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New Ground

We are off early tomorrow to explore waters, canals and locks anew. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were planning our first trip to Stratford and all the locks en route awaited us. I kept a diary … Continue reading

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I was a materialistic hoarder

Ouch. This doesn’t sound like me at all these days, but with the recent packing up and putting things into storage took me back several years and how things and possessions were so much more important to me! When I … Continue reading

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The Red Tape Doth Choketh

Some things just beggar belief, and although we are finishing today on a ‘good’ note, it has been frustratingly tedious in trying to do the simplest thing like notify a change of address. First stop was The Bank. You would … Continue reading

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We need a plan

Hubby and I gave up planning anything years ago as it always went belly up. With so much going on just now, it became obvious that we would need a plan, as it is not so much a question of … Continue reading

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Back on the Air……… sort of

It has been an odd couple of days, and when it’s been time to settle down with the laptop and WP in the evening, we’ve been having a few problems. But you know, we’re used to it, the getting pi55ed … Continue reading

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Happy Feet

Both of us aren’t sleeping that well just now, and more or less taking it in turns to let the other have a lie in. As I was ‘coming to’ sotospeak, I heard paw steps and thought Hubby was back … Continue reading

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Deja Vu on the Boating Life

No, this isn’t a plug for a magazine, but yours truly was interviewed again for the radio on how we came to live here. A lovely young lady called Francesca was brought down to us by one of the liveboards … Continue reading

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