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Passing the Buck

This is a bit of a rant, but I need to get it off my chest. We found out today that a neighbour was taken into hospital yesterday afternoon, but it is unclear exactly why as she is a heavy … Continue reading

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Sleep: A nonet

Sleep Evades, Shivering Awakens me. Heart beats heavily, Sound is lost on the wind, Silence betrays the night hour Darkness my imagination Reality dallies and dances. Shadows linger, tease and torment Casts a blanket of worry Will this night ever … Continue reading

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Phone Pics 6th October

I was brushing my hair this morning after my shower and Hubby decided to take a picture of it. I cut off about an inch a few weeks ago to tidy it up a bit, and my rogue streaks on … Continue reading

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A bit of fun

I’m going to finish my day with a bit of humour and fictitious book titles. A couple of these came to me out of the blue, so I rounded it up to ten. 1.  Making Ends Meet : Penny Pinchin … Continue reading

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Waking thoughts……………

I woke up this morning with some rather odd thoughts going through my head. This was to do with clothes and the effect other people’s opinions have on our choices. I’m not talking about spouses lying through their teeth when … Continue reading

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Chasing Tuesday

It has been one of those days and to be honest, I have not done very much. We did our little bit of shopping this morning, but Hubby refuses to pay £12 for a tiny tin of Hammerite paint for … Continue reading

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When we die…………….

Rory aka aguycalledbloke has thrown this at us this week How important to you is the prayer and pomp of a funeral? When my Dad died in 1996, nobody was prepared for it, so it was very much a family … Continue reading

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Human’s wait too…………..

How worried I was there was no-one to care for you, and I fought before they took me away.  A friend came and saved the day, but that was not the end of it. I did not know I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Food thoughts 29th August

Funny how the mind works sometimes, but I was preparing some green beans given to us by our neighbour today and found myself thinking……….. Yes, I know that can be dangerous, but it did make we wonder why I was … Continue reading

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And the dark clouds present……………….

We’ve had a fair amount of thunder today and the much needed rainfall has filled our three water butts  a treat. Watching the clouds rolling across the sky and out to sea has been very relaxing in its way, and … Continue reading

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