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Top Brand or Substitute?

Designer clothes are one thing but some people will only use the Top Brands of household items. Personally I don’t care where I buy my groceries or toiletries as long as I get value for money and flavour accordingly for … Continue reading

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The bells! The bells!

You may remember that Hubby wasn’t happy for me to use the oven here until he had serviced it and fixed a loose knob. That was all done a little while ago, and today I got to test drive the … Continue reading

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Play it Again (Sam)

I have just had a glorious hour or so at my new keyboard and feel elated. I only recall two bum notes, other than that it was like old times and my hands have held up particularly well. I am … Continue reading

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Wishy washy, all dry

We were lucky in that the previous home owners decided to leave us the washing machine in the kitchen. It saved us about two hundred pounds, which as things turned out, has been a bit of a life saver in … Continue reading

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Sunday Writing Prompt #224 – Name that Tune

OK Pat, I’ll rise to your challenge with a little musical banter and take them all on! (Can I do that?) Squirrel Nut Zippers GoGo Penguins Abstract Evil Barbie Bimbo Toolshed The Pineapples from the Dawn of Time Reign … Continue reading

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And some fell on stoney ground

The local residents have yet to appreciate my sense of humour. Imagine the scene when I was out walking Maggie this morning when a guy came out of his house on his mobility scooter to take his dog for a … Continue reading

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Just a thought…..

Next week,  9th to 15th October, is National Chocolate Week. Chocoholics Unite! Dieters go on strike! Eat to your heart’s delight! Calories go take a hike!

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