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A Gentle Man

Once in a while, someone comes into your life completely out of the blue. A bond and friendship follows, and it is a privilege to know them, to be included in their social time, to feel like family, and for them … Continue reading

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And thus endeth the half year

Don’t punch me, but Hubby and I will be making plans for our unofficial Christmas in the next couple of weeks. We’ve invited MOH up before the holiday season really gets underway and intend to get the tree down and … Continue reading

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Interesting times……….

I’m having a touch of deja vu, having received a letter from my building society on Friday informing me that the pittance interest rate on my savings account is being reduced to 0.50%  as from June 1st. Hang on, we’re … Continue reading

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Sleep, the elusive frontier

Have you ever wondered how you sleep? No wise-ass comments about with your eyes shut please, I mean, preferred positions, comfort, pillow heights, facing the window or away, left or right side? I did this post some time back which might … Continue reading

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In Dreams

In dreams the impossible is possible, but there will always be something to remind me that it isn’t real, no matter how much I wish it. My Dad has come to me often in my dreams over the years, always … Continue reading

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Think I’ve sussed it

Boring, boring, boring, I know, but with the weight still going on, I have consulted the SW Bible from my joining in 2016 and compared it to my current food diary. The good news is that I am still eating … Continue reading

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