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Fancy some groans?

I have just received my monthly pension newsletter and included were some Christmas jokes. My apologies for the groans, but they made me smile, and the only one I was familiar with was the last! What did the snowman order … Continue reading

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I was done!

We got to the hospital in plenty of time, so once we knew exactly where Hubby was going, I returned to the car via the cafe for a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. I said I was taking … Continue reading

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I can hear the sea!

As I sit here in our lounge, the wind is blowing fiercely and you can hear the sea. It’s just over a five minute walk away and sometimes at night you can really hear it roar. There was a lull … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland 2021

We went to the garden centre today and discovered it was OAP excursions and lunch day. The car park was busy with coaches and mini buses, but it was wonderful to see elderly and disabled people having an outing to … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesday: November 23rd, 2021

Frank is our host for Truthful Tuesday which is seeing some changes. You can read his thought processes here In short, “Since this entire post has essentially been about the changes I’m testing out for Truthful Tuesday, change will be … Continue reading

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A Bitter Wind

Bitter bite, not a nip, The wind is cold against my face. Dancing grains of sand are blinding, Doesn’t take much to displace. Waves are angry, crashing tight Foamy fingers clutching helpless At the roughened shoreline, Futile in their salty … Continue reading

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That Buzzy Feeling

Hubby received a panicky phone call from a neighbour asking him to come and check her internet connection as her telly was making funny noises and she was more than a little anxious. He went round and everything seemed OK, … Continue reading

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Hubby finally has his Shed

Thursday 4th November The weather was not being kind, but at least the wind had dropped, so shortly after breakfast, we donned our yellow outfits and got outside to set to work. Tweaking the slabs wasn’t as bad as we … Continue reading

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Monday Peeve,,,,, or any day of the week actually

It was important, and Hubby wanted me to read it, but by the time I was in a position to, it had disappeared! It was an article in the headlines about proposals to changes in pensions and taxation of. It … Continue reading

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Passing the Buck

This is a bit of a rant, but I need to get it off my chest. We found out today that a neighbour was taken into hospital yesterday afternoon, but it is unclear exactly why as she is a heavy … Continue reading

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