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The Pet that wasn’t

When Hubby and I first got together, I had my GSD, Kizzy. Sadly, I lost her to mammary cancer in 1990 when she was about 10. I like to think I gave her five good years with me. Our first … Continue reading

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Seeing double

We have been here two years now and we have never seen so many double rainbows anywhere. Rainbows have always held a certain magic for me and not because I want to go off searching for that elusive crock of … Continue reading

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The other afternoon we were walking through the park, and I noticed an unusually marked goose. I took some pictures with my phone, but couldn’t see the screen due to the sun (I find this a lot), so I pointed … Continue reading

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Take three dogs………………..

This morning we took Maggie out for her first walk just after 9.30. It was a little overcast, so we wore our hoodies, but I ended up taking mine off as I was too hot. I took this picture on … Continue reading

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Local Vocal

I have decided that geese are inconsiderate creatures. Lovely as they are as goslings,   they poo everywhere, are greedy, and noisy! We have a ‘rather large’ flock in the park now following a successful breeding season last year when … Continue reading

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FOWC with Fandango — Cacophony

This is the only word that can describe the noise of the crows coming in to roost one evening at the plantation. It was a cacophony of the craw variety, and deafening as they all came to settle on the … Continue reading

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A different chirp

Every morning when we open the door we are greeted by a friendly sparrow welcoming in the day. He flies away, sometimes across to next door’s fence or up on to our roof, but we believe there may be a … Continue reading

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