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Passing the Buck

This is a bit of a rant, but I need to get it off my chest. We found out today that a neighbour was taken into hospital yesterday afternoon, but it is unclear exactly why as she is a heavy … Continue reading

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Waking thoughts……………

I woke up this morning with some rather odd thoughts going through my head. This was to do with clothes and the effect other people’s opinions have on our choices. I’m not talking about spouses lying through their teeth when … Continue reading

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So close, but not this time……

The search for a new dog continues, and I found myself remembering that it was over two years before my Dad found a pup for my Mum. He was a tri-colour rough collie, and lived to be fifteen. This was … Continue reading

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Deja Vu anyone?

Hubby woke up with toothache this morning, nothing too dramatic, just a nuisance so he wanted to get it looked at before it became a major issue. We changed dental surgeries less than a year ago as our existing surgery … Continue reading

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It’s almost October

It’s the last Friday of the month, and next week sees the first of October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I cannot stress enough how important it is for any lump found in the breast to be investigated. … Continue reading

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Looking for a new dog

Testing: original post possibly corrupted or the title was unacceptable for some reason because the second post has produced the same result. This was the post in question and comments are available on the original and also the copy. Sorry … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver 16.09.21 – Climate Change

Stephanie Colpron is our host for the MLMM Tale Weaver Challenge. This week: So what if your character (or you) woke up one day in a world where the climate is drastically different from your usual experience? Is it a … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – The Pets In My Life

Lauren is our host for this week’s TBT/I remember when You can find out more here Today’s subject: The Pets in My life Ask most psychologists why pets are good for kids, and they’ll probably tell you it is because … Continue reading

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Chasing Tuesday

It has been one of those days and to be honest, I have not done very much. We did our little bit of shopping this morning, but Hubby refuses to pay £12 for a tiny tin of Hammerite paint for … Continue reading

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When we die…………….

Rory aka aguycalledbloke has thrown this at us this week How important to you is the prayer and pomp of a funeral? When my Dad died in 1996, nobody was prepared for it, so it was very much a family … Continue reading

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