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Old ways

Five Hello cards will hit five mats in a couple of days. On the backs of 4 are a little smiley sticker and a warning ‘IT’S BRIGHT!’ These went to my aunt, who is my Dad’s sister and in her … Continue reading

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First Pics

I’ve just gone through the pictures I’d taken today and I am really pleased with them. I lost so much detail with the Nikon when I had to resize them for my blog, but this is not the case with … Continue reading

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Sunday Poser # 25

Sadje is our host for the Sunday Poser. You can find out more and join in here As a teenager, I was easily embarrassed, something Other Brother exploited with his constant teasing which of course he found hilariously funny. I … Continue reading

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Take Seven 23rd April

It’s Friday! Welcome to my Take Seven compilation which incorporates all 21 words (or derivatives) from the Three Things Challenge for the past week. You are most welcome to join in using as many or all of the words too. … Continue reading

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Stats, Diets and Well Being

It has been a roller coaster week for us what with changing the car, field trips, and chasing our tails for want of a better expression. The blog has suffered as we’ve been busy and my inspiration has waned, which … Continue reading

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Sunday Writing Prompt, Apr 18/21 – For Better or for Worse?

Sara gives us this week’s word challenge: DEALBREAKERS Check it out here This could refer to family, friends, spouses, employers, landlords, politicians, someone annoying you on social media, even the weather…sky’s the limit! What is your threshold, your non-negotiables, where … Continue reading

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Let me take you back to a post about taking the in-laws out to lunch. You can find the entire post here Here is an extract that denotes our impromptu action that day Walking down the High Street towards the … Continue reading

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Grockles go home!

They are everywhere like an irritating rash, popping up like zits and getting in yer face as well as in your way. We made the mistake of going shopping after we failed to get the paint we wanted for touching … Continue reading

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Now what was I doing?

We all have those moments when we forget what we were going to say or do, and nine times out of ten it stays forgotten because it has completely gone from our minds. Hubby and I are having more and … Continue reading

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Bummer: all change

Ho hum, all change here on WP and I cannot use the classic editor as I have been so I hope this turns out OK. It cost us £102 for a diagnostic report on the car to confirm the fault … Continue reading

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