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A Backward Step (again)

‘It’s the heat’, she said. ‘It’s affecting everybody’. Yeah right, the lad 2 people in front of me lost six pounds, and the lady directly in front lost a pound. Not so with me, one and a half on. Oh … Continue reading

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Argh! Put them away!!

It’s going to be another hot sweltering day, and you’d think that doing an impression of a walking sauna would shed pounds off me. Nope. Unfriendly scales this morning despite the speedy melon, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines, fresh apricots, peaches, salads, … Continue reading

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Depends on the Day

Today is Monday, the day following Sunday that heralds the start of a new week. A day when most of my working colleagues were miserable or grumpy because the weekend was over and they were about to be stuck in … Continue reading

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Wordle #160

This seems an easier mix this week! Here is the selection: 1. Mundane 2. Neat 3. Vent 4. Spine 5. Wrapper 6. La gaudiere (n.)) the glint of goodness inside people, which you can only find by sloshing them back … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Mix–17 June 2017

Thanks Teresa. Some really interesting facts you’ve listed here! I remember Janis Ian’s song ‘At Seventeen’ from 1975 though I was actually 19 at the time. However, being 17 was not a good time for me. I was just … Continue reading

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It ain’t ‘arf ‘ot

Temperatures are soaring here in the UK. Three adults and one furball are finding it tough, and last night was the worst. It’s bad enough having my hot flushes, whatever time of the day, but when one is permanently boiling … Continue reading

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Down in the dumps

‘There’s something wrong, and you’re not telling me.‘ Hubby said this morning. I told him everything was fine, and not to worry, but he wasn’t having it. He knows me too well. I suppose his mind has gone into overdrive … Continue reading

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