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Chinese Chicken, all fall down

We had a chinese last night as we were late getting back to the B&B. Usual stuff, sweet and sour chicken balls in batter and boiled rice. We ate it in the car having asked for two containers as I … Continue reading

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Little Madam, Little Minx

There are times when Maggie exasperates me beyond belief, and other times when she is so endearing, my chest hurts. Last night, we took her down to the marina for her final wee just after 9.15. She would not oblige, … Continue reading

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Walking the Dog

Walking the dog under a marbled sky, No-one about, just Maggie and I. I look to the left and then to my right, Notice the onset of diminishing light. Clouds threaten yonder, heading our way, Thunder expected later today. Trotting … Continue reading

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Old age is catching up with us all.

Poor Maggie was sick first thing this morning. Luckily for me I recognised the signs and was able to get her downstairs and outside beforehand. We think it was because she found some mashed potatoes put out for the birds … Continue reading

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Hot Dog sizzles

It’s been another scorcher, and the rain fell everywhere else but here again today. The conservatory has been worse than an oven so out-of-bounds for most of the day. Just before midday, we decided to go out and find somewhere … Continue reading

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The Heat’s getting to us all

It’s uncomfortable in bed. The pillows are too hot, the sheet is crumpled with my constant tossing and turning, and the dog wants to go out. I donned my shoes but forgot my glasses and walked her over the road, … Continue reading

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Don’t talk to strangers

Or worse, accept treats from someone you don’t know. This was instilled into me as a kid, and something I passed on to any child in my care. As an adult, I tend to greet strangers with a smile, seeing … Continue reading

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