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He’s lost it……………

A dog walking friend has ‘fessed up that he has finally ‘lost it’ due to the coronavirus lockdown. He decided to help his wife in the garden by watering the plants and set the hose up accordingly. He was not … Continue reading

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Taking Advantage

On the subject of curious thought, here’s another one that is perhaps not so pleasant. Our neighbour recently had some work done at her house, which included the removal of two trees from her back garden, the tarmacing of her … Continue reading

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Community Spirit

I was born in a council house and there were quite a few young families on our estate and in our road. Next door there were 6 children, three older and three younger than me, three doors up there were … Continue reading

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Cost a fortune

For my birthday, my bestie from Slimming World 2016 (who I am still in touch with) sent me a gift card for a coffee shop that I hadn’t had a chance to use up here. When I wrote and thanked … Continue reading

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Letter Writing

Way back on August 1st, Cyranny posted a Kind Hearted Challenge about writing a letter to someone you hadn’t been in contact with for a while. This was my response post and yesterday I made my Hello Cards. I was … Continue reading

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Hello Cards

I finally got round to making some Hello Cards today. I have a few letters to write to friends we made when we were on the boat, and thought it would be nice to send a pretty card rather than … Continue reading

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Day’s almost over: not done much!

Both of us had a bad night, though Maggie settled after midnight and slept through until 6, when she wanted to go out. Both businesses done, we went back to bed. Hubby was zonked (finally) in the spare room, so … Continue reading

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A Bouquet for Me

It was the funeral today, and the weather could have been a little more sympathetic. We decided to leave early so as not to get blocked in our drive and to find somewhere to park at the other end as … Continue reading

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The paperwork starts……………..

The Bank Holiday weekend is over, and offices are back to normal. Our neighbour is holding up, but you can see her pain etched through her entire body. Phone calls today. I was there when the Coroner rang to confirm … Continue reading

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Friendships and relationships

I’ve read a few posts recently about friends and relationships. What classes as a best friend? Is it someone you’ve known practically all your life, or someone who entered it at a particular moment and has stuck with you through … Continue reading

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