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How do you like your onions?

We have just weighed our onion crop and have a staggering 22.2lbs! This is after we have given a fair few away. These are pictures of our last two crops, and this year’s completely covered the table above. Not bad … Continue reading

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Today’s ‘Doh’ moment

Not that long ago, our neighbour asked for assistance in opening a can of corned beef as she couldn’t get the key to work. There is a knack as you remove the key from the side of the tin, invert … Continue reading

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I love eggs and omelettes, so it makes sense I love quiche too.  However, traditional quiche has pastry, and pastry is a no-no (or only a little bit) according to the SW bible. One of my better experiments in the … Continue reading

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News article: Food diary

Hubby came across this in the online news and as you all know I am very food (and money) conscious so I thought it worthy of a post. Bearing in mind the writer works full time, but from home as … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers : 24th January 2020: a reblog

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Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the weekly Friday Fictioneers Challenge. Our photoprompt this week is supplied by Na’ama Yehuda It isn’t here, It isn’t there, I know it’s hiding Around somewhere. Can’t be in sunlight, Would…

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5 Things Tuesday — Favourite Bread Rolls

Today Dr Tanya is inviting us to share our favourite bread rolls. You can find her choices and original post here I don’t eat lot of bread these days, though it’s not something banned from my diet, and some can … Continue reading

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Has Beens

Hands up those who remember the advert in the UK Beanz meanz Heinz? As a kid, I was never a fan of beans, much preferring spaghetti but I was in a minority. If Mum could get the small tins, or … Continue reading

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Dieters: Chocolate alert, but read this

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I was going to schedule this post for Sunday but thought better of it in respect of being forewarned is forearmed sotospeak. To my fellow dieters, Sunday July 7th is World Chocolate Day (source). With all…

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Yorkshire pudding 1 Mother in Law 0

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It was mother in law’s birthday, and as Hubby was away on a course, I thought I’d take her out to lunch. I gave her the choice of venue, knowing she liked the local carvery, and…

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Snow moon, Witchy Socks, and a Frittata

I’ve seen a couple of posts about the last picture on the camera for February. I think mine was the snow moon. One picture was taken with the flash, the other without, both before the street lights came on. It … Continue reading

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