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First Brood!

We were told yesterday that the first brood of ducklings had arrived. After our field trip this morning, and arming myself with my Nikon camera, we set off for  a walk this afternoon in the park in the hope of … Continue reading

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Welcome Visitors: a reblog for April 2nd 2021

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
It’s taken a while to get to writing this post, which in a way is actually in two halves! I walked Maggie in the park on my own this morning. As things turn out, she has…

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Puppy Fix with a twist

We’ve just got back from our walk and I thought you would enjoy these. I apologise for the quality as they were taken with my phone and are tiny shots. We called it in and apparently the sanctuary staff had … Continue reading

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‘Fly away home…’

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
The ladybird was swimming desperately as I scooped it out, feeling that little rush of warmth at having rescued the tiny creature from a watery death. It wasn’t happy, but I placed it on…

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Today marks the publication of 11,111 posts by yours truly (this one is obviously plus one). On our walk today, we passed a garden where daffodils are raising their golden heads towards the sun, and crocuses are coming out to … Continue reading

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Black and White

No, not a police car, but a badger. We were walking the dog this evening just after 8.15 and saw a badger run across the road in front of us. Maggie didn’t see it, or if she did, chose to … Continue reading

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Flight of the Fairies

Do you believe in Fairies? At the moment they’re everywhere, twisting and turning in the breeze, thousands of them.   I always called them fairies, and would handle them gently as if they were made of the finest glass. As … Continue reading

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The crows are crawing loudly outside our lounge window. If I didn’t know better, I would think we were taking part in the opening credits of a remake of Hitchcock’s classic The Birds. Starlings and their chicks have descended on … Continue reading

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My mind is a blank

We all have days like these, when we seem to stare into space but see nothing. Hubby asked me if I was OK and I said I was fine, just feeling a little ‘detached’. We had a few games of … Continue reading

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Let’s all go to the beach

It’s the start of another beautiful weekend and we went up on the prom to see what the situation was. This was the beach on the 22nd and 23rd of May, so just a week ago. These were taken this … Continue reading

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