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Change of tactics required maybe?

I got on the scales this morning and felt like crying. No matter which way I had them set or jiggled on them, they are going in the wrong direction. I know it’s not Monday, but I had hoped to … Continue reading

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Blood Red Tax

My Dad was a meat and two veg kind of guy. So was FIL come to think of it. Eventually though, the sunday joint of beef was beyond Mum’s purse unless for a very special occasion and we turned to … Continue reading

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Q.O.T.D. 30th October

Today we are asked How motivated am I to change something important in my life? Food and diet are always a sticking point, and with our recent reflux issues, even more so as our appetites and tastes are so … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation Take 2: Week 4 result

The cold bug is still us, but we feel it has finally got the message that it has overstayed its welcome. If we could just have a couple of good nights sleep, it would help tremendously, but hopefully we will … Continue reading

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An unfamiliar sight:

Hands up those of us who remember the daily pinta delivered to your door in the early hours by the milkman? My milko in Bath never missed a day, regardless of the weather, and whilst it was not my norm … Continue reading

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Doughnuts, buns and allsorts

Hubby is really suffering again today, so I am all for spoiling him. I cooked stew for dinner adding more veg and an extra onion. Mum always used to swear by onions for colds, and sometimes would buy the little … Continue reading

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Banana Tip

The Minions would be proud Hubby and I enjoy a banana on our breakfast cereal. When we buy them, we tend to pickĀ  those more on the green side than yellow so that they keep longer. Recently though, the produce … Continue reading

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