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Say 5 to Cheese!

Dr Tanya also hosts the 5 Things challenge, and today it’s cheese. She says: The 5 Things tag keeps surfacing on WordPress. I am not sure who first thought of it but I have always found it fun to do. … Continue reading

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Not quite what I thought

When Hubby decided he was going for this operation to sort out his reflux, he’d done a lot of research beforehand. The way his case has been handled leaves much to be desired, but it’s done now and we are … Continue reading

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I’m orlwhite

Tummy rumbles, What’s for dinner? Something liquid, No wonder he’s thinner. Up the ante, Fish is a winner! Took off the breadcrumbs, Put flesh on the plate, White on white background, He couldn’t wait, Mash taters were crispy, To test … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver – #294 – Epic Fail – 24th September

Cheeky picture from Michael for his Tale Weaver Prompt this week! The Challenge This week consider the notion of an epic fail. It can be a very subjective view, like a dinner that went wrong, a holiday that went pear … Continue reading

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5 Favourite Ways To Enjoy Potatoes

Food, food, glorious food! Dr Tanya’s 5 things today is about the humble spud! Baked potatoes: come in a variety of sizes with even more varieties of fillings! I like mine with cheese, baked beans, tuna, chicken and mushrooms, curry, … Continue reading

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A pair of socks and a slipper

My scales are pretty accurate as I was a pound within target when I weighed myself this morning. I knew I’d weigh heavy at group tonight, and I wasn’t wrong, but the damage is not as bad as it could … Continue reading

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Grow your own dinner

Well, we’ve had grow your own stew and we have two stewpacks in the freezer now. We harvested our sprouts and a friend gave us some runner beans so they too have been frozen down. But finally I have tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Getting stuffed!

But in the nicest possible way of course. I mentioned in my ‘Today is……… ‘ post earlier that we were having pork chops with stuffing (if I had any) and a certain person asked if she could come to dinner. … Continue reading

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Ah, I can see clearly now

Nothing to do with new specs or Johnny Nash/Jimmy Cliff in last week’s SLS challenge. The beauty of keeping a food diary is that you can check back on your eating habits to when things were going well when they … Continue reading

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Baffled R Us

Shopping today has been a successful trip, but the experience a little bemusing. To clarify the title of this post, I’ll start at the end of our shopping triathlon as this was where it occurred. I was sitting in the … Continue reading

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