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Taking Advantage

On the subject of curious thought, here’s another one that is perhaps not so pleasant. Our neighbour recently had some work done at her house, which included the removal of two trees from her back garden, the tarmacing of her … Continue reading

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Just Curious

Whilst I am extremely pleased at my number of followers and the interest taken in my blog, I am somewhat curious as to why so many marketing sites, media news, video training, sports, fashion, discounts and dentist ‘followers’ are interested … Continue reading

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Seeing double

We have been here two years now and we have never seen so many double rainbows anywhere. Rainbows have always held a certain magic for me and not because I want to go off searching for that elusive crock of … Continue reading

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The other afternoon we were walking through the park, and I noticed an unusually marked goose. I took some pictures with my phone, but couldn’t see the screen due to the sun (I find this a lot), so I pointed … Continue reading

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Dogs…………… with permission of course

There were plenty of dogs at the carnival today, including Maggie who was content to sit on the sidelines and watch with Hubby. Across the way, I spied this chap and up on the prom, these two: They are related, … Continue reading

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Memories of Dad

Every day when we walk the dog round the block, we pass a tree laden, no GROANING, with elderberries. These pictures were taken with my phone last night, but don’t begin to give you an idea of just how much … Continue reading

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Observation: 15th September

Just a thought: has anyone noticed some subtle changes in the colour on WP lately? My stats have got a brighter blue column on views, (maybe they were in on Linda’s SoCS this week) and the current day is orange … Continue reading

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