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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
It is hard to believe that two years ago come the 31st I had surgery to remove a small lump that Hubby and I referred to as Humphrey. I was extremely lucky and they got it…

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Reaction to Pain Meds

I had an appointment to see my GP on Sept 9th to discuss pain medication for my arthritis and she prescribed Nefopam Hydrochloride. It wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I felt the need to take some, the … Continue reading

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Vet visit 20th September

I’m scheduling this for Wednesday as I’ve bombarded you all enough today as I played catch up. Armed with readers suggestions, what we had found on the internet and a mass of questions, we took Maya to the vet today. … Continue reading

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Dogs and Eczema

Maya appears to have canine eczema. We have seen the vet a few times now, discussed the tea tree and lavender cream we are using (thumbs up from him) and the medication he prescribed knocked her sideways so we took … Continue reading

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Today’s relief

I had my annual mammogram last week, but in the morning when I had my shower, I thought I felt a lump. It is three years ago that I had my mastectomy, and three years before that that I had … Continue reading

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For Folic’s sake……..

I had the call from the pharmacist this morning at 11am when I was in the middle of a shopping queue. Luckily Hubby could finish off as I took the dog outside to take it. No, it was not about … Continue reading

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Saturday Swapit #30

Welcome to the last Saturday Swapit of July. Here I hope you can find something to help get the diet blues into perspective and realise you are not alone should you slip in the occasional ‘naughty’ item, which you shouldn’t … Continue reading

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GP update

The GP was very nice and could see how swollen my ankle and legs were. She is arranging for XRays on both feet to check for osteoarthritis and I have a blood test booked for next week to check out … Continue reading

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Yippee! Melanie is back as she stands in for Frank’s  Truthful Tuesday. The question this week: Is it compassionate for medical professionals to keep people on tenterhooks waiting for results, particularly if the diagnosis in question could be really bad … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Breast Cancer

Recent headlines have been full of women being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Some have responded to treatment, others have sadly passed away and my thoughts are with their families and friends. I have just read an article of a 34 … Continue reading

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