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Knock On Effect (The early hours)

To continue: We had a plan today, insomuch as I was going to keep Maggie out of Hubby’s way whilst he did some more varnishing along the corridor which would get brushed with fur if she so much as looked … Continue reading

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The Early Hours

I started this post around 2.15 this morning, then deleted what I’d written and returned to bed. Trying to get to the publish stage now has been a nightmare of connections lost, no signal, no internet and limited service. Once … Continue reading

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Happy Feet

Both of us aren’t sleeping that well just now, and more or less taking it in turns to let the other have a lie in. As I was ‘coming to’ sotospeak, I heard paw steps and thought Hubby was back … Continue reading

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Carrying On

The guy who came about the cooker was a chancer, wanting something for next to nothing, expecting us to fall for his implication that he’d be doing us a favour taking it off our hands. From the pictures he showed … Continue reading

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Number Crunchin’

Interesting exercise, my spreadsheet of increases. Boats are charged by length here, width is incidental (at the moment). Narrowboat residents face increases from £92 per metre to £114 per metre. Widebeam residents face increases of £62 per metre. Percentage wise … Continue reading

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Alarming Up

We have always been thankful that unless someone steps onto our boat, Maggie doesn’t normally bark should anyone go by. This was also a godsend when we were camping, and the only time I remember her grumbling through the night … Continue reading

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Slow down, you’re writing too fast!

I had a really busy day at the keyboard yesterday, putting out seven, yes seven, posts on a variety of subjects so I hope you didn’t get too fed up with me! That’s the trouble when it’s a horrible day … Continue reading

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