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OK, I’m ready

I have just spent the last hour copying out the 101 acceptable 2 letter words for Scrabble. to keep in the box with our score pad. I have also found the longest word consisting of all vowels EUOUAE  :  a … Continue reading

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All caught up…………. but

I have had to forego some of Sunday’s usual challenges as I’m so tired and have little inspiration. I had about 2 hours sleep last night, and today has been one of the hottest so far. It’s hot again tonight, … Continue reading

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Sand Trees

Sand Photograph – Ripples In The Sand Black And White by Glenn Gordon We took Maggie for a walk along the beach yesterday morning rather than up into town as originally planned. For the early hour, the coffee shop was … Continue reading

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The Beach in Monochrome

I wrote a poem about The Moon in Monochrome so here are some pictures of the beach in black and white: The top one was taken in October, but the other two are more recent. I have to admit seeing … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs Sprat

I woke up with Jack Sprat on my mind this morning, and thought it very appropriate bearing in mind Hubby’s and my dietary concerns just now. Although they aren’t akin to the nursery rhyme, they are becoming quite different and … Continue reading

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Good morning World

I was awake early (6.30 am) and apart from the dog, alone. The heat does not agree with Hubby and he is in constant pain until the meds kick in…….. if they do at all…….. so rather than disturb Maggie … Continue reading

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Life begins at Forty

thousand pounds a year it seems. Hubby drew my attention to this (source) Then he played around a bit with a site called  which confirmed that our joint income does not allow us to have a decent standard of living. … Continue reading

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