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Monday Motivation signing off

This will be the last Monday Motivation as nothing much seems to be happening as far as the scales are concerned. Rather than bore you with no news, I will instead put a post out when I lose anything!! I … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation 5th September

Another start to the week, and I have maintained this week. I’m taking that as a good sign. We have a busy week so meals can’t be planned in advance other than on the day. My SW membership is due … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation 29th August

It has not been a good week, or month for that matter and although I’ve maintained my weight from last week, I have actually put on a pound this month. There are no excuses. I’ve bought, cooked and put the … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation 22nd August

Another week, and the scales have moved……….. in the wrong direction and up a pound. I’m not surprised as we have had a couple of days where dinner was late and that always throws the body feeding clock. Still in … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation 15th August

Well, it feels like it’s been a better week overall, though the scales have not registered a change and once again I have maintained my weight this week. Meals have been OK though, only one salad this week, but a … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation 8th August 2022

Bummer. Not a good week, especially after Wednesday when everything went terribly wrong and we had the 5h1t day of all 5h1t days. The diet went completely out of the window, into orbit and landed on the moon for all … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation 2022

When I first joined Slimming World, I shared my success (and snags) on my blog. With my membership more than likely to lapse thanks to Covid and my discomfort at being in the company of people I do not know … Continue reading

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What we’ve been doing today

Hubby has been annoyed about the state of our front gates, especially since he paid over the odds for WPB (waterproof boiling) plywood, or Marine Ply. You might remember them from May 2018 The idea was that in the summer … Continue reading

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Another Sock Moment

Sigh. Half a pound gain this week, despite my efforts and extra exercise. I even walked down to group tonight, just over ¾ of a mile, plus the four walks with the dog today, six yesterday and walking into town … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation 3rd February

I stayed at group tonight, the first time for months actually, although I have gone regularly for weigh in. There were some new faces, and some heavier bodies, several male, and although overall the group had lost a staggering 46½ … Continue reading

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