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Q and A, getting to know you

This popped up in my reader from Sadje, who had borrowed it from Efisoul63 so I thought I would too. What keeps you up at night? Usually being unable to switch off and things running through my head or more … Continue reading

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Paper Sorting

In the days pre paperless society (ROTGL), bank records had to be kept for around fifteen years. Microfiche played a large part. Unfortunately, I adopted a similar stance on the home front, and although not as long as 15 years, … Continue reading

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A buzz in the air

Every couple of weeks there is a race meeting on the beach where scrambling bikes and quad owners get together. When the wind’s in the wrong direction it’s almost as if they’re on the doorstep, but most times it’s just … Continue reading

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Something stupid

Have you ever suddenly noticed something really bizarre, that is totally out of sync, irrelevant or just plain stupid? Like I take the dog out for  wee and then she comes in and drinks her bowl almost dry as if … Continue reading

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The day so far

He’s concentrating……………. the brow is furrowed, the pen is dangling from the corner of the mouth and his eye brows are almost touching behind his glasses. But I’ll come back to that. Into town some 17 miles away first thing … Continue reading

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National Hug Day: 21st January

It’s that time of year again and I’m sending virtual hugs to all my readers. Go on, pick one!   

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Who said anything about a pick axe and a saucepan?

Hubby had to collect his new distant vision glasses today and the plan was to do some shopping afterwards, which included a new shoe rack, Maggie’s boots and the master phone socket for the wall. The glasses are great, and … Continue reading

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