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Yippee! Melanie is back as she stands in for Frank’s  Truthful Tuesday. The question this week: Is it compassionate for medical professionals to keep people on tenterhooks waiting for results, particularly if the diagnosis in question could be really bad … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Breast Cancer

Recent headlines have been full of women being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Some have responded to treatment, others have sadly passed away and my thoughts are with their families and friends. I have just read an article of a 34 … Continue reading

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Some you win…………..

I wasn’t worried about my diabetes check up today, and if anything was looking forward to my blood test results to see how things were going. Ah……………… I went in with my check list as I like to keep my … Continue reading

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She found a vein!

Usually when I go for blood tests, my veins run for cover and the poor nurse has a job finding one. Trying to be helpful, I slapped the crook of my elbow in the hope of bringing one up and … Continue reading

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Face to Toe

We’d had lunch and it was such a lovely day we didn’t want to waste it so armed with seed for the ducks, we went for a walk. Typically, the doc rang while we were out but other than feathered … Continue reading

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Hospital Waiting Room

This is a peeve on Friday rather than Monday. Hubby had his eye appointment today and things did not go exactly as one would expect. We arrived at 10.20, so plenty of time for his appointment at 10.35. I stayed … Continue reading

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Boosters ahoy!

OK, it didn’t help when the first thing we noticed outside the surgery was an ambulance. Hubby stated that if that was for someone who’d had a reaction to the Pfizer booster, then he wasn’t having it, and neither was … Continue reading

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Went the Phone Calls well

Good news on the phone front in that Hubby’s results are in and there is no cause for concern. He has now been checked out top to bottom, and apart from expected things that come with age (I could say … Continue reading

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Nothing sinister

Hurrah! Hubby had his internal pictures taken and there is nothing sinister lurking where it shouldn’t. They called me in to collect him and discuss their findings, then he was allowed home. He has diverticulosis, which is exactly what the … Continue reading

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Deja Vu anyone?

Hubby woke up with toothache this morning, nothing too dramatic, just a nuisance so he wanted to get it looked at before it became a major issue. We changed dental surgeries less than a year ago as our existing surgery … Continue reading

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