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Spike in my stats!

NZ has just rocketed to 40 views………………. yo Bro and Co! XXX Advertisements

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A Gorilla named Chopper

Way back in 1996, Hubby was at a loss as to what to do for my 40th birthday. He managed to book me a helicopter ride, but couldn’t arrange it for my birthday weekend, so it had to be the … Continue reading

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We have just got back from walking the dog as we had a break in the rain and as usual I didn’t have my camera, so I came back for it. This was too good an opportunity to miss as … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad.

My Dad would have been 89 today. We have a candle burning by the photo of Mum and Dad on their silver wedding anniversary and one of my Father-in-law in uniform. The attached heart gizmo is spinning madly, so we … Continue reading

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Treading Carefully

When someone rich and famous dies, relatives seep, creep and eke out of the woodwork in the hope of getting their grubby hands on the spoils of inheritance. Disputes, ill feeling and contesting of the Will can follow, causing bigger … Continue reading

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Selfish in my Grief.

Grief has no hard and fast rules, doesn’t play a time game, and even cheats you into a false sense of security over the years. You can’t match it or get the better of it, neither can you ignore it, … Continue reading

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It’s a Generation Thing.

I thought that with Mum gone, we were no longer a family of five living generations. My sister and two brothers now head the family of four generations. I can’t really include myself as I have no children. But as … Continue reading

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