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Gentle Giant

Whilst in town today, we met up with a fabulous dog, the owner of which was more than pleased for us to have a fuss.  To be honest, the dog, an eight year old bitch, was only being polite but … Continue reading

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I am SOOOOOO out of touch

Hubby and I are ticking along quite nicely thank you. All of our expenditure is budgeted for and we meet the bills, keep warm, are well fed and get by, and for that I am grateful. Time for a rant. … Continue reading

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Share your World: 10th Sept 2018

You can check out Melanie B Cee’s blog here: This Week’s Questions: Are You A Better Listener or Speaker? Definitely a better listener. People seem to like to talk to me and I find out a lot of information … Continue reading

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To follow, or not to follow?

When I started my blog five years ago, I had no idea it would take off like it has or that I would enjoy it so much. Freshly Pressed was available then, and I’d run through the posts to see … Continue reading

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Another Anniversary

Today marks Bro and SIL’s 30th and Pearl Wedding Anniversary. I’d sent them a card (not this one) a little while ago, and followed it up with an email last night as it was already the 2nd over there.   … Continue reading

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Good morning one and all!

I was awake just before 6 and Maggie wanted to go out so I got up. Pulling back the curtain, our back garden was full of crows (well, three)! Actually, I think they were ravens as they were huge and … Continue reading

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Banks, Budgets and Bullshit

Most of us take it for granted that we can have a bank account. The choice of course is ours, savings, ISAs, cheque account, one that pays interest monthly, one that has a monthly admin charge but there are other … Continue reading

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