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Babies everywhere

I’ve never denied or hidden the fact that Maggie sleeps on our bed. When I first did a post on it, the percentage of owners who allowed their pets to sleep with them was about 42% I think, though I … Continue reading

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Panic: Baby’s fallen!

Maggie has got ‘a little’ broody recently, though we were used to it when her season was in the offing and just let nature take its course. I wonder if bitches go through a ‘menopaws‘ like us women do, as … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver #195 – Dance – 1st November

Weave a tale in which dance features. It can be a real life experience or plain fantasy where your feet and body come magically alive. Thanks Michael. There was a problem with the car. It would lunge and ebb … Continue reading

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I, Yeti.

Today is probably one of the worst we’ve had since the Beast of the East. The rain is driving horizontally across the windows with winds of 36 mph and gusts of 48 mph. It is also damn cold, so the … Continue reading

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The Syns of a Cold

The last thing you think about when up to your eyes in snotty tissues and cold remedies is DIETS! It’s extremely doubtful I will have a loss this week, but that doesn’t mean to say I intend to come off … Continue reading

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Honey and Lemon cocktails

My bedside table looks like a jumble sale as it’s untidily cluttered with cold remedies. Vic √ Toilet roll (no tissues) √ Throat lozenges  √ Decongestants  √ Menthol eucalyptus √ Cough medicine √ Lemsip with honey √ (drunk) Bin for soiled tissues √ I am extremely careful … Continue reading

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Robin Hood

No Lincoln Green here, or Kevin Costner for that matter, just a quickie and a bit of humour on a rainy afternoon. There are a few little catch phrases when you play darts, like double top for double twenty, shanghai … Continue reading

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