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Sharing coffee #1

I miss my mate from SW. We used to meet up for coffee once every couple of weeks, have a cake and a natter and bitch about whatever was annoying us as we put the world to rights. It was … Continue reading

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Trip Pending

We spent over an hour planning our route down to MOH. It was going to be a killer. It wouldn’t matter which way we went, we’d hit a bottleneck or rush hour traffic somewhere, so tried to work out the … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree

Santa Claus is coming to town, and by all accounts there are a lot of properties showing him the way. I took this photo the other evening and speaking to the house owner today he says he hasn’t finished yet … Continue reading

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High Moon and Misty Eyed

We were up early today as my eye screening appointment at 8.50 was 20 miles away. Aware we would get caught up in the rush hour, we decided to take the dog for her walk on the beach and proceed … Continue reading

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Computers Know Fear

Hubby is always telling me this, and it has got to the stage when I’m afraid to click on anything unfamiliar in case I import some gremlin. My laptop crashed a little while ago (I still don’t know what I … Continue reading

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Play it again?

I am one of the fortunate people who has a good ear for music and can pick up the general melody of a song from just a few airings. It used to frustrate the hell out of Sis as she … Continue reading

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Back to the Board

It’s funny how a passing comment can lead to a trip down memory lane or making a new side road from it. I expect a fair few of my readers can remember a TV programme called Bullseye. Shown early on … Continue reading

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