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Do you believe the price tag?

SEVENTY FIVE QUID For a pair of ‘jeans’ that have no backside or front, and the knickers are not part of the deal. How can they be comfortable (let alone anything else) ? Images from google re TVs ‘Loose Women’, … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

I’d just put the soup on (day 4 and our final portion) when there was a knock at the door. Our inherited doorbell doesn’t work and has been taped over until Hubby can find a blanking plate for it, and … Continue reading

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Sharing coffee #1

I miss my mate from SW. We used to meet up for coffee once every couple of weeks, have a cake and a natter and bitch about whatever was annoying us as we put the world to rights. It was … Continue reading

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Black water

In the silence of shadow, The clock ticks. A gentle rhythmic sound There is nothing to fear. As time passes, The heating clicks, Settling down to night, And sleep beckons near. Silently walking Along the sands of time, All is … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Wishes from Me to You.

M ay your day be filled with love and laughter E at well, but don’t overindulge R emember to drink plenty of water (it helps the digestive system) R est up after the exhaustion of present unwrapping Y oungsters will … Continue reading

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Dig Deep

It’s Christmas and the same adverts are running as they were last year……and the year before for that matter…… £3 a month for this, £2 a month for that, £19 for something else. Shortly after we’d moved into the bungalow … Continue reading

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Sleep? Fat chance.

We have a routine, almost like clockwork, and have kept to it for years. Bedtime is around 9pm, dog has final wee just before, then we take our pills and retire. Sometimes we read to get dopey ready to turn … Continue reading

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