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Birthday’s Past

I found myself thinking about a relative whose birthday it was today. She was related by marriage, being the fourth wife and widow of my paternal grandfather. Mum, Dad and I lived with them for almost a year in 1972-73. … Continue reading

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A Gorilla named Chopper

Way back in 1996, Hubby was at a loss as to what to do for my 40th birthday. He managed to book me a helicopter ride, but couldn’t arrange it for my birthday weekend, so it had to be the … Continue reading

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Early one morning…………..

I can’t believe I was happy to get up at 6.30 this morning. I’m no early bird, and find that I sleep heaviest (and best) between 6 and 7.30. When I was younger, my alarm was set for 7.30 and … Continue reading

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Waiting Day

The cooker is due to come today, and whilst we’ve been waiting, we’ve planted the onions, watered the back garden and cut the front lawn. The old cooker should be collected sometime today, and the double glazing guy is due … Continue reading

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Hidden Talents

Following on from Michael’s comments in yesterday’s post, I replied this morning that he was one up on me in the nappy changing stakes, but I could rustle something up in the kitchen or get a tune out of a … Continue reading

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More kid’s stuff

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you silly but these are a few ditties that might amuse you. I Wish I wish I were a little boat Afloating on the sea With some other boats around To keep me … Continue reading

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Kid’s stuff

or rather a poem from the 1971 exercise book Mum had kept. The Castle. In its glory it stands, alone on a hill, Never been lived in, the towns gossips said, Never been lived in…. until A dark stranger come … Continue reading

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