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Garden and greenhouse update

I’ve been taking more pictures now that we’ve got something positive to show as I was sure you wouldn’t want to see boring patches of dirt! OK then, on the window sill in the bedroom I have 10 tomato plants … Continue reading

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Camera shoot

We’ve just got back from a walk in the park. Enjoy. This proud momma had fourteen babies.

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We have just got back from a walk in the park and seen the first brood of 2020 ducklings! Mum was proudly escorting seven babies towards the island, but the problem is the water level is so low, they can’t … Continue reading

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Saw it!

Walking the dog this evening we were thrilled to see a barn owl swoop out of the park and behind the houses on our walk. We have often heard one but weren’t sure what it was. Now we know! If … Continue reading

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Welcome Visitors

It’s taken a while to get to writing this post, which in a way is actually in two halves! I walked Maggie in the park on my own this morning. As things turn out, she has only had three walks … Continue reading

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Spring’s in the air.

You might remember these fuzzy pictures I took a week or so ago when walking Maggie Well, although we don’t have this many in the park just now,¬† we do have about a dozen and this morning I noticed they … Continue reading

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Shedding Leaves

Looking out the window, Silhouettes of the night Shadow the horizon. Leaves on the trees Hang in erratic clusters, Dawn’s light teasing Between the branches, A gentle breeze Making them quiver. The silence is absolute, Nothing stirs at this hour, … Continue reading

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The Pet that wasn’t

When Hubby and I first got together, I had my GSD, Kizzy. Sadly, I lost her to mammary cancer in 1990 when she was about 10. I like to think I gave her five good years with me. Our first … Continue reading

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Seeing double

We have been here two years now and we have never seen so many double rainbows anywhere. Rainbows have always held a certain magic for me and not because I want to go off searching for that elusive crock of … Continue reading

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The other afternoon we were walking through the park, and I noticed an unusually marked goose. I took some pictures with my phone, but couldn’t see the screen due to the sun (I find this a lot), so I pointed … Continue reading

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