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Plan of attack last 7 days.

One of the key words in my ‘chat’ at group last week was planning. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that normally when we plan anything it always goes belly up, however, with Slimming World, planning your meals is half the … Continue reading

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A good trip, but a long day.

We set off just before 6am today, with me driving the first leg on the motorways. I have never seen so many HGVs in such close proximity, and several didn’t seem to see the little blue I10 trundling by and … Continue reading

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Breaking Habits, any advice?

I have said before that Maggie is a creature of habit, and she now has a serious one we have to break. This is getting us up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Living on a … Continue reading

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And now some Good News!

I had my Oncology appointment with the God type person today. He only kept us waiting fifty minutes and at least apologised this time. He even had my notes to hand, and remembered our last meeting! This may have had … Continue reading

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Four Weeks On

I had my final radiotherapy session on 26th January, and was told that it would continue to work for about three weeks from when my initial treatment ended and another three after the last of my boosters. Talk about slow … Continue reading

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Memoirs of a First Aider

Losing my Dad in 1996 was a catalyst for deciding to become a First Aider at work when a vacancy arose in the bank. I am not very good at the sight of blood, especially my own, but I thought … Continue reading

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The Eyes have It

I have a thing about eyeballs. I have a thing about needles. There are scenes in Pitch Black and Minority Report where needles meet eyeballs. Is it any wonder then that today I was extremely nervous for my eye appointment … Continue reading

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