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Someone ate my post

I have just ‘published’ a 600 word post only to have it completely disappear! I am not impressed!!! Oh well: to fill you all in…………………. The good news is that I seem to be over the worst of whatever it … Continue reading

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Tell me a joke…….. or something to make me smile

I’m serious. My muse, if I actually had one, has flown the coop, emigrated, done a runner, gone AWOL, and my spirits are pretty low. This is reflected in my blog which some of you may have noticed has been … Continue reading

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The Personal Touch

One of the things I enjoy about card making is that little bit of ‘personal touch’ that goes into each one, especially when I have someone specific in mind. Like my blog, I never thought it would take off the … Continue reading

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A New Candle: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
We went to the Abbey today to light a candle for our friend in The Lady Chapel. We actually lit four, one each for our Dads, and put two others in between them for her and…

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Trip Pending

We spent over an hour planning our route down to MOH. It was going to be a killer. It wouldn’t matter which way we went, we’d hit a bottleneck or rush hour traffic somewhere, so tried to work out the … Continue reading

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Friendly Vs Truth

MOH has returned home today after his mini break and four evenings of Scrabble where he won just one game. It’s weird that when we play at his, we are the ones to get hammered as he puts down seven … Continue reading

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Mine, I tell you, mine!

Guess what I saw in the second hand shop yesterday? In fact I saw 4, but couldn’t see the price, and the shop wasn’t open on Sundays. MOH arrived safely yesterday afternoon and we spent an enjoyable evening playing scrabble … Continue reading

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MOH, CH and a weekend away

We are down to stay with MOH for the weekend in the hope of getting his central heating sorted prior to our move away. Frank the Tank has had his winter top up, so now it’s just a case of … Continue reading

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Remnants of Summer

The day was quite pleasant when we took Maggie for her first walk this morning. Although there was a slight nip in the air, it didn’t warrant trussing ourselves up like stuffed turkeys, as we needed just our bodywarmers plus … Continue reading

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Fair Deal

MOH made me cry yesterday. Hubby too. He accused us of cheating, having secret signals and coded facial expressions. And all over a game of cards!

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