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Two Meat Free!

I wasn’t sure what to do for lunch today, but Hubby said he fancied something light with rice, so not having taken anything out of the freezer last night or having any salad stuff left, I opted for old reliable: … Continue reading

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More roses………. and dinner

Our red In Loving Memory is glorious, and a second bud is coming out. This is the original bloom on June 14th. I took this picture of it yesterday That’s my hand on the left so you can get an … Continue reading

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Household Budgets

Hubby was listening to something on the internet about budgets yesterday and how to adapt when income has diminished to make ends meet. As we walked Maggie for the final time last night, we agreed that although we are on … Continue reading

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It’s a Sin

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
A devil, a temptress, a siren Calling to me, drawing me in: Your brothers and sisters an army Of delight invading my soul, Staring down from perches on high, Teasing in their torment of guilt and…

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Bangers and Mash

Hubby and I have fond memories of bangers and mash, and a small cafe in Aberystwyth called Rumble Tums. For the princely sum of £6, you would get two sausages, mash and onion gravy with a side dish of 3 … Continue reading

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Steak Out : 9 June 2020

Not that we could afford a steak meal out these days as at the last count, an 8oz rump steak was around £12 – £15. The piece I bought today was just over £4 and big enough for the three … Continue reading

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Tempting the Canine and Human Palate

Maggie has been off her food these past few days, but content to sample ours or eat cooked chicken and her biscuits. We have to give her her meds with food, so this has been a bit of a concern … Continue reading

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A bit nuts…………

No, nothing to do with my previous posts but how about cereal bars? SW do their own range and you get 6 for £1.95. You can have 2 of them as a daily healthy B option, or syn them at … Continue reading

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Fresh from the mint

Our mint has gone nuts in the junk plot at the bottom of the garden, so today I picked a couple of leaves and made myself a minty potato and ham salad. It was quite straight forward and apart from … Continue reading

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You are so radishing!

Hubby had a second day of chili today as it was too much for one day between the two of us, but not enough for both of us for two days because it was only a small packet of minced … Continue reading

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