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Yesterday and Today: Playtime

Maya has been spoilt these past couple of mornings as she has had the opportunity to play with other dogs. Hubby was up early yesterday and took her down to the beach…….. it was about 5.30. I was still in … Continue reading

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Someone ate my post

I have just ‘published’ a 600 word post only to have it completely disappear! I am not impressed!!! Oh well: to fill you all in…………………. The good news is that I seem to be over the worst of whatever it … Continue reading

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Another Good Shepherd

Maya was introduced to another shepherd today, one I mistook for a Belgian Shepherd when in fact it was a Dutch Shepherd. This one was six months old and the face markings very similar to Maya’s when she was younger. … Continue reading

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Stand Off

On my walk with Maya this morning, things were going really well as they have been recently. We are using the haltie less and less and she has overcome the insecurity of not peeing or pooing outside of the garden … Continue reading

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What have we done today?

The answer to that is actually not a lot, and yet here we are at nearly 8pm and I have just signed into my blog. The day started with a trip to the surgery, then into town for some ‘Maya … Continue reading

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Portrait Groundwork

Deb aka Nopenotpam/ DA Whittam/A-DAWArts did a portrait of Maya from a photo I sent her. Isn’t it lovely?

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Compromise, swings and roundabouts.

Once again shopping is very much a hit and miss affair insomuch as a lot of stuff is missing off the shelves and what there is takes a serious hit at your purse strings. Hubby and I have to set … Continue reading

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CMMC – Midweek Madness

Today being the 4th Wednesday in the month our task for this challenge is: CMMC: April Alphabet any word Ending with a G Wonder if you can guess:

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Maya today 25th April

Just photos

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In the Dog House

It was a first, and hopefully an only, but Maya was in the dog house this morning. I suppose in a way it was my fault for not thinking, but that didn’t excuse her behaviour and she soon realised that … Continue reading

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