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Yesterday and Today: Playtime

Maya has been spoilt these past couple of mornings as she has had the opportunity to play with other dogs. Hubby was up early yesterday and took her down to the beach…….. it was about 5.30. I was still in … Continue reading

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All Quiet on the Thursday Front

It has been a busy day as once again we were trying to beat time to an appointment having been thwarted by roadworks and a diversion that sent us off in the opposite direction. To cut a long speedy journey … Continue reading

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Photo shoot

I was purchased for my good looks and cutability. They said I’d make a fortune……………. for them. Look at me. The caption is ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ I mean, is it dignified?

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Someone ate my post

I have just ‘published’ a 600 word post only to have it completely disappear! I am not impressed!!! Oh well: to fill you all in…………………. The good news is that I seem to be over the worst of whatever it … Continue reading

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Another Good Shepherd

Maya was introduced to another shepherd today, one I mistook for a Belgian Shepherd when in fact it was a Dutch Shepherd. This one was six months old and the face markings very similar to Maya’s when she was younger. … Continue reading

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CMMC – Midweek Madness

Today being the 4th Wednesday in the month our task for this challenge is: CMMC: April Alphabet any word Ending with a G Wonder if you can guess:

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In the Dog House

It was a first, and hopefully an only, but Maya was in the dog house this morning. I suppose in a way it was my fault for not thinking, but that didn’t excuse her behaviour and she soon realised that … Continue reading

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An Interesting Day

We went into town some 2o miles away today to do a little bit of food shopping that we can’t actually get here. We have two of the same shops, but one does not stock the particular yogurt Hubby prefers, … Continue reading

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There she goes……………………

It was such a beautiful morning, we decided to walk Maya along the Kela route with the hope of letting her off on the beach. She was a little cantankerous on the lead but Hubby was ‘driving’ and not letting … Continue reading

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And the dogs will play……………..

With our current mobility issues, neither of us are able to walk Maya as far as we’d like so we are settling on alternating short walks but more often, our bodies willing. To compensate, we play with her in the … Continue reading

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