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Cheeper to keep chickens?

When we lived in the cottage, we were given five ex-battery hens and a henhouse as a house warming gift. After a while, we wondered if it was a practical joke as apart from the benefit of eggs, the chickens … Continue reading

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Sketches to warm your heart

I had my pension newsletter the other day and this picture was in it. The narrative is part of Her Majesty’s Covid speech: ‘We will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again, we will meet … Continue reading

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A local Tribute to Our Queen

We were driving to one of the larger towns the other day when Hubby spotted this. He took the pictures with his phone which have come out pretty well. We thought it was a wonderful tribute and use of a … Continue reading

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I saw the Queen today: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Spring is here. I know this not only because my back lawn has a carpet of snow drops and the daffodils are coming up along the road sides, but because I saw the Queen today. Picture…

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How to save £270

You need to read this first as this post is a product review. As I said in the above linked post, there was nothing wrong with the suck on Henry, but he was not picking up the dog hairs. Not … Continue reading

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How typical: the Government missing the point.

I have a Monday Peeve Paula! I have just read this and shake my head in disbelief. No need to cut energy use and no risk of winter blackouts, No 10 tells public (source) As a light user consumer, the … Continue reading

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Weasel or Stoat

On our travels along country roads recently, we had seen the scurrying of squirrels, weasels and stoats across our path, and so far have not contributed to the road kill that is sadly still apparent. We were a little anxious … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive

A little under a year ago, we replaced our electric oven with a gas hob and fan oven. Having a gas hob again had us investing in a separate gas monitor to the carbon monoxide monitor already on the door … Continue reading

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Wish they’d updated their website!!!

As we were sitting in the lounge after lunch, we heard a rather meaty engine in the skies and looked at our watches. Only 1.30, so not the Dakota, but we went outside when we realised it was the Hurricane … Continue reading

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Film Review: Fast and Furious 9

Well, we had the other 8 so why not? I’d put off buying this as I’d read that it ended on a cliff hanger (think Kill Bill and Back to the Future 2)  so was waiting for F&F10, but it … Continue reading

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