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They don’t make ’em like they used to

Interesting conversations today about bed linens, duvet covers, blankets, and cushions. MSM has been sorting out her cupboards and has found several things in the bedding line that she has offered to us. One is a single satin burgundy duvet … Continue reading

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Baking Day

Well, not exactly, but we seemed to have rather a lot of bread in the house which we were not eating so I made a botch bread pudding. Nothing on your Mum’s Colin, and not one of my best, but … Continue reading

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Old friend, old life

I did a post some time ago about how transient the boating life is, and regular readers will know that we are no longer a part of it now. The couple mentioned in that post have now found a buyer … Continue reading

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Finished and done!

After walking the dog, I finished the Venice puzzle this morning as failing light and a light bulb prevented me from doing so yesterday (though I did go for it!). I then got my personal choice and began to sort … Continue reading

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Patience is a puzzle

I am not a patient person. At all. It is one of my many failings, but there are times when even I surprise myself. MSM and I have been working on a puzzle for the last three weeks. I confess … Continue reading

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Letter to Mum

I realised late last night that I hadn’t written to my mum this week. I had written when we got back after the wedding on the 15th, and she should have got that by Wednesday, so all being well she … Continue reading

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Small World

We had visitors today, an elderly couple we became friends with within a couple of weeks of our arrival on the marina in 2014. They come every weekend to take their boat out, and on the way out of the … Continue reading

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