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Don’t be caught by this Easter Bunny

Hubby and I have found the perfect ‘diet’ chocolate. We were in a shop yesterday looking for dog food amongst other things, and came out with some seedling trays for our beans and tomatoes, said dog food, some bin liners, … Continue reading

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Forces of Nature

All my posts today have been prompts, so here is an original and update on recent events. The good news is that following rain in the night, most of the snow has gone and temperatures are now a sensible 4º … Continue reading

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Because I fancied chocolate………….

We took Maggie for a walk down by the beach this afternoon then went on to the Supermarket for the not-supposed-to-be-allowed goodies. First, the beach is awesome………….. the water churning up the sand as the waves crash against the shore … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver #160

Our subject for this week’s Tale Weaver is Homelessness: As we sit in our cosy lounges on comfy chairs in front of warm fires with a hot drink and a plate of food beside us, do we give a … Continue reading

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A schoolgirl’s exercise book

This past week I’ve been transposing most of my poetry from the exercise book and album Mum had kept. I say most as some of it is so terribly dire and naff, it doesn’t make sense, just rhymes for rhyming’s … Continue reading

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The Olive Branch

Seen as a symbol of peace, it’s common place to offer an imaginary olive branch to diminish conflict or build bridges over differences or estrangement. In some instances, this only needs to done once, in others it takes two, three … Continue reading

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RadioTopic: Zero Tolerance

The subject today is speeding on our roads, and the wish to introduce zero tolerance, so that even if you only go one mile above the limit, you will be fined. I saw a sign similar to this in NZ, … Continue reading

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