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Thought for the day: Pass it On

I’ve said previously that Hubby and I like to make at least one person smile every day, especially the cashier methodically processing a customer’s shopping and they say absolutely NOTHING. I met a guy today who goes one better. He … Continue reading

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A doggie post

I looked out of the window today and saw something that warmed my heart. We’ve been here a year and fit in because we’ve got a dog, so naturally we get talking to people and fussing their pets on a … Continue reading

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Headline Catcher

Oh, oh, oh, I had to read this: Money expert defends the spending habits of woman, 30, who struggles on £40k salary (source) The woman concerned is an accounts director for a marketing company and lives with her parents in … Continue reading

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Ten Months On

We lit a candle today as it’s ten months ago we lost Mum. This could explain why I’ve been feeling a little down lately. So hard to believe, yet it feels so recent. As we approach Christmas, there will be … Continue reading

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Babies everywhere

I’ve never denied or hidden the fact that Maggie sleeps on our bed. When I first did a post on it, the percentage of owners who allowed their pets to sleep with them was about 42% I think, though I … Continue reading

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Blood Red Tax

My Dad was a meat and two veg kind of guy. So was FIL come to think of it. Eventually though, the sunday joint of beef was beyond Mum’s purse unless for a very special occasion and we turned to … Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday 2018

Today is the 11th of November 2018, 100 years since the end of WWI. Not only is it the centenary, but fitting that the 11th Day of the 11th Month should fall on a Sunday, a Remembrance Sunday that should … Continue reading

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