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The Poo, the whole poo, and nothing but the poo.

Success! I’ve just got back from taking Maggie for a walk and things seem to have settled down. A good sample in colour, texture and composition. We’ve decided to limit her biscuits to just 4 a day, no matter how … Continue reading

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E- ew! Don’t read if squeamish.

Oh dear. Glad I didn’t ignore her. Maggie got me up at 6, did the business and we came back to bed. A little while ago, she got me up again, and usually I would take my time before letting … Continue reading

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Is that all??!!

I could not contain my surprise today, pleasant though it was. March is a time for Maggie’s annual booster jabs which have always been around £30-£35. Her vaccination book is up to date, so the new vet can see what … Continue reading

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Mommy Maggie

I know I’ve written about this before but seeing Maggie with her babies last night convinces me she would have made a lovely Mom. Pictures taken in April 2018 Hubby and I didn’t have her spayed because we wanted her … Continue reading

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Maggie’s Other Bed

We are of the 48% or so of owners who allow Maggie to sleep on our bed. We often say that she has two beds, one of which is four feet six inches wide and we’re allowed to share it…………. … Continue reading

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I’ve been light in my posts today, but thought I’d share this with you before retiring for an early night. Both of us are shattered having not slept that well again last night for a variety of reasons. Maggie is … Continue reading

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Maggie as a puppy

These were in the photo box. Cue cute alert, and I make no apologies for it. We brought Maggie home on Friday March 11th 2005. Hubby had collected me from work after I’d asked that morning if we could get … Continue reading

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