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Oh bummer

Looks like I’m on the new writer block.Great……………… notWhere the hell are all my tags???

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Double Whammy October 1st

Everyone knows how much I love rainbows, and we get more than our fair share of doubles here. They don’t last very long though, but this afternoon I was lucky to get a few pictures of this one before it … Continue reading

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Funny goings on……….

I am having a few problems accessing posts in my reader. I’ve refreshed my page, done the turn it off and on again, but to no avail……….. I have a lot of posts at the bottom of my reader that … Continue reading

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What came first, the telly or the sofa?: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Reblog: Seeing as we don’t have either, this could be a challenge in our new house! Interesting observations on my walk this morning with the dog, but first I’ll take you back almost forty years to…

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A new treasure for our shelf of memories

Hubby found this on a post yesterday. Nobody was around, there were no cars in the car park, and he thought it was so lovely, we brought it home. Apparently it is part of a new idea called Love on … Continue reading

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Flight of the Fairies

Do you believe in Fairies? At the moment they’re everywhere, twisting and turning in the breeze, thousands of them.   I always called them fairies, and would handle them gently as if they were made of the finest glass. As … Continue reading

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Baffled R Us

Shopping today has been a successful trip, but the experience a little bemusing. To clarify the title of this post, I’ll start at the end of our shopping triathlon as this was where it occurred. I was sitting in the … Continue reading

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Roses are blooming……… again!

After last year’s confused showing, our rose bushes are going great guns. We have had two showings off all three, and our Peace rose is in bloom with a third. The first flowers were tinged with pink I took these … Continue reading

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What to do with ‘bits’ of veg

Have you ever wondered what to do with the small pieces of frozen veg like cauliflower and broccoli that aren’t small enough to throw away but too small to be put on a dinner plate as a side? Bake………. or … Continue reading

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I am getting SOOOOO angry!

I gave her the benefit of the doubt in the beginning. Felt sorry for her even with the tabloid interviews with the family from hell. But I am sick and tired of seeing her name in the headlines as she … Continue reading

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