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Maya today 29th January

Sitting here this morning, Maya was looking at me intently so I reached for the camera. I got some decent shots too…………. including her being inquisitive of the lens! Right: There were some people outside so Maya settled down to … Continue reading


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Maya deserved some quality time

Dogs don’t usually complain do they. They let you know when they want to go out or if they’re hungry, and Maya will bring a gonk or something and plonk it in my lap if she’s bored, but with our … Continue reading

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Pets and Me

For Friday Faithfuls this week Jim would like us to tell him about our pets. Share why you love them and tell some stories about the mischief that they get into. This is a great opportunity for you to brag … Continue reading

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Coming Home: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Coming Home: They come to me in dreams, Those I love, but now sadly gone, No words are said, there’s no need, They are coming home. Last night was a restless sleep, Alone in the dark…

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Sometimes it catches you…………..

Looking through my media file for a logo, I came across this photo of Maggie, and it brought a lump to my throat. I took it in December 2018, but can’t remember the circumstances. I looked up the post it … Continue reading

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Goodnight sweet friend

In July 2021, we had a furry house guest while our friend was in hospital. In March 2022, our friend was taken ill suddenly and Kela came to stay with us so Maya had some company. The two dogs got … Continue reading

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A matter of breeding

I took these this morning and sent them to her breeder. She should be very proud. Our girlie all grown up.

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And still they bang

Not content with starting the fireworks at 9pm last night and then intermittently until 12.30, we have had the damn things going off again at 5pm tonight which set Maya off into protection mode. Instantly alert, she was up at … Continue reading

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Today is Thursday 17th November

It is two years ago today that we lost Maggie. It seems like only yesterday even though we have Maya now, and it would not surprise me if she is whispering in her ear how she can wind us round … Continue reading

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Says it all really

We’ve been working outside cleaning out the gutters finding treasure and riches in way of a screw on car aerial which cleaned up nicely and a two pence piece. It is not unusual for people to stop and chat especially … Continue reading

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