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Snoops are Us

It seems that a new way of snooping on your emails has been created. Hubby has always known Google and GMail are nosey soinsos, but now Yahoo have got into bed with AOL and made OATH. Bottom line? Everything you … Continue reading

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Birthday’s Past

I found myself thinking about a relative whose birthday it was today. She was related by marriage, being the fourth wife and widow of my paternal grandfather. Mum, Dad and I lived with them for almost a year in 1972-73. … Continue reading

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Pigging out!

Our table was booked for 12.30, so we allowed ourselves plenty of time for the journey. This was just as well as there are roadworks coming out of town, and nowhere for the detour to go other than doubling back … Continue reading

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A Gorilla named Chopper

Way back in 1996, Hubby was at a loss as to what to do for my 40th birthday. He managed to book me a helicopter ride, but couldn’t arrange it for my birthday weekend, so it had to be the … Continue reading

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A notch above

The gates, trellis and posts were delivered as promised first thing this morning. We had already cemented in what I call ‘flat hat’ post holders yesterday, ensuring they were level, square, upright and straight! No good having a post holder … Continue reading

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Birds in the garden!

I saw my first bird on the feeder today………. a little sparrow. This evening I have been serenaded by a blackbird at the front of the house, but at bedtime when I let Maggie out for her final wee, we … Continue reading

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Early one morning…………..

I can’t believe I was happy to get up at 6.30 this morning. I’m no early bird, and find that I sleep heaviest (and best) between 6 and 7.30. When I was younger, my alarm was set for 7.30 and … Continue reading

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