With it being Easter Sunday tomorrow, Lent will officially be over. There has been a fair bit in the media about the word Easter being dropped from Easter Eggs, Easter Biscuits and Easter holidays because some found it offensive. Already … Continue reading

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Going to Pot

No, I’m not about to hit the wacky baccy, but I am growing increasingly tired of the current state of affairs. Hubby and I have lived in a variety of properties, and at the end of our ‘tenure’ have always … Continue reading

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