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I talk to the geese………

and swear they listen to me! I guess people have already cottoned on that I’m a little strange in that I greet the birds, bees and other creatures with Hello Mr Blackbird/Sparrow/Wren /Robin/Bee/Butterfly etc, so to find me chatting away … Continue reading

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Trees and Me

I woke up with thoughts of trees this morning and feeling a little melancholy. We see trees and take them for granted, that they will always be there for us to look at and enjoy. As a child, I was … Continue reading

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Plans scuppered by a banana

I should know better than to plan. Anything with the letters P L A and N in it is bound to go sideways, and it did this morning. I was looking forward to having toast for a change with a … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Top Ups

Here’s a little gem for you: I received a text message from my mobile phone provider advising me that as from June 1st, I would no longer be able to top up my phone at any ATM as this service … Continue reading

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Friendships and relationships

I’ve read a few posts recently about friends and relationships. What classes as a best friend? Is it someone you’ve known practically all your life, or someone who entered it at a particular moment and has stuck with you through … Continue reading

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Feet……….. those things at the end of our ankles

Sitting in the waiting room yesterday, the only reading material available was fashion magazines. In my 8 year old bootleg jeans, 25 year old tee shirt from the market that is presentable, comfortable and still fits plus my trainers, I … Continue reading

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Turning the tables on Bullies

I remember being told how my Grandfather stormed up to the school after Bro had been given the cane for decking a boy in class. The boy was a bully and had pushed Bro too far. The fact that Gramps … Continue reading

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