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Sunday Ramble: Dreams

E.M. Kingston is our hostess for the Sunday Ramble. You can join in here This week’s topic is “dreams“. Here are the questions: Do you dream when you sleep at night? Do you wish that dreams were portals to other … Continue reading

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Nightmare Demons

They come at night, Stealthy, creeping, silent, As subconsciousness breaks They enter, I awaken screaming. The creature oozing out of the wall Becoming one with shadows But eyes gleam, legs stretch Coming for me, Enhancing my fears. The light snaps … Continue reading

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Do you believe in Ghosts?

Michael over at Morpethroad triggered a memory with his response to my 3TC today. You can read his post here. I was living with Bro at the time and they were away, so Hubby (to be) was keeping me company. … Continue reading

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Out of the darkness

Nightmares can be scary, and whilst this one woke me up, in the daylight and from what I can remember of it, it is totally ridiculous! Desperate, tentatively turn on the light, Bathroom in shadows, Creeping, moving. Light bulb swings … Continue reading

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I had a dream…………………

No, this is nothing to do with Abba, but it was such a weird and vivid dream, I thought I’d write a piece of fiction about it. She had always loved this dress. It was pale lilac with chiffon layers, … Continue reading

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Dream of Dad

Dad, I dreamed of you last night, You came to me and held me tight, I leaned into your warm embrace, Looked up into your kindly face. I must have been a child last night, In later years we were … Continue reading

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Sometimes a dream turns into a nightmare

When we bought the cottage, it was in need of a new kitchen, and as we were starting from scratch, we decided to invest in a reconditioned Rayburn solid fuel cooker which would also run our central heating. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Mum 2020

My Mum would have been 98 today. She would have loved to see the ducklings and goslings here. Photos taken February 2017 I remember the year Mum came up for a holiday when we were in the cottage and stayed … Continue reading

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Dreams and poetry

I had a nightmare last night, crying out in my sleep and Hubby coming in to calm me. It was 4 am. I have no idea what triggers them. Some people say not to eat cheese or chocolate before going … Continue reading

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I had a dream last night

How do you rate your dreams? Are they wishes, memories, hopes and desires? Or do they hold a hidden meaning or a warning perhaps. I admit I’ve had some doozies in my 63 years, but this latest one was odd, … Continue reading

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