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Relax……………… don’t do it!!

WARNING:  CORONAVIRUS RELATED Boris Johnson has outlined his ‘road map’ to relaxing the lockdown in the UK, and quite honestly, as far as we’re concerned, the brown stuff is now hyperactive and our anxiety levels are off the charts. We … Continue reading

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I’m going to shock you now…………

I am Keeper of the Purse Strings, Queen of the Budget, and know a rip off when I see one. Well, it wasn’t me, but Hubby. You may remember in this post I was pleased that we’d been able to … Continue reading

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Stable, Door and Horse

NOTE: CORONAVIRUS CONTENT. IMO this should have been done at the onset of locking down the UK (source) especially as our PM chose not to close the ports, airports and Channel Tunnel. Of course holidays are going to be disrupted … Continue reading

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Misleading title

I saw a headline yesterday saying that due to the Coronavirus, household utility bills could rise by £32 per month  (source) That sent panic alarms, buttons, palpitations and heaven knows what else through my head as our utility bill for … Continue reading

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Have I told you

Everyone has been feeling the stress and strain of current events, and sometimes we forget to say the little things that mean the most. I have a charm on my necklace that Hubby gave me for our wedding anniversary many … Continue reading

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A shower, freckles, and the norm

In the shower this morning I realised it’s been six months since my surgery. As I soaped and checked myself it’s as if my chest has always been this way, as the scar is perfectly smooth and there is no … Continue reading

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Explain this please…………

For the past couple of years our council have been turning the street lamps off at midnight save for those on main roads or junctions. This meant that in the summer, the darts matches started at 8pm so that people … Continue reading

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