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FOWC with Fandango — Optional

I have just had this weird thought enter my head seeing Fandango’s word choice today. I wonder how many of us have ever received an invitation with the words ‘Evening Dress optional’ on it. He he. Visions of naked people … Continue reading

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Q and A, getting to know you

This popped up in my reader from Sadje, who had borrowed it from Efisoul63 so I thought I would too. What keeps you up at night? Usually being unable to switch off and things running through my head or more … Continue reading

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Dicy Icy

The guys have been working all night to fix the burst main in the road adjacent to ours. We reported it at 10.20pm, and they arrived before 11. Drills, cutters, pumps have been going since then, and although our road … Continue reading

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When things go boom

We were sitting here quite contentedly minding our own business when we heard a bang. It sounded like a heavy door slamming, but we checked outside and could see nothing. A few moments later, there was a bigger bang, both … Continue reading

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Flight of the Majestic

I was never that interested in aircraft until we moved to Lincolnshire. The BBMF wasn’t that far away and it was wonderful to see the only flying Lancaster (at the time) fly over our house on a regular basis. Above … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

No, I’m not late, it’s just that today is the start of the Chinese New Year and 2019 is the year of the Pig! FYI: I’m a Monkey and Hubby is a Goat. What are you?

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When a fur coat is not enough

Before we first moved to Lincolnshire in 2007, Maggie had never shed her coat. The Poole climate must have suited her as we never had a problem with great tufts of fur everywhere or itchiness as one coat grew under … Continue reading

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