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Finally, a home.

It’s hard to believe we completed on the sale of our house six weeks ago. Now all that is definitely behind us, as we took possession of our new home yesterday. Hubby then had to move it (with tuition) from … Continue reading

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Congrats just a tad early

We had a call from Bro this morning congratulating us on moving into our new home. Except we hadn’t yet. Bro was hysterical on the other end of the line as he had forgotten the time difference, having read our … Continue reading

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It’s a go

The Survey passed with flying colours, and we are getting a good deal for our money.Tomorrow I part with the big bucks, and Tuesday we will be moving. Some of our ‘Woods’ friends have been in touch, and because we … Continue reading

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Favourite things

In the 60s, I saw The Sound of Music so many times, I could probably act it on my own. Actually, my favourite piece was Climb Every Mountain, and recently we have had to deal with ‘bumps’ that escalated to … Continue reading

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today is confusing, frustrating, and a bloody farce. We have been with our current bankers for almost 20 years, and have never had a problem. That was until we sold our house, and were unable to give a permanent forwarding … Continue reading

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Two men, a wife, and a hedge

The current two men in my life were quite content for me to go shopping (alone) for our evening meal as they had plans to do some ‘maintenance’. I set off in our trusty car-cum-mobile-tent (bed still made up in … Continue reading

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Bloody red tape

Our search continues, and we have had responses to our enquiries ‘outside the box’. We appear to be doing a bureaucratic two-step, ie one step forward and one step back, thus getting absolutely nowhere. Reading literature was confusing as it … Continue reading

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Dawn of a New Day

We have had a day off from house hunting, enjoying the company of our friend and our dogs as we sat on the docks in Bristol over a bacon and egg sarnie watching the world go by (and wishing we … Continue reading

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Hi friends

Since my last post, things have not been going well. I would like to say we have found a property, but this is not the case. We have mastered piggy backing on free wifi, yet despite exploring areas where the … Continue reading

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The World is our Oyster

Yeah, right, and I hate shellfish, no matter how fancy. Full of optimism, we set off and found our camp site from 7 years ago. The owners remembered us, so in a way it was like coming home. We set … Continue reading

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