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A month ago today………….

In testing the waters sotospeak as to how far Hubby can travel at the moment, we drove into Boston today to purchase some balsa wood for a project he is about to begin. He had used this particular model shop … Continue reading

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Mum’s Box of Treasure

‘Treasure’ is the only way I can describe the box Sis gave me on the day of the funeral. Just an ordinary shoe box, but so very, very special. Inside were several smaller boxes with my name on, written in … Continue reading

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Pancake Day, Past and Present

Shrove Tuesday will always have a special place in my memory for a young boy in my care who loved them. His birthday fell on pancake day once, and as it was a tradition that whoever’s birthday it was chose … Continue reading

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Feeling a bit silly…………

I’ve just posted a comment about life being too short to feel glum on Joy’s post Winning the Gold My blogging friend Colin replied with a 1950’s teaser of ‘Who were The Glums?’ Which in turn has reminded me … Continue reading

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The Love You Save

As a schoolgirl, The Jackson Five and The Osmonds were always vying for top position in the charts. I wasn’t a fan of syrup and perfect smiling dentistry (or Liverpool Lovers!) so opted for the former as the Motown beat … Continue reading

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Picture Knits

Speaking of Hubby tying bows in Mum’s yarn as she knitted makes me remember just how many jumpers, cardigans and matinée sets for babies she must have knitted over the years. If anyone was expecting a baby, be it family … Continue reading

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Selfish in my Grief.

Grief has no hard and fast rules, doesn’t play a time game, and even cheats you into a false sense of security over the years. You can’t match it or get the better of it, neither can you ignore it, … Continue reading

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