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When one pound costs five.

Those of us in the UK will know that the Royal Mint has replaced our round pound coins with a super duper version resembling the old threepenny bit.    As from Oct 15th, the round coins ceased to be legal … Continue reading

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Top Brand or Substitute?

Designer clothes are one thing but some people will only use the Top Brands of household items. Personally I don’t care where I buy my groceries or toiletries as long as I get value for money and flavour accordingly for … Continue reading

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How loud the silence.

Since moving here four weeks ago, the three of us have been sleeping more or less soundly. It is surprisingly quiet here, and should we wake in the early hours, unless Maggie has asked to go out, we simply roll … Continue reading

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No brasso or brown sauce, what next?

Hubby is a font of knowledge for making do, alternatives, and thinking outside the box (why else would we have bought a boat three years ago when house prices got away from us but I digress). Photo: in our original … Continue reading

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A Day of (the) Rest

Today has been a good day, as I have done things I haven’t been able to do for quite a while. Well, maybe that’s not quite true, and I should rephrase that to things I haven’t got round to. Our … Continue reading

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Time management

When I was working, I had good time management skills. Everything got done and I never missed a deadline for my reports. Come retirement, some ten years ago now (I took it early when we left Poole and moved to … Continue reading

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If only it could talk

We are really pleased with our table purchase yesterday, and I find myself thinking about the stories it could tell. The design and quality would suggest it’s about fifty years old, MOH would know for sure as he’s into tables. … Continue reading

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