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Greetings of Love

Not knowing where to put herself She did what she did best, Wagged her tail and entire body, She never let it rest. We’d been away for just nine days, And left her with a friend, She’d been loved and … Continue reading

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Fluffy and sweet smelling

Well, she is now! Anyone who owns a dog, especially an un-neutered bitch at ‘that time’, knows how whiffy they can get. We decided against having Maggie spayed as we wanted her to have puppies, but couldn’t find a nice … Continue reading

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Breaking Habits, any advice?

I have said before that Maggie is a creature of habit, and she now has a serious one we have to break. This is getting us up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Living on a … Continue reading

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Being in tune

This isn’t about singing or harmonising, just a short post regarding Maggie. Everyone knows that animals hear or sense more than us humans and react accordingly, and this evening Maggie was sitting to attention and staring at me, but for … Continue reading

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Just one more sniff, honest!

I’ve said before that her Ladyship likes to smell the flowers on our walks. It’s a fact of life (and sometimes annoyance) that dogs like to sniff, especially when on the search for that perfect blade of grass to grace … Continue reading

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Dear Diary, 22nd February

I’ve been up a while and the marina is slowly coming to life. The geese are awake and a couple of ducks have started their quackathon, smaller birds can be heard welcoming the start of a new day, and I … Continue reading

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If I wasn’t, I am now!

Oh dear. The day has not started well. Hubby is still poorly, and both of us had a restless night as every time he moved he either coughed, sneezed, farted (or a medley of the three), threw off the covers, … Continue reading

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