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Do we love anyone enough………………

It’s Valentine’s Day, when the price of red roses rockets and Slush is in the air. On Monday, I saw a rather dishevelled young man digging around in his wallet for a ten pound note to pay for a nice … Continue reading

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What is NOT happening today

In January, Hubby was sent a hospital appointment but with other things going on at the time, he decided to reschedule and they gave him the 11th February instead. We drove up to the hospital last month to get his … Continue reading

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A change is a foot…….. or a few yards

It’s been a funny day. Hubby and I both woke up around 2.40 this morning cold and shivering. His teeth were chattering and my feet were cold. Maggie was also chilled, so I covered her with the throwover and we … Continue reading

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It’s that ‘Right Said Fred’ moment

I was sitting in the car one day while Hubby was filling up with fuel and watching the delivery of a sofa to a flat above one of the shops opposite. It wasn’t that big a sofa, but then it … Continue reading

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Reading, Learning and Adapting

I read a post from Fandango this morning which drew out the number cruncher in me and got my mind thinking. I’m a windbag, gasbag, chatterbox, aka I talk a lot. Or at least I used to. At school, I … Continue reading

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Keeping Tabs on Oil

We read with dismay that the odourless garlic capsules I have been buying to keep my blood pressure in check have been discontinued. I used to buy 180 capsules for £1.89, so am glad I purchased two tubs the last … Continue reading

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Woodland memories

It’s been a beautiful day today, too sunny and pleasant to stay in, so we decided to have a field trip. When we lived in Lincolnshire before, we drove some 7 miles or so every day to a plantation and … Continue reading

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