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Join the queue

This is my 16,000th post and would tie in with Sadje’s Sunday Poser about stats, but I just left a comment on her post this week. I had a terrible night with this coughing bug that refuses to depart, and … Continue reading

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Someone ate my post

I have just ‘published’ a 600 word post only to have it completely disappear! I am not impressed!!! Oh well: to fill you all in…………………. The good news is that I seem to be over the worst of whatever it … Continue reading

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Ode to Summer Flu

Summer flu is no fun, Your nose is permanently on the run, Like a tap, it doesn’t stop And blowing hard makes your ears pop. The headache makes your eardrums pound, Tom toms boom,¬† the only sound: Tissues are your … Continue reading

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Getting there: 21st May

Second Covid test is negative. Another bad night, but this time with the coughing fit from hell. My chest hurts from it, but I actually feel a little better. I had a shower this morning after Hubby had let me … Continue reading

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Just checking in 20th May

I had an awful night with very little sleep, having to arrange my pillows so that I was upright and to stop my mouth flooding! I couldn’t breathe at all through my nose (did you know you can’t blow your … Continue reading

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Under the weather

The day started miserable and I woke up cold so Hubby put the heating on for half an hour. I’d gone to bed last night with the tail end of one of the worst headaches I’d had in years. Sugar … Continue reading

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Getting Old Sucks

Hubby and I were chatting about our various ailments the other day and agree that we don’t have a healthy body between us…………… well, apart from Maya. I had my rheumatology appointment today, which I had thought was at 10.15 … Continue reading

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Zapping one’s strength

When I was a teenager, it was nothing for me to try and burn the candle at both ends sometimes, especially as the weekend approached. I would go to discos on a Friday and Saturday night at least twice a … Continue reading

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What’s up Doc?

Most of the time we can muddle along, take OTC meds or painkillers that have been prescribed and get by, but there are times when we need some professional help and then comes the stressful experience of ringing the doctor’s … Continue reading

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The way I’m feeling right now……………. a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
ranges from anger, disbelief, shock, fear and confusion. I had my core biopsy results yesterday, and it is not good news. My initial fear has been confirmed and that little bastard Humphrey has left a residue.…

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