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Interesting times……….

I’m having a touch of deja vu, having received a letter from my building society on Friday informing me that the pittance interest rate on my savings account is being reduced to 0.50%  as from June 1st. Hang on, we’re … Continue reading

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Field Trip 16 June

I woke up this morning extremely low and depressed. Hubby asked me what was wrong and I replied nothing, I was just feeling down. I can’t explain it, as I’d slept pretty well and nothing (other than the usual) is … Continue reading

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Headline eye catcher 11 June

This caught my eye as I was checking my emails this morning. History of the Yugo (link) All I can say is what a load of twaddle. “The car was slow, crawling to 60 mph in 14 seconds and topping … Continue reading

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Surgery chaos again

Hubby had a phone call from the doctor’s surgery yesterday asking him to arrange for a blood test today. Hubby said this wouldn’t be a problem as he had an INR check scheduled for today so could tack it on … Continue reading

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You either love it or hate it

No, I’m not talking about Marmite. Eurovision! Years ago, I would be able to tell you who won, what the UK entry was and who sung it. The UK first won in 1967 with a barefoot Sandie Shaw’s Puppet on … Continue reading

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Don’t be caught by this Easter Bunny

Hubby and I have found the perfect ‘diet’ chocolate. We were in a shop yesterday looking for dog food amongst other things, and came out with some seedling trays for our beans and tomatoes, said dog food, some bin liners, … Continue reading

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The Cost of The Beast from the East on your shop

Our supermarket deliveries are more or less back to normal and as expected, additional costs have been incurred due to the recent bad weather. According to the ONS (source) inflation in the UK for January stood at 2.17%. Looking at … Continue reading

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