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Energy suppliers

A very smart young man called Josh rang our bell today. He was wearing a transparent full face visor which was a nice touch rather than a mask as at least he didn’t look like a bandit. He was very … Continue reading

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Pensive Thoughts

I said in my ‘Today Is………. ‘ post earlier that I hadn’t slept very well. In fact, when I did finally get to sleep, it was to dream of park benches, concrete and the memory of my Mum. I woke … Continue reading

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Thursday Photoprompt Glow : a reblog

It would appear I cannot reblog my posts now, so I have copied/pasted this one from November last year. Thoughts are with Sue today, as they are every day. For visually challenged writers, the image shows a frosty dawn, seen through … Continue reading

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Memories of snuggles

I was reading this post and it brought back memories of the cottage and the bungalow in Poole. When Maggie was a pup, she slept in a cage at night, though the cage was in our bedroom so she knew … Continue reading

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Not quite what I thought

When Hubby decided he was going for this operation to sort out his reflux, he’d done a lot of research beforehand. The way his case has been handled leaves much to be desired, but it’s done now and we are … Continue reading

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What came first, the telly or the sofa?: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Reblog: Seeing as we don’t have either, this could be a challenge in our new house! Interesting observations on my walk this morning with the dog, but first I’ll take you back almost forty years to…

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Are You Likeable?

Now there’s a thought, and one that our friend Rory has thrown at us. His question for us today is … What qualities make a person likeable or what makes you like someone else? “I like to think I’m likeable, … Continue reading

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Ideas and recipes wanted

As you know Hubby is having surgery to repair part of his stomach and solve his reflux problems. It means he will be on a liquid diet for 3 to 6 months afterwards. I am concerned about food and would … Continue reading

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Peace and Tranquillity

Dawn beckons, Eyes open, Quiet time. No tinnitus, No noise, Peaceful Tranquillity. Most unusual This silence, Total, precise, Darkness lingers. Close eyes, Mind drifts, Even breathing. Shuttered dreams, Smokey images, Restful sleep, Peace found. Hours later Consciousness surfaces, Lying comfortably, … Continue reading

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New Clothes are in order

Apart from stocking up with new tees and joggers two years ago, Hubby and I don’t spend a lot on clothes. We look after our feet with shoes and trainers, but clothes tend to take a back seat. Living on … Continue reading

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