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Just a couple of random shots………

Our buddlieah bush didn’t do very much last year after we’d moved it from our compost box the year before. Photos 2018 We have noticed that every other buddlieah bush in the area is purple, whereas our is white, so … Continue reading

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More photos from our walk today

As I’ve said, the woods are spacious and there are so many tracks and pathways, sometimes you feel you’re entirely alone with nature. We remembered this from years ago. There wasn’t so much undergrowth in front of it then and … Continue reading

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And the dark clouds present……………….

We’ve had a fair amount of thunder today and the much needed rainfall has filled our three water butts  a treat. Watching the clouds rolling across the sky and out to sea has been very relaxing in its way, and … Continue reading

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Feathered Friends

I got some pretty good pictures of the greylag family today. There are four goslings, 2 white and 2 grey, but they are all different. As I was chatting to the geese (as I always do) snapping away with the … Continue reading

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5 Things Tuesday — Things You Love About Summer

Dr Tanya is our host for the Five Things series. I can think of five things I hate about Summer (tourists, visitors, holidaymakers, heavy traffic and the heat!) so for five I love, hm. I can have ice cream any … Continue reading

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Four furballs

Hubby and I went for a walk through the park and along the prom last night. Typically I didn’t take the camera and could have got some really good shots, without using the zoom! Coming up alongside the lake, the … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Rainbow

Rainbows are quite common here as regular readers will know. Usually the arc spans the road opposite, and if we’re lucky, we get doubles. They are always a source of magic, wonder and pleasure for me. Rainbow July 2018. Barely … Continue reading

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Bird Watching

I’m not a twitcher but over the years have got a lot of pleasure watching our feathered friends in the garden or hedges. Our lounge is at the front of our property so not only do I get to see … Continue reading

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Cottage Garden

Although we lived in the cottage for  7 years, we didn’t have what I would refer to as a cottage garden. Our frontage was laid to stone and it wasn’t until we decided to sell that we put some bedding … Continue reading

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Please join us…………..

I said earlier we were hoping to have a walk in the park and we did just that before lunch. We were out for over an hour and there were quite a lot of people about.  There were geese everywhere … Continue reading

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