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Eggs a-poppin!

Anyone know what they’re feeding chickens these days? Maggie has a scrambled egg every morning for her breakfast. I crumble her half glucosamine tablet into it and she’s a happy bunny. I cook the egg in the microwave, and more … Continue reading

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Showing my claws

Since Hubby and I have been together (almost 29 years now), I have stopped biting my nails. The result is 10 rather uneven crescents that tend to split if I’m feeling a little under the weather or missing doughnuts something … Continue reading

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The wrong bed, again and again.

What a night! I have not laughed so much for a while, and any ideas of an early night were soon shot to hell. Tonight was my second darts match. I lost my singles game as well as the doubles … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Baby

There is a lot of memorabilia for Baby’s First Christmas, Baby’s First Birthday etc, which is all very nice if you have a baby. My babies have all had four legs, and at Christmas, they have all had presents. Most … Continue reading

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Saturday 2nd December

My day started pretty much as normal, waking up to find the dog curled up alongside me and Hubby’s side of the bed empty as it was almost 7am. I got up and dressed, then together we took the dog … Continue reading

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Chuckle of the Day

Hubby is practicing his darts and complained they were not sticking in. He’s just said he’d do better with the air rifle!

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Amazing Graze

This post is sort of an aside from this week’s Twittering Tales. Hubby sometimes talks about replacing the car with a horse and cart . It makes me wonder about his sanity (well, he did marry me) but there are … Continue reading

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