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A pair of socks and a slipper

My scales are pretty accurate as I was a pound within target when I weighed myself this morning. I knew I’d weigh heavy at group tonight, and I wasn’t wrong, but the damage is not as bad as it could … Continue reading

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Grow your own dinner

Well, we’ve had grow your own stew and we have two stewpacks in the freezer now. We harvested our sprouts and a friend gave us some runner beans so they too have been frozen down. But finally I have tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Getting stuffed!

But in the nicest possible way of course. I mentioned in my ‘Today is……… ‘ post earlier that we were having pork chops with stuffing (if I had any) and a certain person asked if she could come to dinner. … Continue reading

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Ah, I can see clearly now

Nothing to do with new specs or Johnny Nash/Jimmy Cliff in last week’s SLS challenge. The beauty of keeping a food diary is that you can check back on your eating habits to when things were going well when they … Continue reading

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Baffled R Us

Shopping today has been a successful trip, but the experience a little bemusing. To clarify the title of this post, I’ll start at the end of our shopping triathlon as this was where it occurred. I was sitting in the … Continue reading

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What to do with ‘bits’ of veg

Have you ever wondered what to do with the small pieces of frozen veg like cauliflower and broccoli that aren’t small enough to throw away but too small to be put on a dinner plate as a side? Bake………. or … Continue reading

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A virtual invitation

Please join me. This is a slice of today’s cheesecake, generous sized pieces of which have been dispatched to two neighbours and this was mine. I added a teaspoon of vanilla essence today, but other than that, it’s plain, with … Continue reading

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Let’s start the chin wagging

It has been quite a morning, and I am feeling tired, but good. Hubby was feeling tired and exhausted, so wasn’t up to having lunch and has had a nap instead. I cut the front lawn. It was looking tufty … Continue reading

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Today’s consolation prize

I baked. I was so fed up after today’s events and Hubby was yummy hungry, so I make rock buns. I made 8 (and a small loaf cake which when cool was wrapped in greaseproof paper and put in the … Continue reading

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My contribution to the Great Bloggers Bake Off

Today I cooked a McCheese for Hubby and a tomato pasta for me, so as they were ‘fresh dishes’ I took pictures to submit for the bake off challenge. I soaked the pasta in boiling water while making the … Continue reading

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