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Avenue Walk observations

I walked Maggie round the Avenue yesterday evening and remembered to take my camera as there are some lovely flowers and a tree in blossom that will shortly lose their beauty.   I think this is a magnolia tree. It … Continue reading

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Scattery Days

Saturdays are usually a bit up and down, round and about, in and out days, hence ‘Scatter’ or ‘Scattery’ Days. Today we went into Boston looking for ferrules for Hubby’s sticks as his are almost through the rubber, even with … Continue reading

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Crow’s Nest

We’ve all seen them, the nests at the top of spindly trees, and it is said that if the crows build their nest at the highest possible point, then we’re in for a hot summer. Looking out of the kitchen … Continue reading

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Treat Time

We have an appointment and some running round to do today, so I’ve scheduled a couple of posts until we get back which will probably be late in the afternoon. Yesterday was a totally glorious day in the true sense … Continue reading

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Flattening Sandcastles

Hubby, Maggie and I have had two beach walks today, both of which have been damn cold but enlightening. We’re expecting a high tide tonight, but the highest is due tomorrow. March’s Blue Moon won’t occur until the 31st. This … Continue reading

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Don’t be caught by this Easter Bunny

Hubby and I have found the perfect ‘diet’ chocolate. We were in a shop yesterday looking for dog food amongst other things, and came out with some seedling trays for our beans and tomatoes, said dog food, some bin liners, … Continue reading

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Beach combing

‘She sells sea shells on the sea shore’ was a tongue twister my speech therapist gave me to master as a child. She also threw in ‘Sister Susie’s sewing shirts for soldiers’ come to think of it, but I’m concentrating … Continue reading

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