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Field Trip 16 June

I woke up this morning extremely low and depressed. Hubby asked me what was wrong and I replied nothing, I was just feeling down. I can’t explain it, as I’d slept pretty well and nothing (other than the usual) is … Continue reading

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Headline eye catcher 11 June

This caught my eye as I was checking my emails this morning. History of the Yugo (link) All I can say is what a load of twaddle. “The car was slow, crawling to 60 mph in 14 seconds and topping … Continue reading

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An Original post: well sort of…….

My Dad didn’t like going to the beach very much as he swam like a brick and hated sand sandwiches. But that doesn’t mean to say we didn’t go, and I have fond memories of Punch and Judy shows, candy … Continue reading

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The Last Dance

The soft music played over the intercom in the minimarket. It was a classic piece from yesteryear, the kind of music that made you sway gently and put you in the mood to dance. He came in alone, wearing a … Continue reading

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Snoops are Us

It seems that a new way of snooping on your emails has been created. Hubby has always known Google and GMail are nosey soinsos, but now Yahoo have got into bed with AOL and made OATH. Bottom line? Everything you … Continue reading

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Pigging out!

Our table was booked for 12.30, so we allowed ourselves plenty of time for the journey. This was just as well as there are roadworks coming out of town, and nowhere for the detour to go other than doubling back … Continue reading

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May fever

May is quite a busy month for me, a couple of anniversaries (including ours), a few birthdays (including mine) and tonight Eurovision! Our entry is Surie and her song ‘Storm’. It’s not bad, but we won’t get anywhere of course … Continue reading

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