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The Rose by the Window

I pulled back the drapes, Couldn’t believe my eyes, For there in the sunshine, A wondrous surprise, Blood red and blooming, A sight to behold, A beautiful rose, Despite Autumn’s cold. I hung out of the window Only half awake … Continue reading

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Share your world: October 15th

Welcome to Share Your World for the week of October 15th!  This week’s questions include some food, some whimsy, something opinion based and one just because. What’s the biggest screw up in the kitchen that you were responsible for? … Continue reading

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Good day, despite the wind

If you read my earlier post today, I mentioned I was suffering from gas (wind 1). Hubby and I still went out though, but I had that now familiar pain and reached for the antacids we keep in the car. … Continue reading

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Friday 12th October 2018

I wonder how she’s feeling this morning? I bet she’s been up since the early hours, probably cursing the weather and hoping it will at least stay dry for the photos. Will she have a good breakfast, or will she … Continue reading

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Finally got the kit out!

I’ve been meaning to make some cards for the last few days but other things have taken priority, and I think most of us would agree it’s much nicer to get out and enjoy the sunshine before the weather really … Continue reading

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Tomatoes aren’t necessarily Love Apples

It would appear that my love of tomatoes may well have been a serious contributory factor to my indigestion problems. Tomatoes are acidic, and we have already discovered that Hubby has a low tolerance to them, so I have literally … Continue reading

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Foods that are good for you: a revamped post from Oct 2013

I wrote the original post almost five years ago. You can view it here. I hadn’t been to Slimming World then, but for new readers, it will give you some background of my never-ending battle against the bulges. It’s over … Continue reading

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