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New Clothes are in order

Apart from stocking up with new tees and joggers two years ago, Hubby and I don’t spend a lot on clothes. We look after our feet with shoes and trainers, but clothes tend to take a back seat. Living on … Continue reading

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A new treasure for our shelf of memories

Hubby found this on a post yesterday. Nobody was around, there were no cars in the car park, and he thought it was so lovely, we brought it home. Apparently it is part of a new idea called Love on … Continue reading

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Sometimes the world seems to be turning without you. It’s a weird feeling, as you’re awake but walking in a haze, putting one foot in front of the other as a matter of course, but totally unaware of which direction … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesday: September 8th, 2020

Frank’s (aka PCGuyIV) question today is Why did you start blogging, and is your reason for blogging still the same as when you started, or has it changed? I’ve always loved to write and usually this was restricted to page … Continue reading

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Grow your own stew

This morning has been spent harvesting some of our veg before they choked each other in the greenhouse! Above we have beetroot (2nd batch), turnips, swede ad carrots. Left: beetroot, turnips, swede       Right: carrots. Meet Carrotzilla These are … Continue reading

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I am getting SOOOOO angry!

I gave her the benefit of the doubt in the beginning. Felt sorry for her even with the tabloid interviews with the family from hell. But I am sick and tired of seeing her name in the headlines as she … Continue reading

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Went the day well? That would be a No then

The space awaits. Hubby is far from happy, and I’m speechless. The local timber merchants are clearing a space for display models of a variety of sheds. The problem is, no-one can have one for at least 9 weeks. When … Continue reading

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Grassy memories

The council guys have been in our road cutting the grass today.  One had a sit on mower and was content to cut the pavement before he realised what the grinding noise was, and two had strimmers merrily strimming around … Continue reading

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Dinner and more cards

I had an early start to the day so got in a couple of posts before lunch. We had a lazy dinner today with leftover veg aka tatty cake, baked beans, and spam. Surprisingly, that wasn’t a ‘bad’ meal, as … Continue reading

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We went Shopping Today

The plan was to get into town early before the rush, so we left home at 7.45, stopping off for a potty break for Maggie. We arrived at our first shop at 8.20. Plenty of places to park, no queues … Continue reading

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