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Showing my claws

Since Hubby and I have been together (almost 29 years now), I have stopped biting my nails. The result is 10 rather uneven crescents that tend to split if I’m feeling a little under the weather or missing doughnuts something … Continue reading

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How do you like them Melons?

No, not a misquote of the infamous ‘How do you like them apples’ from Good Will Hunting. I’m talking melons, ripe, juicy melons………………. or perhaps not.

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Burnt Offerings

Well, not quite, but pretty close. I used the oven for dinner yesterday, making sure it was hot before I put anything in. We’re not sure if it’s the thermostat, the knob position or something else as we don’t have … Continue reading

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What are we eating?

It’s Budget Day next week here in the UK and I wonder what our dear chancellor has up his sleeve to screw us for even more money we haven’t got. I read that there is a possibility of a Takeaway … Continue reading

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Di -ate

What can I say. It’s all gone out of the window/front door, got in the car and driven away. Not walking Maggie four or five times a day is growing showing. Getting in nibbles, biscuits and choccie bars for MOH’s … Continue reading

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Friendly Vs Truth

MOH has returned home today after his mini break and four evenings of Scrabble where he won just one game. It’s weird that when we play at his, we are the ones to get hammered as he puts down seven … Continue reading

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Snippet heard on the news this morning

This week is UK Sausage week (sauce/ source) This is how I like mine: But the last ones I had were like this: (apart from breakfast this morning………. well you have to take part in such things, don’t you?)

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