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E- ew! Don’t read if squeamish.

Oh dear. Glad I didn’t ignore her. Maggie got me up at 6, did the business and we came back to bed. A little while ago, she got me up again, and usually I would take my time before letting … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

I had my physio appointment at 11.30 today and we arrived at the surgery at 11.10. Plenty of time……………… you would think. The self registration arrival machine didn’t accept my details last time, so I was second in line to … Continue reading

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E N T next

Boy, that was quick! Appointment has come through for Hubby’s throat check as requested by the GP on Monday afternoon. Even better, it’s next Monday, 25th February, so no hanging around! That’s got to be a record!

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I like Tuesdays

Tuesdays have several challenges I enjoy, but today is extra special as the X-Ray is done and dusted. We phoned up just to confirm it was a walk in appointment and where radiology actually was as we have only ever … Continue reading

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Sit and Wait

My turn to get up early and get to the doctor’s surgery before it opened. I was going to go tomorrow, but Hubby’s appointment elsewhere is late afternoon today, so as I was awake at 6.30, I thought go for … Continue reading

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Sorry, we shouldn’t have scheduled that………

You can’t make these things up. The saga of Hubby’s hospital appointment continues. After Sunday’s cancellation and confirmation of his new appointment on the 26th in the post, we have been dutiful and arranged an INR appointment the day before … Continue reading

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What is NOT happening today

In January, Hubby was sent a hospital appointment but with other things going on at the time, he decided to reschedule and they gave him the 11th February instead. We drove up to the hospital last month to get his … Continue reading

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