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Out of the darkness

Nightmares can be scary, and whilst this one woke me up, in the daylight and from what I can remember of it, it is totally ridiculous! Desperate, tentatively turn on the light, Bathroom in shadows, Creeping, moving. Light bulb swings … Continue reading

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I had a dream…………………

No, this is nothing to do with Abba, but it was such a weird and vivid dream, I thought I’d write a piece of fiction about it. She had always loved this dress. It was pale lilac with chiffon layers, … Continue reading

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Dream of Dad

Dad, I dreamed of you last night, You came to me and held me tight, I leaned into your warm embrace, Looked up into your kindly face. I must have been a child last night, In later years we were … Continue reading

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Sometimes a dream turns into a nightmare

When we bought the cottage, it was in need of a new kitchen, and as we were starting from scratch, we decided to invest in a reconditioned Rayburn solid fuel cooker which would also run our central heating. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Mum 2020

My Mum would have been 98 today. She would have loved to see the ducklings and goslings here. Photos taken February 2017 I remember the year Mum came up for a holiday when we were in the cottage and stayed … Continue reading

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Dreams and poetry

I had a nightmare last night, crying out in my sleep and Hubby coming in to calm me. It was 4 am. I have no idea what triggers them. Some people say not to eat cheese or chocolate before going … Continue reading

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I had a dream last night

How do you rate your dreams? Are they wishes, memories, hopes and desires? Or do they hold a hidden meaning or a warning perhaps. I admit I’ve had some doozies in my 63 years, but this latest one was odd, … Continue reading

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I dream of Maggie

It’s not often I dream about the dog, but I did last night, and it was a little unnerving. In my dream, I’d taken her with me to the launderette (which I actually did yesterday) and was approached by a … Continue reading

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Night demons

They come in the night, Cowardly, taking advantage Over the tired and weary, Weak and vulnerable, Where sleep is a distant friend. Defences down, they invade dreams: Lurking in shadows, From darkness they creep, A Silent Menace On the attack. … Continue reading

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Not yet, not yet

He stood in the shadows, watching and waiting to see how things turned out. She was joking and apparently in good spirits, but he could sense her fear. He knew her so well. It was different this time and he … Continue reading

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