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Dieters: Do Not Read

Today, June 7th, being the first Friday in June is NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY. National Doughnut Day is celebrated on the first Friday of June every year, succeeding the Doughnut Day event created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor … Continue reading

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A snippet

I read on Yahoo news yesterday that riding an electric scooter is apparently illegal. The picture showed something like a moped. Looking out of the window a little while ago, a husband and wife team were coming down the road. … Continue reading

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I talk to the geese………

and swear they listen to me! I guess people have already cottoned on that I’m a little strange in that I greet the birds, bees and other creatures with Hello Mr Blackbird/Sparrow/Wren /Robin/Bee/Butterfly etc, so to find me chatting away … Continue reading

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Trees and Me

I woke up with thoughts of trees this morning and feeling a little melancholy. We see trees and take them for granted, that they will always be there for us to look at and enjoy. As a child, I was … Continue reading

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Following through on an idea

When we were out yesterday, I went into an arts and crafts shop and purchased some gold and silver glitter doilies I’d seen the week before. I’ve been playing with them today and made three on this theme but with … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Top Ups

Here’s a little gem for you: I received a text message from my mobile phone provider advising me that as from June 1st, I would no longer be able to top up my phone at any ATM as this service … Continue reading

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Friendships and relationships

I’ve read a few posts recently about friends and relationships. What classes as a best friend? Is it someone you’ve known practically all your life, or someone who entered it at a particular moment and has stuck with you through … Continue reading

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