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News Headline: Lockdowns

OK, fair warning, this is a rant as my anger rises about how pathetic our politicians are. This is my five cents worth, my opinion, and I’m perfectly happy for readers sick of hearing about the virus giving this post … Continue reading

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Home is where the ‘art is

Have you ever wondered what happens after you sell a property? Did it ever occur to you what the new owners might do? Would you actually want to buy it back? I don’t know how it came about, but Hubby … Continue reading

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Male order

Years ago, I ran a couple of Mail Order catalogues which were great for buying the kids clothes and mine for that matter on a budget. Every so often, I’d order a variety of stuff in different sizes, and what … Continue reading

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Who was your favourite Bond?

For me, Sean Connery was the one and only true James Bond, and I was saddened to read of his death today, aged 90. The cause has not yet been released, though the report said he had been ill for … Continue reading

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How I wish I could Un-see

I bet all of us at some time or another have seen something we wish we hadn’t, and would love to be able to rewind the mind tape and erase it from our memory. Such was the case the other … Continue reading

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A good day

Today has been one of the better days we’ve had for a considerable while, and I’ve come to bed feeling more relaxed than in recent weeks. The dog has been good for us, weeing or pooing on all of our … Continue reading

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Missing People

One of my regular readers posted a comment yesterday and mentioned how my blog has changed as I post more about activities now than people. I hadn’t really thought about it, but she’s right. Before Covid, my posts would be … Continue reading

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Unwelcome visitor

Hubby and I were about to take the dog out this afternoon just as our neighbours were unloading their car of shopping. By all accounts it looked like they were getting substantial supplies in. We said Hi as we always … Continue reading

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The Last Journey

We had a funeral in our road today, well, just around the corner. The old lady was 80 and she and her husband celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary this year. The family had a big party planned, but COVID ruined … Continue reading

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Losing the Edge

It has been one of those days where I can’t settle, get going,  and generally feel BLEH. Saying that though, it hasn’t actually been a bad day. The Head Man himself rang today, albeit late, but at least he apologised. … Continue reading

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