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My other job is………..

Anyone remember the days of The Secret Shopper, where people were hired to frequent certain business outlets and report on service and the like? Hubby applied for such a job but was turned down, but sometimes I wonder if they … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver # 131 – 10th August 2017 – Birth

This time we are to consider “Birth” as this week’s topic. Ah, the birth of Mankind, or any species for that matter, and the age old question of What came first, The Chicken or The Egg? I read somewhere … Continue reading

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Even the internet is confused

Just a little light relief in our search: There are three of us looking, each in our own little way, but our general parameters are the same: Detached Bungalow Garden Car Parking 2 bedrooms So imagine our surprise when MSM … Continue reading

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Teeth revisited

I did a post on this shortly after I started my blog, complete with a poem (smile here). With so many adverts on TV at the moment about toothpastes and mouthwashes, I can’t help but notice other people’s gnashers! My … Continue reading

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FFfAW #121, 27th June

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Mark with @any1mark66, and what an image it is too! Botchy had got the co-ordinates wrong and he was in a right pickle. It wasn’t rocket science to realise he was in the … Continue reading

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A Backward Step (again)

‘It’s the heat’, she said. ‘It’s affecting everybody’. Yeah right, the lad 2 people in front of me lost six pounds, and the lady directly in front lost a pound. Not so with me, one and a half on. Oh … Continue reading

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Argh! Put them away!!

It’s going to be another hot sweltering day, and you’d think that doing an impression of a walking sauna would shed pounds off me. Nope. Unfriendly scales this morning despite the speedy melon, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines, fresh apricots, peaches, salads, … Continue reading

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