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Saturday walk 10th November

Maggie and I were up first this morning. It was a beautiful day, such a contrast to the heavy rain and wind we had during the night, but we have discovered this since our time here, so I wasn’t exactly … Continue reading

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Frosty frosty!

Jack has arrived in force. Last night, the gritter lorries were out, and this morning when I let the dog out at 7 am, the car was covered in ice. The bin men were beginning their rounds, the early one … Continue reading

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An unfamiliar sight:

Hands up those of us who remember the daily pinta delivered to your door in the early hours by the milkman? My milko in Bath never missed a day, regardless of the weather, and whilst it was not my norm … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes: 7th October

Yesterday, it persisted down all day, was chilly, and we had the heating running. Today we awoke to calmer skies and lovely sunshine. So much so, that after breakfast we decided to have a walk along the beach and let … Continue reading

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Observation: Stats

I learned a long time ago that high viewing stats were all very nice but not as nice as regular likes and comments. In 2015,  WP changed the way views were calculated and my viewing stats plummeted by over a … Continue reading

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Waists and measures

I was curious, so in the kitchen today as I was preparing our main meal I got the scales out. This is 30g of cheddar cheese,  your SW daily B option choice or 6 syns. This is the same amount … Continue reading

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Another gentle giant

Walking in town yesterday, we spotted a couple walking their two dogs. I recognised the german shepherd, but the other breed was unknown to me. Well, you know what I’m like, so I crossed over and asked. I got nuzzled … Continue reading

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