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FOWC with Fandango — Diet

Ha! Diet is a four letter word: F O O D There are good diets, bad diets, liquid diets and fad diets, and the chances are I’ve tried them all. Bet the first thing you thought of seeing Fandango’s prompt … Continue reading

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Fibber’s Guild #1

I am not familiar with the game show mentioned, but this looks like fun so here I am! More details here Not many people know this, but this was the original prototype for a toilet roll holder. The premise was … Continue reading

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Sun and Moon

Beckie had a fabulous quote in her acceptance post for her Mystery Blogger Award. Isn’t it wonderful? It reminded me of this one  

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The King is Dead

That was the headlines 42 years ago today, the day when Elvis Presley died at the age of 42. It is the symmetry of the time passed and his age that has triggered this post. I remember I was in … Continue reading

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Sounds of the night

Darkness has fallen, Night has come, Sleep will claim me soon. The ticking of the clock, The rhythmic breathing of those I love Serenade me to slumber. The wind whispers against my window, Hushed by glass and fabric, A moth … Continue reading

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This is for you Melanie

As mentioned and promised! This is one I bought for Hubby and I love this I did a post on magnets here

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Psst! Did you know…………………..?

I hate to say it, and it is one of the things a previous boss absolutely hated if mentioned, but it was brought to my attention today that it is only 2o weeks to Eve.

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