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Kitchenituspilferous Tips for Beginners

What’s this I hear you ask? What is kitchenituspilferous? This is not an original phrase, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I first heard it, but it rules long, hard and fast in our house/ boathold … Continue reading

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The Early Hours

I started this post around 2.15 this morning, then deleted what I’d written and returned to bed. Trying to get to the publish stage now has been a nightmare of connections lost, no signal, no internet and limited service. Once … Continue reading

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Half Century

My first nephew is 50 today. It hardly seems possible I was an excited 10 year old about to become an aunty for the first time that long ago! I was fascinated by babies, loved to hold them or feed … Continue reading

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Don’t say YES!

I’m a bit late with this I know, but it is all to do with a telephone scam that has reached the UK where people are being asked a simple question to which they reply ‘Yes’ and suddenly they are … Continue reading

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Keeping within budget

Well, my system works and of all the things on my list, the only thing we didn’t get today was tinned pineapple. Spending the grand total of just under £26, I bought cheese, fresh fruit and veg, baked beans, minced … Continue reading

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Memoirs of a First Aider

Losing my Dad in 1996 was a catalyst for deciding to become a First Aider at work when a vacancy arose in the bank. I am not very good at the sight of blood, especially my own, but I thought … Continue reading

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Scoop the Poop

Time for a rant. In fact, I am so livid, I have drafted a letter to our town council which will be sent off by email as soon as our internet is up and running again (busy weekend with visitors, … Continue reading

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