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The Early Hours

I started this post around 2.15 this morning, then deleted what I’d written and returned to bed. Trying to get to the publish stage now has been a nightmare of connections lost, no signal, no internet and limited service. Once … Continue reading

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Screwing for Greed

There are a lot of people on the marina up in arms today following receipt of a white envelope announcing a rise in mooring fees. The bar steward who owns the marina has decided to introduce a Residential Rate for … Continue reading

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Inconsiderate in their consideration

I’m beginning to think the radiotherapy is puckering up my sense of humour as well as my breast tissue and I’m turning into an old shrew! I don’t mean to be a party pooper or rain on anyone’s parade BUT: … Continue reading

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I could crush a grape!

Or jump on a box, or put my fist up close and personal to however is responsible for the miles of red tape, stress and BS we are being subjected to. Today it was the turn of Hubby to keep … Continue reading

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Abandon Ship!

When someone who lives aboard their boat dies in tragic circumstances (link) it brings it home to all of us how easily things can go so terribly wrong. When we lived in the house and had students, we had an … Continue reading

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Toothless Wonder

I close my eyes and count backwards from ten: One, two, three images take shape From the recesses of my mind as I drift Into the darkness of sleep. Numbers torment me in disarray, Backwards, forwards, non moving, Sheathed faces … Continue reading

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Are you Squeamish?

This was the subject matter of an email received from a friend today. No, she doesn’t have kids, but I found the above under ‘squeamish’ in google images and thought I’d just throw it in. Expecting a tale of gore, … Continue reading

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