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Going round in circles…………..

Sometimes I think too much, and I’ve been thinking today. Yeah, I know. My brain hurts, but I’ve taken a couple of paracetamol. Someone once said to me that they only keep in touch with people who keep in touch … Continue reading

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First Truthful Tuesday of 2021: 5th January 2021

Frank aka PCGuyIV is our host for this series. You can check it out here The Question Now that the holidays and last year are over, are you filled with a renewed sense of hope at the coming year, or … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt: Soar #writephoto: a reblog for New Year’s Eve

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Every Thursday Sue shares one of her photos as a prompt for inspiration. You can find more details here For visually challenged writers, the image shows a sky full of dark, stormy clouds against which four…

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Home is where the ‘art is

Have you ever wondered what happens after you sell a property? Did it ever occur to you what the new owners might do? Would you actually want to buy it back? I don’t know how it came about, but Hubby … Continue reading

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Bubble and Squeak

As promised, here is our lunch today, which consisted of cold meat (turkey, chicken, gammon), pigs in blankets (cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon), stuffing balls, and the Brit’s infamous bubble and squeak. I did mine as a huge pancake today … Continue reading

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A Special Christmas Gift: a reblog for Christmas Day 2020

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Sometimes a picture taken at a particular moment is poignant, thought provoking and simply stunning. Such was one my neighbour took at day break one day last week. Taken with her phone, she caught the sunrise,…

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Christmas Quiz 2017: a reblog for 2020

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Some of the Christmas parties I’ve attended in the past have had games attached. Not THOSE kind of games! šŸ˜‰ Fun games, like Pass the Parcel with forfeits, 10 Green Bottles, that sort of thing. One…

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Christmas Chart Toppers

A little quiz from a few years ago to take our minds off current events. Questions are nothing to do with Fibbing Friday but how many UK Christmas No 1 singlesĀ  can you remember? 1. What record topped the charts … Continue reading

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Physical Contact

Before my Dad died, I wasn’t much of a hugger or outwardly affectionate. This went back to my teens, but that didn’t mean I didn’t care, or love someone, I just found it difficult to show it. After 1996 though, … Continue reading

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Lunch today, 20th December

What to do with four rashers of bacon and little else. Hm. I had some white rolls, but bacon butties for a main meal didn’t seem very filling. No mushrooms left, and I didn’t fancy beans, tatty cake, or fried … Continue reading

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