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Seeing Doctor Happy

I had my appointment with Doctor Happy today and ended up having a trainee as well. The trainee (very nice) took my history, weighed me, checked my blood pressure and dipped my pee. My concerns were weight, water retention, hot … Continue reading

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Weight Issue

I’ve been having a few problems lately and thought it was just food, not just the wrong things, but the wrong quantities. However, I have been feeling sluggish for over a week now, and I ache in every bone. At … Continue reading

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Spoke too soon

Looks like liver and bacon may not be back on the menu afterall. Hubby took the first of his new pills last night, and we ended up in A&E. He felt weird, his blood pressure rocketed (thank goodness we still … Continue reading

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Tried to get a doctor’s appointment today (27th March) and rang the surgery at 8am. Earliest appointment? 20th April. Then I read the headline that our Government is thinking of introducing a Health Tax guaranteed to go to the NHS. … Continue reading

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Back on the Menu

It started off as a good day, beautiful sunshine and we’d both slept pretty well. We even remembered to check the roads for possible hold ups, and allowed ourselves an extra half an hour for the trip as the main … Continue reading

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We’re psychic or what?

You know where I’m going with this don’t you (see previous post). Yep, we rang the pharmacy at 3.30. ‘No sir, I’m sorry but we haven’t received your prescription yet.’ It’s chucking it down outside, so we don yellows (all … Continue reading

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When it hits the fan…………….

We have a bit of a crisis  at the moment as it would appear that the doc has forgotten to tick the all important box for repeat meds and we have now run out. When we first came here, the … Continue reading

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