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Field Trip 16 June

I woke up this morning extremely low and depressed. Hubby asked me what was wrong and I replied nothing, I was just feeling down. I can’t explain it, as I’d slept pretty well and nothing (other than the usual) is … Continue reading

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When the left doesn’t know what the right is doing

I’ve got to hand it to our surgery, they deserve an Oscar for their performance. Hubby is on yet more new pills, this time anti cholesterol that are not statins prescribed by the Consultant he saw at the hospital a … Continue reading

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Surgery chaos again

Hubby had a phone call from the doctor’s surgery yesterday asking him to arrange for a blood test today. Hubby said this wouldn’t be a problem as he had an INR check scheduled for today so could tack it on … Continue reading

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Nurse check

This morning I had my not-diabetes nurse appointment, and met a very pleasant young lady called Jamie. She apologised for her scales not being that accurate and weighed me in at five pounds heavier than my appointment with Doctor Happy. … Continue reading

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Saturday dinner

I am not very popular with Hubby just now as he is suffering with my cold four times worse than I had it. The new duvet kept him lovely and snug in the spare room last night, but he woke … Continue reading

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A sneeze does not necessarily mean hay fever.

With the recent gloriously hot days of late and temperatures reaching up to 24ºC, I am lucky not to suffer from hay fever as people cut their lawns or tend their flower beds. Since visiting Doctor Happy and more or … Continue reading

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Seeing Doctor Happy

I had my appointment with Doctor Happy today and ended up having a trainee as well. The trainee (very nice) took my history, weighed me, checked my blood pressure and dipped my pee. My concerns were weight, water retention, hot … Continue reading

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