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A life well lived…

Originally posted on France & Vincent:
Excerpts from the funeral service held at Watermead Crematorium, Aylesbury… * * Sue Vincent, 14th September 1958 – 29th March 2021 ‘We prepare to receive one whose life has been well lived…’ * Procession…

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A Farewell to Sue Vincent

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Today will be the funeral of our dear friend and fellow Director of the Silent Eye, Sue Vincent. Many words have been said over the past two weeks… Today is a simple goodbye for…

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Tradition, Honour and Respect

This Saturday is the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. Because of Covid, it is going to be very different, and will be a sad day for our Queen, the royal family, and the country. I may be out of order here, … Continue reading

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Experimental WIP

I have never been what one would term ‘artistic’. Ideas that form in my head rarely turn out as I envisaged, but that doesn’t mean I’m not prepared to have a go. Reasons for not being able to source the … Continue reading

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Losing One’s Way: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
When you lose a parent or partner, their loss is felt more than just on a personal level. Like a web, they are the common thread holding things together. Take that thread away, then the structure…

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Now what was I doing?

We all have those moments when we forget what we were going to say or do, and nine times out of ten it stays forgotten because it has completely gone from our minds. Hubby and I are having more and … Continue reading

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A Bit Puzzling

Hubby and I both like doing Suduko puzzles, so it came as no surprise that this was one of the rare £10 dash duplications in 32 Christmases together. Image: Free from google The number of puzzles vary per book, but … Continue reading

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Decline in Card Making

I’ve noticed for quite a while now, and not necessarily Covid related, that the basic materials for my card making are becoming more and more scarce. This includes anything that says ‘Thinking of You’ and the 4 reels of double … Continue reading

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Has Beens

Hands up those who remember the advert in the UK Beanz meanz Heinz? As a kid, I was never a fan of beans, much preferring spaghetti but I was in a minority. If Mum could get the small tins, or … Continue reading

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Night Nurse…

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Sniff, snuffle, wake up… open eyes…. yawn, stretch…. still dark… go back to sleep… ‘Ello, though… the two legs is moving… and she’s not s’pposed to! At least, not on her own……

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