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Cottage Garden

Although we lived in the cottage forĀ  7 years, we didn’t have what I would refer to as a cottage garden. Our frontage was laid to stone and it wasn’t until we decided to sell that we put some bedding … Continue reading

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The thumper machine

If there were any ants lurking in the carpets or under the flooring, hopefully they have now vacated the building with blinding headaches. Rug Doctors are available to hire and a good way of keeping your carpets clean and fresh. … Continue reading

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Just quickly………………….

I’ve got fifteen minutes to write this before a field trip on the hunt for Jubilee Clips. Seems the ones Hubby wants come from China so are rare, but he’s hopeful. What he’s after are the ones with the ‘wing’ … Continue reading

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As Gru would say…………………

I present to you……………………………………… THE MOON. Using the zoom, these were taken through our front side window, so I had no glare from the street light. All I can say is WOW: not bad for an amateur!

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Pink, Blue and Purple

Our neighbours used to have pink and blue jobs, depending on whether it was domestic or DIY. Since he passed away two years ago, she says all jobs are purple, and she’s doing her best. We bought her a small … Continue reading

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Swift Passage…

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
A Guided Visualisation by Sue Vincent… * Close your eyes, relax and prepare for an inner journey, breathing deeply and easily. You stand on a green mound by a sunlit sea. Far…

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Snow moon, Witchy Socks, and a Frittata

I’ve seen a couple of posts about the last picture on the camera for February. I think mine was the snow moon. One picture was taken with the flash, the other without, both before the street lights came on. It … Continue reading

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News Headline: Lockdowns

OK, fair warning, this is a rant as my anger rises about how pathetic our politicians are. This is my five cents worth, my opinion, and I’m perfectly happy for readers sick of hearing about the virus giving this post … Continue reading

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Home is where the ‘art is

Have you ever wondered what happens after you sell a property? Did it ever occur to you what the new owners might do? Would you actually want to buy it back? I don’t know how it came about, but Hubby … Continue reading

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Male order

Years ago, I ran a couple of Mail Order catalogues which were great for buying the kids clothes and mine for that matter on a budget. Every so often, I’d order a variety of stuff in different sizes, and what … Continue reading

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