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Advertisement Prompt #2

As a young child, I was always in awe of babies, so when my nephews came along in the late 60s, I took an avid interest and was first in line with offers to babysit. I suppose being older when … Continue reading

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That Sinking Feeling

One of my favourite films from 2007 was PS I Love You, starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. We picked it up on the bargain shelf years ago, and I had my reservations about our choice as it started with … Continue reading

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It shouldn’t happen, but it did

Hands up those of you who remember All Creatures Great and Small, stories by James Herriot (3rd October 1916 – 23rd February 1995) about his days as a vet. We were given one of his books last year and told … Continue reading

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Film Review: La La Land

The last time I went to the pictures was to see Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines in 2003. The time before that was a midnight performance of Terminator 2, Judgement Day having been fed up with the number of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cathy Kelly, Between Sisters

This was one of my £10 dash gifts from Hubby, and I finished it last night. Lately, I haven’t been up to reading much, but with tiredness creeping in as it has, it’s been nice to curl up with the … Continue reading

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Once upon a Time…..

Walking Maggie back from the supermarket this morning, my mind wandered to this. Do you believe in Time Travel? That Time Travel is possible or perhaps could be within your lifetime? If it were, would you want to go back … Continue reading

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Film Review: X Men, Apocalypse

Having owned the originals until First Class, it comes as no surprise that Hubby bought me this for Christmas as Hugh Jackman is my hero (we kept the two Wolverine movies). OK, he doesn’t say a word in this, grunts … Continue reading

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