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What have we done today?

The answer to that is actually not a lot, and yet here we are at nearly 8pm and I have just signed into my blog. The day started with a trip to the surgery, then into town for some ‘Maya … Continue reading

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Counting the days ahead

Like many bloggers, I schedule some of my posts as it’s easier to do regular daily posts in blocks. The Three Things Challenge is therefore already prepared until the end of April, which is only 8 days away. That is … Continue reading

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Running around and waiting………………..

We had a lot of running around to do today, the first being to take our friend to the surgery for her foot to be checked and redressed. We left pretty early because we would catch the school run and … Continue reading

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Government alerts: update

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Hurrah! The government is going to send alert warnings to everyone’s mobile phone. This will include flood alerts, weather warnings, fires and public health emergencies. The test is set for March 19th. Here’s the thing……. The…

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Have you got the app?

Further on the line of technology and assumptions, here is a Monday Peeve on a Wednesday. For some time, it has been a case of having to use your bank card to gain access to public conveniences. This has also … Continue reading

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Still training

Maya is almost 16 months old and the training continues. The lead work is coming along and sometimes there is no need for the haltie. We will be glad when we don’t have to use it but for now, it … Continue reading

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Calling it a day

Tuesday will do…….. it has been a long day and I am shattered. Shattered to such an extent that I am having to forego some of my favourite challenges today as I am just too tired to think. Tomorrow is … Continue reading

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Price hikes, again!

I had a little bit of shopping to do today and took the time to have a look round the shelves to see what was available. Lots of Christmas stuff reduced by up to 50%, but I don’t want any … Continue reading

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Frenemy at the Gate

When someone tells you they have cancer, you feel sorry for them and offer your support. Someone tells you they have Covid and it’s a different kettle of fish altogether. You get a rush of emotions as the bottom falls … Continue reading

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Friday Rant: 4th November

The news is full of doom and gloom and our government look set to penalize pensioners who had the foresight to arrange private pensions and own their properties outright. It has been suggested that pension increases be Means Tested because … Continue reading

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