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Finally a bit of realism

Someone has been listening to public opinion, and finally they have cast a believable actor as Lee Child’s Jack Reacher  (source  and  source ) Six feet two (or is it four depending where you read) and two hundred and twenty … Continue reading

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Word of the Day 8-6-2020 Jester

Melanie has given us JESTER as her word of the day today. The Court Jester starring Danny Kaye immediately comes to mind. The scene about the poisoned challis is priceless.

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New Prompt ~ Six Degrees

Paula has a new prompt Blog Carnelli, and I thought I’d give it a go More details and origins here The idea is to start with one thing, then link something to it, and something else to that, etc. What … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesday #2

Frank has posed another question with his new challenge. You can find out more here This week’s question is: What three movies best sum up your taste in movies, and why? For years I loved a good horror story, James … Continue reading

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Terminator: Dark Fate review

It arrived today and we watched it this evening. What can I say? Forget any thought of another John Connor story. He is bumped off at the beginning by a T101 when he is a teenager (neat bit of editing … Continue reading

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It’s arrived!

Delivery was promised for Friday, 31st July, but it arrived today, so guess what we’re watching tonight???? Yay!! I have deliberately not read any ‘professional’ reviews or the synopsis as we like to watch things like this with an open … Continue reading

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Five things: Movies

Dr Tanya over at Salted Caramel asks us to list 5 Movies you love to watch over and over again: My choices might seem a little odd: The Terminator The Glenn Miller Story and It’s a Wonderful Life (cos I … Continue reading

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Film Review: Rambo, Last Blood

I bought this yesterday as we hadn’t had a new film for a while and as we’d seen the other 4, I was interested to see where they’d take the story. I’d read years ago that Clint Walker was going … Continue reading

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The Year That Changed Everything: Book Review

You may recall this post Well, I finished it last night, so here is my take. The above book is by Cathy Kelly, an author I have read a lot of over the years because I like her style of … Continue reading

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Now about that book I’m reading

I was given three books two Christmases ago and hadn’t picked up any of them. That changed a couple of nights ago when I thought maybe I ought to make the effort and do something different to blogging or playing … Continue reading

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