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How loud the silence.

Since moving here four weeks ago, the three of us have been sleeping more or less soundly. It is surprisingly quiet here, and should we wake in the early hours, unless Maggie has asked to go out, we simply roll … Continue reading

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All the threes?

It’s 3.33 according to the little clock on my laptop, and Maggie has got me up three times tonight. Bless her, she’s been violently sick, done a massive poo and a big wee, her stomach is churning madly, but despite … Continue reading

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Oct 3rd: new house

Hubby collected Maggie at 3.30 yesterday. The vet didn’t take the lump out as apparently it would leave too big a hole and might be unnecessary, hence just the biopsy. She was already dosed up so I gave her a … Continue reading

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Oct 2: new home

I’ve had one of the roughest nights for ages thanks to this annoying cough that has manifested itself shortly after having my flu jab a couple of weeks ago. Around this time of year, I always get a cough, but … Continue reading

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Letter writing as usual.

I have written to my Mum three times since our arrival here and contacted the care home twice. It would appear that Mum is settling in and participating in all of the activities, responding well to the stimulation as we … Continue reading

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Process of elimination

30th September 2017 entry Last day of September, and it’s 1am. Something has woken me up, and I’m feeling as sick as a dog. Hubby has always said to wake him if I’m not feeling well, so now the pair … Continue reading

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Ode to My Indiscretion (and slimmers everywhere)

Reblog, as I’ve temporarily resigned from Slimming World until we get sorted and I can join a new group locally   Shock and dismay at my indiscretion, The scales have moved in the wrong direction, Wiping the smile off my … Continue reading

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