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Sunday Writing Prompt “Peace of Mind”

For this prompt, we are asked to recall a place, object, or being that brings us peace of mind. I’ve borrowed the photo from the prompt as this is so like Our Tree. When Hubby and I first got … Continue reading

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Haiku: 10th March

Funny what runs through your mind as you begin to drop off to sleep or awaken from snoozing slumbers. Listening to the bikes on the beach in the distance and the current cold weather reminded me of the days when … Continue reading

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Many years ago…………….

Here are a couple of other things that were in the photo box. There never seemed that many photos of me as a kid, but I remember this being taken. I hated the coat and I hated the hat, but … Continue reading

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Flight of the Majestic

I was never that interested in aircraft until we moved to Lincolnshire. The BBMF wasn’t that far away and it was wonderful to see the only flying Lancaster (at the time) fly over our house on a regular basis. Above … Continue reading

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Crafty old Buzzard

I’ve mentioned before that a buzzard used to visit our garden when we lived in Poole and was rather partial to smokey bacon. We’d first seen him sitting on the lamppost in the main road that ran at the bottom … Continue reading

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Maggie as a puppy

These were in the photo box. Cue cute alert, and I make no apologies for it. We brought Maggie home on Friday March 11th 2005. Hubby had collected me from work after I’d asked that morning if we could get … Continue reading

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A box, a bag and a folder

Funny how you pack things away sometimes. Paper is surprisingly heavy, and there was a huge box of it up in the roof, so our task today was to go through it and dispose of whatever we could. The thing … Continue reading

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