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Snow moon, Witchy Socks, and a Frittata

I’ve seen a couple of posts about the last picture on the camera for February. I think mine was the snow moon. One picture was taken with the flash, the other without, both before the street lights came on. It … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesday: February 2nd, 2021

Frank aka PCGuyIV is our host for the Truthful Tuesday prompt. You can find out more and last week’s round-up of participants (myself included) here Frank’s question this week: Whether it’s soups, stews, or chili, are there certain foods that … Continue reading

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Toad in the Hole

We Brits may seem to have some odd eating habits, but Toad in the Hole is a family favourite, and one I used to do quite often when I was bringing up a family. It was cheap and filling, and … Continue reading

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Ten Deadly Syns

Well, they’re not exactly deadly, but I needed a headline. Today has been a good day, and even though Hubby’s INR is up again, we know why and can compensate accordingly. He will have another test on Monday. We have … Continue reading

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It’s harder than ever now

As a rule, I’m not one to give up, though circumstances in recent years have had me shelving or postponing diet plans. Not knowing what to get me for my birthday in 2019, and knowing how depressed I was getting … Continue reading

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Five favourite winter soups

This week, Dr Tanya asks us to list our five favourite soups. She says: What better winter warmer than a steaming hot bowl of soup? It fills you up and warms the cockles of your heart. Soup is the best … Continue reading

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Dinner experiment

Having discovered to my shock that the cornish pasties I’ve taken a shine to have a whopping 28 syns, even if I had one on my double syn day, they are still too high and therefore off the menu. Bummer. … Continue reading

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Shopping on a budget

Hubby picked up on a headline today about a savvy mum spending £10 on food for the week in comparison to the government’s ‘£30 food parcel’ which probably only cost just over a fiver. I couldn’t find that one, but … Continue reading

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Applying myself for 2021

Getting the head in the right mindset to apply myself back into the SW plan has taken a while. The goodies I bought ‘For Christmas’ are mostly still where I stored them, and in years past we would probably have … Continue reading

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Our shopping experience today

It was horrible! The journey wasn’t too bad until we were about 2 miles out, then traffic was getting busy coming in the opposite direction. I was glad I wasn’t driving as the potholes are now craters. The plan was … Continue reading

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