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Another gentle giant

Walking in town yesterday, we spotted a couple walking their two dogs. I recognised the german shepherd, but the other breed was unknown to me. Well, you know what I’m like, so I crossed over and asked. I got nuzzled … Continue reading

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Season’s Over

It’s so hard to believe that a little over a week ago we had glorious sunshine, hot sunny days and stuffy nights. Last night, the wind was so high, I honestly didn’t think we’d have our beans or remaining tomato … Continue reading

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It’s coming…………….

We went to the garden centre the other day as Hubby wanted some weedkiller for the back lawn because the yellow satellites are making their unwelcome presence felt. Inside was a hive of activity, but there wasn’t much on display. … Continue reading

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Spot the difference: answers

Here’s the original picture from an hour or so ago: Ignoring the dust ( 😉 ) and the fact that some of the files have fallen over, here are the differences I was referring to: The touch lamp we bought … Continue reading

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All Change : 8th September 2018.

I think we’ve had our Summer now as I am reaching for my jumper and wearing a coat when taking Maggie out! We knew the East Coast would be colder than what we were used to, but perhaps no so … Continue reading

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It’s been a long day 6th Sept 2018

I didn’t sleep well last night, but not because it was a strange bed, traffic noise, unfamiliar surroundings, or being over tired. My knee hurt and I couldn’t get comfortable, so I tossed and turned in the single bed whilst … Continue reading

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Ding Dong, he got that wrong!

We were out this morning doing boring things like shopping whilst the house was being fogged. We wanted to be back by the early afternoon knowing Maggie’s Capstar tablets were due to be delivered and also to have our main … Continue reading

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