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In the clear

We were up early this morning so that we could take Maya for a walk before taking her round to our friend who was going to look after her for us while we went to the hospital for Hubby’s appointment … Continue reading

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Price hikes, again!

I had a little bit of shopping to do today and took the time to have a look round the shelves to see what was available. Lots of Christmas stuff reduced by up to 50%, but I don’t want any … Continue reading

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The dehumidifier hack Part 2

A few days ago, I wrote this post about using a dehumidifier to help dry our laundry indoors. Readers may also be interested in this article (source) about them today. I can now follow up with some costing figures if … Continue reading

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Home Territory

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See photoprompt challenge. Image credit; Whoisbenjamin@Unsplash For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a rock formation extending into water in the shape of a portal/ doorway. This is very familiar!

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Friday 9th December

Oh boy, was it cold this morning! We’d had a severe frost and the car was white. Maya was not impressed getting her toes chilled at 5.30 and again at 8am. Hubby’s INR appointment was at 9.40 so we were … Continue reading

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Friday Faithfuls: Inflation

Jim Adams is our host and you can read his interesting post here For Friday Faithfuls I would like to know how inflation is affecting your life. Who does inflation hit the hardest? Do you find it despicable that greedy … Continue reading

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Upping the up

You’re probably getting fed up with these sorts of posts, but I bet not half as fed up as I am with rising prices every time I shop. Last week it was gingernuts, which incidentally are now back in stock … Continue reading

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Monday Peeve 28th November

I voiced a peeve on Saturday over gingernuts¬†but it doesn’t stop there. I really must get a serious grip on the purse strings when I shop. I am usually pretty savvy and on the ball, but more of the little … Continue reading

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Caught again

Hubby is very partial to gingernut biscuits. So am I for that matter, and Maya too. We have a small tupperware type box that is ideal to hold the 30 gingernut biscuits in a packet, though we had noticed that … Continue reading

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Today is Saturday 19th November

We have been shopping and I am beginning to despair at the rise in prices of every day items. Revamping my spreadsheet and making major cutbacks is definitely necessary now and it would appear that the only time to get … Continue reading

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