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Moment of Truth

Weigh In tonight, and after Hubby’s gain in just five days, I’m curious to know if my efforts have paid off. The house scales were smiling this morning, but that doesn’t mean a thing. Also, being weighed late in the … Continue reading

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TV Inspiration

There are four TV sets here, and we are lucky to have one of them in our bedroom. Most of the time, I don’t get engrossed in a programme as nine times out of ten Hubby will start surfing and … Continue reading

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Grub Up!

As promised, I have religiously been keeping my foodsheet and diary to keep track of what I actually eat every day. I am keeping it downstairs in the kitchen so I don’t forget to update it, and can’t miss anything. … Continue reading

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Gotta look after the bees

I’ve written before about bees. You can read my offerings here, here and here. Today we were coming out of a shop in town and Hubby noticed a tired drone on the tiled entrance. Rather than leave it there to … Continue reading

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The New Office

I can understand the need for small businesses to downsize, but sometimes things go perhaps a little too far. In my banking days, staff meetings were either over breakfast in the local pub once a month or a business lunch … Continue reading

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Walk thoughts, June 1st

I haven’t done one of these for a while. After another hot and muggy night where sleep was difficult and we had a joyful concert of birdsong at 3.30, Maggie and I were out at 7am and it was wonderful. … Continue reading

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Fiery Sky

I took this photo a couple of evenings ago. Sadly I haven’t quite got the hang of night photography so my picture doesn’t capture the true colours or impact of the moment. Hopefully my poem does. Blood red fiery sky, … Continue reading

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