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Sleeping in………… not

For the first time in years we forgot to put the clocks forward last night! British Summer Time is here and so when we awoke at 7.45, it was actually 8.45. Not that we’ve been playing catchup all day though. … Continue reading

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And now some Good News!

I had my Oncology appointment with the God type person today. He only kept us waiting fifty minutes and at least apologised this time. He even had my notes to hand, and remembered our last meeting! This may have had … Continue reading

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Half Century

My first nephew is 50 today. It hardly seems possible I was an excited 10 year old about to become an aunty for the first time that long ago! I was fascinated by babies, loved to hold them or feed … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt,Sunday, March 5th – Share

So sorry you are feeling under the weather. Allow me to share this one with you from 1974. I was on a Bank course for three weeks and didn’t go home at the weekends, treating it as a kind … Continue reading

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By Arrangement Only

A post in my reader today reminded me about keeping the books for the Ex Partner who  had previously thrown all his receipts into a shoe box and presented them to a chosen accountant every year to sort out and … Continue reading

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Deja Vu on the Boating Life

No, this isn’t a plug for a magazine, but yours truly was interviewed again for the radio on how we came to live here. A lovely young lady called Francesca was brought down to us by one of the liveboards … Continue reading

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The Early Bird really flew!

I said yesterday it was going to be a long day. Perhaps I should rephrase that and say we had a short night. We got to bed just after 10pm and Hubby said if he could sleep until 4, that … Continue reading

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