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I saw the Queen today: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Spring is here. I know this not only because my back lawn has a carpet of snow drops and the daffodils are coming up along the road sides, but because I saw the Queen today. Picture…

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Weasel or Stoat

On our travels along country roads recently, we had seen the scurrying of squirrels, weasels and stoats across our path, and so far have not contributed to the road kill that is sadly still apparent. We were a little anxious … Continue reading

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Today’s Walk 12th February

We set off this afternoon around 1.30, walking up along the flats and then the prom towards town. The wind was picking up but as it was behind us, we didn’t get sand blown in our faces. We noticed something … Continue reading

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Weekend Sky 21st January

Hammad Rais is our host for the Weekend sky and I’m jumping the gun a bit here. The noise overhead was deafening and it took a while to get sorted with the camera. The little Nikon got some shots and … Continue reading

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Walk in the Woods 12th January

When we arrived, the car park was quiet, so we guessed we were likely to meet up with people because it always seems to work out that way. The sun through the trees was quite lovely, though I don’t think … Continue reading

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Our walk in the woods : 2nd January

The car park today was packed, and I mean PACKED. In all the years we have been to the woods, we have never known it to be as busy as it was today. I was turning the car round to … Continue reading

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Sand, Geese and a Bonsai!

We had a lovely walk along the prom this morning, and I took the Nikon to take some pictures. We set off through the park and came across a small flock of geese which included our Greylag/Canada goose family. Above … Continue reading

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Join us on our woodland walk today

It’s a lot more than an 8 mile journey now, but as it was such a nice day, we decided to go for a drive to our favourite woods and have a trip down memory lane. When we left in … Continue reading

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The ducks are back!

Some time ago, we purchased a large 25kg sack of bird seed, and the wild birds here don’t like it. The pigeons do, and as such, Portly and Breast are strutting their stuff on our bird table, one hitting the … Continue reading

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Just a couple of random shots………

Our buddlieah bush didn’t do very much last year after we’d moved it from our compost box the year before. Photos 2018 We have noticed that every other buddlieah bush in the area is purple, whereas our is white, so … Continue reading

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