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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Progress

Progress. Depends on your definition. It usually means something else I won’t understand, they’ve changed the recipe in a favourite meal, or some new fancy option has been added to WP, mobiles, or the internet. Progress means demolishing perfectly … Continue reading

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Back to the Board

It’s funny how a passing comment can lead to a trip down memory lane or making a new side road from it. I expect a fair few of my readers can remember a TV programme called Bullseye. Shown early on … Continue reading

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Last Words

I haven’t done a Walk Thoughts post for a while, but at the moment I’m not walking as much as I did because of Maggie’s injury. So I’m cheating a bit and having a ‘Sitting Down’ thought instead, though actually … Continue reading

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Our Guiding Light

Many of my readers know that although we are not religious, we often visited The Abbey to light candles for our Dads. There didn’t need to be a special occasion, but over the years it has become a kind of … Continue reading

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Dad’s Beauty Contest

Have a giggle at this one again.

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The Sound of Clopping

I thought I was hearing things this morning but sure enough, two horses were clopping up the road. A beautiful chestnut shire was pulling one cart and a white shire pulled another. It took me back many, many, years to … Continue reading

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Meals from yesteryear

We had a very simple meal today, pork chop, fresh green beans, carrots, and home-grown potatoes. The taste buds were working overtime as I remembered our veg patch which contained potatoes, onions, tomatoes, runner beans and peas. We’d tried growing … Continue reading

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